Jarren Benton - Mental Issues Lyrics

I got issues
I gotta get through
They're gonna miss you when you're gone
I need a life line
Will I take your breath away
Or will I take my last today?
I got issues

I feel like everything is just falling apart
I don't feel the love so I question my heart
They only show you love when you're blessed in the charts
They left me out to drown so I wrestle with sharks
I thought some of you niggas was friends
When they think your buzz is gone
Them niggas dipping to win
I got news pussy niggas, Benton in it to win
As soon as you bounce back
They right back with you again
Fuck em'
I fucked my marriage up a couple days ago
She deserved better I got ways to go
And why do I feel so numb the pain should make you grow
More antidepressants to [?] down your throat
These fucking doctors trippin'
They give you cliche advice to offer you prescriptions
I try to hide the hurt like they can't see a fucking difference
Avoid all of my friends so they can't see a nigga slipping, uh
Stuck in a bed like fuck life
Sleep the day away
I don't wanna get up, right
Unattended to my kids
No energy to throw the ball like I don't wanna live
God I'm trippin' I see that I'm fucking blessed
Anxiety and fear [?] beating my fucking chest
I know it's just the sickness [?] my fucking flesh
Tho we ashamed to face it
Defeated by fucking stress

I got issues
I gotta get through
They're gonna miss you when you're gone
I need a life line
Will I take your breath away
Or will I take my last today?
I got issues

Thousands of fans you think that I should feel something
But I focus on the negative
I don't feel nothing like
Damn I'm supposed to be at the top
Maybe they think I fucking suck and that's the reason I'm not
Ay what these other niggas got that put them up on the spot?
I keep getting overlooked I fear that I'll never pop
Maybe they'll give me props on the day that I rot
Never get the rose until your body dripping in crops
I'm sick of hearing I'm underrated
I hope the people spread the word, I appreciate it
That's love
But to be honest with you I'm suffering
My demons taunt me everyday I feel like I'm stuck with them, uh
I understand why SwizZz rarely put out music
Cause he suffered with it too
Leaves your confidence ruined
Feeling empty
Too pussy to die
Pray you don't tempt me
Bottle of vodka I rarely fuck with the henney
I'm living lower than my expectations
No celebration
Death got a reservation
I pray that I find the courage to ask somebody for help
Scared to let you see my weakness
Suppressing ways that I felt
Just know that you're not alone
That's why I'm writing this song
I feel it like you feel it
Just find a way to move on
Some days I feel like I'm living in Hell
Gotta find a cure for this mental health

I got issues
I gotta get through
They're gonna miss you when you're gone
I need a life line
Will I take your breath away
Or will I take my last today?
I got issues

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Jarren Benton Mental Issues Comments
  1. Sara Beth

    Thanks for this song! It has really helped me!

  2. Maxyboy2099

    Wow man this songs great I thought would have at least 3 mil views keep up the work

  3. Young Wiz

    Jarren I appreciate this one . Thanks for being so in touch with your feelings and talented enough to put it to words. Much love

  4. Eric Ramirez-Navarro

    Jarren knows exactly how to send chills down your spine. Always have known this guy has the potential to be great. I’ve always loved Hop, but if you ever see this Benton you’re ill as fuck honestly you’re in my top 5 and always thought you were the best in FV. Can’t wait to see what life has for you in the future Mr. Benton!

  5. Nick Birge

    It takes a real lame to dislike this.

  6. Flawzy Cjai

    Whos still here at 2019

  7. Stuart Kevin van Blerk

    Just like the king, Vinnie Paz... Your best songs are created when you are suffering or in pain. Much love Bully! Keep em coming.

  8. Erika LaForce

    How the FUCK does this have less than half a million views... oh right... because this shit speaks the truth, most can’t relate to.

  9. Miguel Rodriguez

    Dame story of my Life every exact word, mr, jarren you got me on another level you and dizzy. May God bless us all. One love.

  10. Sven

    Jarren benton the living the legend !

  11. SFVRich 88

    Jarren's 1 of my favorite's and this helped me battle through mental health bs real shit

  12. D C

    Underrated....??? Fuuuck he doesn’t even know he’s the next legend. Time will reveal all humans, mark my words.

  13. Strafadamus

    Thank you for continuing to make art like this while feeling the way you have. You’re destined for greatness 🙏

  14. Dark Rebel

    Avoid all of my friends so they can’t see a nigga slippin🔥🔥🔥mannnnnn

  15. Timothy Jackson

    Jarren you have gotten me through so much bro... Thanks brother

  16. Da Windy Med Toker

    I feel like everythin is just fallin apart, I don’t feel the love so I question my heart...they left me out to drown so I wrestled with sharks... thats why I feel so numb the pain should make you grow... I try to hide the hurt like they can’t see a efn difference... avoid all of my fam so they cant see me slippin, uh stuck in the bed like EF life... no energy to throw the ball like I don’t wanna live...I know it’s just a sickness that seeps thrue my efn flesh...I focus on the negative, I don’t feel nothing... maybe they’ll give me props on the day that I rot...but to be honest with you I’m sufferin, my demons taunt me everyday I feel like I’m stuck with em... feeling empty to pushy to die hope you don’t tempt me... I’m livin lower than my expectations, no celebration, death got a reservation... suppressin rage that I felt...some days I feel im livin in hell.........
    I EFN hate this song, brings out so much repressed anger, But I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanks jarren 👍

  17. Sammy !

    You sound like Jay-Z fr

  18. Jermeer Cooper

    Been liking this guy since his first mixtape I knew something about his potential...and especially this song...this song helps me admit I do have issues...knowing how it feels having anger problems and anxiety at the same time...its like living in hell...thanks jarren benton man you are awesome...you deserve to be one of the top chart...

  19. Young Wiz

    Still here 👌

  20. Nikolas Kelley

    Try rapping and not saying the n word

  21. Bobby Willingham

    Mr. Benton, you told the truth. I thank you. I have music files that you need to use

  22. James Beck

    He should hit up eminem for sure this mutha fucka cold like absolute 0° cold

  23. Foox Chan

    Chills...this is exactly where im at. Homeless pregnant trying to fight my addiction and get a home for me and my kids. My dude quit his fucking job to worried bout me cheating for no reason he has to control everything down to who i talk to and all. Cant leave he goes dangerous crazy. Trapt in this fucking shit.

  24. Joe Rice

    not gonna lie. i might die tonight the same way

  25. Рикардо Карденас

    Maybe some of you reading this have not achieved great victories or maybe you have but either way it has nothing to do with the fact that all of you are important. All of you matter. Don't listen to the world when it tells you you're insignificant. You are more than significant. Your significance and importance does not come from what you do or don't do. God loves you.
    John 3:16-17
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    Romans 5:8
    But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.
    God made you with great intention, purpose and care. I know that sometimes in life alot of things don't make sense but I promise you there is life in Jesus Christ. I would have killed myself last year if there wasn't. I'm alive only by God's grace and intervention in my life. I have true peace now. There truly is power and grace in Jesus Christ.
    Only by God's grace can you be saved. Just recieve by faith what Jesus did on the cross. Ask God to forgive you, turn away from sin and stop doing it, ask God to empower and help you to stop living in sin. Believe in and recieve the free gift of salvation and right standing with God.
    Romans 6:23
    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.
    Ephesians 2:8
    For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,
    If you do decide to follow Jesus, please don't doubt if God forgave you, because if you do decide to put your faith in him then he will save you so live free from all doubt. Dont "try" to believe but truly believe without doubt.
    1 Peter 1:18-19
    For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.

  26. Justin Bohle

    You're my my favorite current rapper. You speak my life



  28. Just a guy From England

    So glad I've found this song! Heard it once and fucking loved it!! Love from U.K

  29. Nicholas Lynch

    Relatable tho 💯

  30. Sierra Curtier

    God damn

  31. Рикардо Карденас

    For anyone who is struggling with life. I wanted to kill myself last year. It felt like I had demons in my brain manipulating my mind. I couldnt think clearly. I couldnt choose my thoughts they were being put into me. Everyday it got worse. I barely ate, barely slept, I was dying. My brain hurt, I was constantly getting light headed. The world didn't look the same anymore. It didnt matter how anything looked even if it was beautful, everything looked like hell but I didnt want it to. I wanted to help people, I always have but there was a constant opposition that wasnt coming from me, I couldn't fix my mind. I was afraid to trust God but I knew if I listened everything would be okay.

    I failed two semesters of college because of this. One of the few friends I had died and because of this problem I couldnt be the brother he always was to me while he was alive. Then my nephew got a really bad sickness. If he would have died I would have died. At the time I felt like I failed alot of people, because I did and I felt like I had failed him, I didn't feel like I deserved to live. It didnt feel right. I tried to fix my mind so I could do better in this life but it only got worse. God healed my nephew from a disease that should have killed him. Real authentic bible following Christians prayed in the name of Jesus and my nephew was healed. Even the doctor asked us if we believed in God because he said my nephew was alive by some miracle. I didnt kill myself because my nephew survived. I kept going but my mind was still messed up. I kept letting people down.

    Eventually I got fed up with myself. I got to the point that I didn't care what happened to me. I disregarded myself completely for the sake of others. Even though my mind was absolute hell I read the bible, I prayed and trusted God.
    The more time I spent with God the less, worry, hate, anger and paranoid I got. I learned to love people that I had no reason to love. I dont want to hurt people.
    The only reason I still do mma is for my coach that got killed. The last thing he told me before he died was that he couldnt wait to see me in mma, I feel like I have to fight, I know he didn't die for nothing, it wont be for nothing. Eventually my mind was free from all that hell, it took awhile only because I had a real hard time trusting in God but once I just let go and trusted God no matter what I became free from all that mental hell. I have mental clarity now. I have peace, I can breathe. I know alot of things in life dont make sense sometimes but I promise you there is life in Jesus. All of you matter. Dont listen to anyone who tells you that you dont. You are more than significant. theres a guy named dan mohler on youtube that explains the gosple of Christ very well, Look up Dan Mohler- what is our purpose


    I've read it all man and from one human being to another you just gave me hope I have 10000 reasons to be like fuck life but seeing how you found the mental clarity is what stood out to me I hope one day I'm blessed with it as well your comment is appreciated

  32. BiggLynch

    This is so relatable thank you Benton needed this...

  33. taylormaid1swt

    This is still some of the realest shit out!! I don't give a fuck what anyone says.

  34. justin mccann

    Yo this dudes slept on way to much definitely deserves more than what he’s getting. FUTUREGOAT👌👌👌

  35. Andrew Beckers

    Holy shit did he just mention SwizZz? Man I miss the the FV days. Good to see you're still killin it!

  36. joseph Smith

    That hooks on point tho!

  37. Stuart Kevin van Blerk

    This is fire!! Jarren i will always love and respect your music! You are a true artist!

  38. Antonio Montana

    Amazing track, hope I see this guy on TV instead of garbage like lil pump and ybn lames


    Why don't you just make an album featuring this chick alone it would be so fucking dope

  40. Geald Brisoce

    This is hard jarren be kicking some raw stuff sometimes but I hope his situation Improve

  41. Michelle Boyer

    Thanks for making this song...means more than you know

  42. Xenophagia

    People need to stop sleeping on Jarren. This guy deserves a whole lot more attention than he gets. He's one of the most talented MCs in the game imo.

  43. Keith Calhoun

    Get what i mean?, its a masterpiece. Lol

  44. Miss Miller

    fucking truth thank you for this amazing song man💯✌️❤️

  45. Mista Phantom

    Real everything that he's saying relatable, keep at it

  46. cecilia andrea morales pallamares


  47. Stoop Lord

    The majority ain't even real no more. Even if you don't appeal to most, or if you're not the top selling in stores, that doesn't mean you shouldn't boast about it so just give em what you got in store and if you real then then the real gonna be the ones that are goin to be holding you close. They shoved pills down my throat since the third grade. Use to be outgoing, creative, and a natural born leader, it was quick to fade. Now I i gotta lotta doubt. Always got a lot on my mind consistently. Wish I could figure it out before it gon caus the end of me. You just keep at it and Imma do the same. Music Is my bliss otherwise I'm insane

  48. True Rhymes

    Always fuck with Benton!!!

  49. Richard

    Damn I just found this track and I really needed this today! Thanks Jarren.

  50. Gio Hernandez

    There sleeping on jarren tho 😭👎

  51. Nathan Strickland

    Jarren is in my top ten for sho

  52. The Bush That Just Sniped You

    Damn Jarren, this song really hits home, had a homie teary eyed over here. Keep trucking, and making some of the best rap of this generation. Peace and Love, brother.

  53. CincyGhost

    Damn dog right on the money........i feel you!

  54. Anae Loom

    Where he been hiding?? 😍

  55. Coty Frank

    The god

  56. Jdogg Da Rula

    thanks for this fr

  57. Maurice Young

    Flipping off his ghost writer isn't getting him love

  58. Jacob Andre

    I hear a little Jay Z in this one.

  59. Durty 705

    Fresh as fuck! Whoop Whoop!

  60. yorkinmi98

    I hope you make it through this in 1 piece Jarren. It's really hard to escape the thoughts of knowing the harsh reality of everything, especially when not many have any idea of how it goes in that battle. You are your own worst enemy/critic. Be confident in what you do everyday, even if you gotta change some shit. Good luck Brass Knuckle Benton.

  61. TrainWreckk Music

    Do Me A Fuckin Favor And CheckOut My Remix Of This Dudes Shit!! * Jarren Benton 2018 Remix - Gimmie The LOOT *

  62. jaren lamb

    Your the only one i can truely relate to 100%

  63. Ty Nation

    This song keeps me moving through the day. We love you jarren keep fuckin grinding

  64. elmo ferreal

    Jerren I got ur back let's go out on top

  65. Nik Mesh

    This music real shit I just lost my job my family no I'm a drug addict gambling fuck up embarrassed beaten down this song spoke to me on a different level and sounds dumb but makes you feel not alone some one else can relate to similar walk in life 1000 miles away or next door to you that is what music is humbling experience

  66. scott stephens

    keep doing your thing homie


    Dopest Shit Evah!!!🔥🔥🔥

  68. Michael Foster

    This song was created exactly 1 year after I started an anti depressant, got drunk, blacked out for 3 days and almost died on the 3rd day in a crash. This was right after my first suicide attempt, (30mg xanax) I think I was trying it again that day, just don't remember anything except for some friendly people taking me off a cliff, then hospital. I'm staying strong, though. I've been looking for and finding ways to cope. To anyone out there struggling like I was then, I've found that if you focus on it too much, it gets worse. You can get through it

  69. Brandenn finch

    Keep the real feels coming. Respect head nod

  70. Daddy Duke

    I can't express how much this song has helped me process my thoughts.

  71. MAL

    love this track and thanks for shedding light on whats importnat

  72. Fritz - Music

    this is underrated

  73. The Lions Den


  74. John Liszka

    Jarren is easily the best product of what was Funk Volume. He's dope af!

  75. instrumental king

    Most Realistic thing I've heard in a long time thanks

  76. Asenku 11k

    my #1 frm the cd, 6oth verses on point of my concience

  77. Patboy 904

    Everything Jarren has dropped since FV has been dope

  78. Dylan S

    You would be way bigger if dame didn't fuck funk volume up

  79. josh petersen

    This has to be the best song ever produced, the lyrics are so real and relatable it's unreal.

  80. ThaGrowingProcess

    Fucking amazing ... this is silence part 2

  81. Austin Wood

    Jarren is always progressing so much i love his music
    Hes a huge inspiration

  82. Frank Garza

    How this song doesn't have a million views is crazy!!!!

  83. Elliott Nolasco

    hell yea, know wheres he coming , wish i had bottle of jack right now

  84. UsVsTHemTv

    Jarren this is one of my favorite songs from you yet! Just know youre loved, and these mental issues are mutual. Thank you for being able to vent and let it out in a positive way. Youre the fucking shit! So fucking what if you aint in the charts. You speak from the soul and youre one of the greats! Just know that. Killer Mike really didnt see mainstream success til damn near 40. Im a starving artist myself ,still trying to make it a full living. Im 23 still trying to find a way. Thanks for giving us this music and for being honest with yourself and fans. People like us been dealing with these things since before it was trendy. Mad love to you bro!

  85. Mitchell Lynch

    Keep killing it Jarren!

  86. jarebear820

    There needs to be an NEEDS of this. The strings in the background are just tragic (in a good way)

  87. Jacob Kaczor

    Most underrated artist out there thank you for making music 😊

  88. David Scott


  89. 1.1 B Views

    Other people,who are on top who aren't lyricists buy there own abulms that's why they're on top now.

  90. FV -Topic

    aye jarren you my nigga u not gone rot keep rocking... plz when I make it I wanna be able to say u influenced me...

  91. smokethe beerman

    jarren fuckin killed this!!

  92. Ant Webz

    This is fucking perfect!!!


    You don't suck Jarren you fuckin awesome.

  94. Chayse Davis

    this shit just hit my heart. hella hard. Don't give up Jarren



  96. Shane Toms

    Damn, one of the most meaningful songs iv heard in a long long time. The real respect him. More just need to show support

  97. Austin Dennison

    Jarren benton makes some good parkour music

  98. Austin Dennison

    Jarren benton makes some good parkour music

  99. Austin Dennison

    Jarren benton makes some good parkour music