Jarren Benton - Scared Lyrics

[Jarren Benton:]
I'm scared, I'm scared of living, I'm scared of dying
I'm scared of falling, I'm scared flying, I'm scared of failure, I'm scared of trying
I'm scared, I'm scared of losing my kids
Suppressing all of my emotions, scared I might flip and lose me [?]
Nigga I'm scared, I'm scared this drinking might take control
Becoming so co-dependent, losing my soul, just thought that I should let you know that
I'm scared, I'm scared of turning out like my daddy
Don't harbor no hard feelings, he may've made mistakes, but still glad the nigga had me
I'm scared, I'm scared my grandma gon' pass away
Any day could be her last, I tell her stay strong and fuck what the doctors say
I'm scared, I'm scared that God don't exist
I'm scared of that dark place I used reside when I ain't had shit
Nigga I'm scared that me and my mom will never get close
Success can be so scary special, but failure's all that I know
I'm scared that my wife gon' end up leaving me
Cause I get shut down so easily, now I can see why you don't believe in me
Cause I'm scared

I've been livin' like a stranger in my own head lately
Running out of gas, now go ahead and take me
Look at this monster, yeah this is what you make me
So I scream from the top of my lungs
Top of my lungs
Cause I can barely breathe no more air
I can barely, I can barely breathe, no more

[Jarren Benton:]
I'm scared, but ain't scared of none of y'all fuck niggas
I'm scared of gettin' my heart broken, I'm sorry that's why I don't fuck wit' ya
I'm scared of love, I'm scared of pain, I'm scared of music, I'm scared of fame
I'm scared of fucking up my kids psychologically, now who's to blame?
I'm scared I might die alone, some days I might cry alone
I walk along these empty rows, scared I might not make it back home
I'm scared I might lose another friend, I'm scared struggle and sufferin'
I'm scared of my insecurities, but they always there like I'm stuck with them
I'm scared to die over nuttin, I'm scared to stand up for something
I'm scared of what you might think of me if [?] substance
At night I'm scared to go to sleep cause I don't wanna have another nightmare
I'm scared if everything fell apart and I was hurt you wouldn't be right there
And I'm scared, Lord help me overcome fears
It's sunshine after tears, I've been afraid for so many years
And I apologise for anything I've done and pray [?] to family and peers
But I'm a fuckin' man and I'll be goddamed if I'ma drown in all of these fears
Nigga who's scared?

I've been livin' like a stranger in my own head lately
Running out of gas, now go ahead and take me
Look at this monster, yeah this is what you make me
So I scream from the top of my lungs
Top of my lungs
Cause I can barely breathe no more air
I can barely, I can barely breathe, no more

[Big Rube:]
I'm petrified
I don't like this feeling, gotta rectify it
This fight or flight like open mics, when safety's off and I'm next to fire
Livin' scared's livin' dead, fuck being pathetic, I remain kinetic
Steady move forward while trending up, but greater heights mean harder falls
Ain't gotta run down no waterfalls, tryna master fear when you hear the call
[?] stand above two-step it up, we can break the bank with these bouncing heads
If you say you can't you already lost to depressing thoughts, it'll drive a wedge
Between you and success, don't see you're blessed
How can you [?] what you can't percieve?
Fear and loathing's just evil clothing, our core is good, but we just don't believe
We deserve the best and I serve the best by giving you what we can't retrieve
This life we live is a precious fight, don't take the punches, gotta bob and weave
[?] but the mind will snap if all [?]

I've been livin' like a stranger in my own head lately
Running out of gas, now go ahead and take me
Look at this monster, yeah this is what you make me
So I scream from the top of my lungs
Top of my lungs
Cause I can barely breathe no more air
I can barely, I can barely breathe, no more

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Jarren Benton Scared Comments
  1. KRE

    I still listen to this song. Thank you for digging into your soul to write this.

  2. Sersjani

    One of the best tracks ever! Why so few views...sad:/ well those who heard this is lucky! <3

  3. taylormaid1swt

    This song means so much to me. Thank you for writing this shit!!

  4. Taylor maid

    One of the best songs of our time.

  5. Maximillian Wolfe

    Still bopping to this in 2019, one of the best on the album

  6. BiggLynch

    Brings me back to my cocaine days and now I'm sober such a deep song

  7. BiggLynch

    Best song by jarren Benton fire 🔥

  8. Kat Dawson

    I fucking love this song.

  9. Megan Klobchar

    Jarren words will never express how much I relate to this song. It's one of my most favorite songs ever. Thanks for being such a amazing artist. Your hip hop s hidden gem.

  10. Mickey Butler

    I can really relate to this, you really outdid yourself jarren! Absolutely Fire!

  11. JewUnit6

    This beat is a masterpiece

  12. Dean Youngblood

    man jarren benton so underrated its crazy

  13. Bridgette Gerard

    Def a life anthem

  14. Robert Montoya

    Dope ass song

  15. elmo ferreal

    I swear iam channeling my thoughts to jerren

  16. Steven Willet

    This song reminds everytime how far i have came emotionally. I use to have many of these fears: fear to try, fear to fail, fear to lose the one i love, fear to die alone. The vicious cycle of that is if you are afraid to try and such, you will love in the end.

  17. Ryan Quinn

    32k views yet people heard this and when he dropped 'Mink Coat Killa' his videos only got roughly 1k views each. So many 😴.

  18. AXY Offical

    Never sleep on Jarren. He's truth. It's real and relatable. Complex and full of heart. Music has to have heart. He's not an entertainer he's an artist.

  19. James Rios

    MY life in a song!!! Jarren best out right now hands DOWN! jarren season motha fuckooos!

  20. Buhshaun

    Thank you for not joining the dumb mumble rap marathon!! Views don't mean shit! Don't let the hype fool you all. Good music is good music!

  21. Marcell Hunt

    Hopsin should've featured on this imagine him rapping on this track

  22. Majinery

    This song is so relatable it's scary 😳

  23. Josh Hollin

    My life...

  24. HarRry Pogoi

    this song changed my life. Cheers jarren. keep spitting your soul brother.

  25. SubwingOTR

    Jarren killed this song hard, but I'm sorry Big Rube's part kinda ruins the vibe. Good message, just didn't flow well imo

  26. HarRry Pogoi

    Thanks for this song. I like this album. I downloaded your full albums and listen to them on repeat (no homo) at work the whole entirety.. like with the skits in it they just like watching a movie lol. the hours goes fast asf. but your words either trip me the fuck out or fuck with my emotions. your shit hits me harder than hopsins and Mr wright's. but they both sick too. one day in my existance I'd wanna kick it with ya. just to chill kick back and see if my mind is as buzzy as yours. mean g. Holla from new Zealand.

  27. Tyrek Mobley


  28. Ben Maestranzi

    this needs more views great song.

  29. JumahP

    Such perfect production, 100% under valued!!!!

  30. Keri E. Krieglmeier

    Clever lyrics again and Jarren has perfect teeth! 😁

  31. Nashuv Badur

    in ieder g val,  volgens mij is dat yelawolf hoor.

    Nashuv Badur


    Nashuv Badur

    vermoeid als de pest.

    Nashuv Badur

    thats understandable.

  32. playboi y

    The beginning instrumental gives me a nostalgic vibe!

  33. Anotha One

    love jarren he's not trying to be no fake hard rapper he's pouring his heart out on this one , I feel it !!!

  34. Daniel Bohl

    Man, this song hits deep. Fucking awesome & I love it

  35. Random Idiocy

    420th up vote Lolol

  36. ConseQuent

    how does this just have 12000 views 😲

  37. Everett Ramsdell

    keep it moving Juggalos got your back

  38. Axnos

    Pussy. Lol

  39. mac mittens

    this sht is so real and how I feel everyday of my life

  40. MumblzDelusional

    Can relate all too well!!

  41. Captain Mutato

    came here to hear Oncue, skipped just to listen to his chorus still was satisfied. Can't wait for P.T.F

    mac mittens

    u missing out bro.

    Branden Guerra

    Captain Mutato 👍👍👍

  42. Christian Ivanov

    2:01 is that Yelawolf? it sounds like him though

    Kenan burger

    yeah it does but its Benton

  43. Tyson Killion

    I'm scared.

  44. FutureScrub 15

    Badass song

  45. Frisco Bright

    song is pimp, ....video sucks ballz

  46. slick420ish

    So underrated. Music with a message. Maybe not every track but the whole album was fire.

  47. Warrick Brown

    That was so dope. I fucks wit it to the max. Shared

  48. Virgin Mobile

    lol ya im gutta kill someone im scared jp

  49. Call Me Soul

    Everyone in funk volume tries too hard

    Nowu of the North

    Go back to MW2.

    Kenan burger

    XD Cod XD

  50. ConseQuent

    tf just 2000 views in almost 3 days there must be something wrong fr

  51. Kayley Meade

    This whole album was fucking genius though

    Nashuv Badur


  52. Antonio Gomez

    This S..t is BOMB...

  53. Robert Cabrera

    at this point new jarren> new hopsin


    It's so true though!! 😅😅

    Andrew Steward

    your fucking stupid xD


    Andrew Steward You're*


    NuSenseChild LOL True af tbh 😅 It's like nobody cares to take the extra 2 seconds anymore 😅


    NuSenseChild LOL!! Predictive text be like "Duck you, you pizza of stick" 😅😅 So true though :') Just to make sure they spell it right and ignore the context of the terminology 😅😂

  54. Robby Mckey

    I love this new song bruh

  55. ConseQuent

    jarren really is one of the most talented artist out now but he's getting slept on imo


    +Call Me Soul You obviously don't know how to look for good music. He raps about real shit dumbass. He's got an amazing flow, great lyricism, and sends real messages. If you don't respect those things in music, I see how you don't like Jarren, and it's hard to respect your musical opinion for not liking key concepts to any sort of good or meaningful music.

    mac mittens

    bet he gets on strange after this tour with big homie.enough time has passed

    Kirk S

    John Doe I hope I love strange and Jarren


    Something _ Cause in an interview with Tech, he feels it makes the most sense to sign Jarren.

    Kirk S

    @XVoneTV Yah just it needed a bit of time and i think 10 months is long enough

  56. Drew Martinez

    happy to see the views are a little higher for the vid. people sleeping on jarren hard right now.

  57. Sang Nguyen

    jarren Benton fan for life

  58. Faded Banana

    911: What's your emergency
    me: I'm scared.

  59. Trey Smith

    Amazing video Jarren. Really portrays the songs message.

  60. Patrick Carmen


  61. SaintNic

    oh fuck yes! Here comes the Jarren Benton! Keep it up Jarren, we all here still for you.

  62. Cavan Meakin

    here before 200 views

  63. bob halogah

    he really is scared

  64. The Listener

    it's about time for the video took long enough.

    Trey Smith

    Be grateful for the video smh

    Oren Nicholas

    okay bill cosby

  65. NWO

    Buy this album!

    mac mittens

    u have ig?I like how u think

  66. tdot

    Stranger Things

  67. Zingga44

    Love the passion