Jarren Benton - Kinderfeld (Remix) Lyrics

I scuffle with negative thoughts inside of my brain
The Brass-knuckle Bully I'm simply out of your range
They smuggling guns and furs up out the Ukraine
I put you inside of a hole like Saddam Hussein
My niggas looking at me like “Son are you sane”
What the fuck are you saying, like I ain’t the one that's humane
My niggas from the swamps they didn't make it in Tulane
Niggas into gruesome things introducing you to pain
Came out the gutter with the killers and the rejects
These niggas wildin, Yoppers that will drop a fucking T-Rex
The nerves of you niggas stomp ya head in my Adidas
And repeat it just to make the murder scene look so egregious
Jesus how the fuck we let the streets deceive us
And the fathers up and leave us, and they murder our leaders
And the pigs come and beat us, and the blood spill In liters, in the Mud with the creatures, keep a clutch on the heaters
So how the fuck I’m feeling myself
And wake up every other day and think of killing myself
“J you gotta relax this ain't good for your health”
I remember all you niggas that wasn't lending him help
The best way to kill em is success
And when the tables turn and you see them niggas stressed
They go reach out for help but they ain't give you no respect
Tell em suck a fucking dick and keep your feet up on their neck

My Baby Mama think that I'm a Skitzo
I'm paranoid I go to sleep I cuddle with a pistol
I see death around the corner bitch I make that shit official
Niggas popping on the gram bitch I will really come and get you
I cut a niggas head off like a samurai
From the school of hard knocks, I'm an alumni
Shit get dark lord have mercy where the sunlight
That Miyagi Bonsai got a nigga dumb high
Money over bullshit nigga that's the motto
Trap Panther pull up with the stick just like M’ Baku
I’m just curving hoes and swerving pot holes
Muzzle on the nozzle split ya motherfucking Taco
Sick mind, boy you must be higher than a zip line
If you think that you go pull up on me and just get mine
357 Bitch! Rick Grimes
Niggas did time then went snitching like Six Nine
Go tell ya favorite rapper I said suck a dick
New money and new phone who the fuck is this
I came up from the bottom use to shovel shit
Now I done scratched a bunch of shit up off my bucket list
How them niggas make it out the slums, up in Vegas in the Palms, Getting naked with the blondes
Bite the hand that feed you I'm go break a niggas arm
It’s the bully motherfucker here to take a niggas lunch

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Jarren Benton Kinderfeld (Remix) Comments


  2. AlphaHades Gaming

    Been a while since i have heard this but come back n played it like 5 times in a row man we need more of this!

  3. Icy Brown

    Im delighted with trapcore since the Triple 6, $B and Ghostemane but this still sounds different, more lyrical. Very interesting.

  4. Spraynard Kruger

    Jarren has a fucking ear for music if I've ever heard one. How has no one had the chance to turn these rock songs into hardcore rap tracks? He's a mile ahead of the game. This shit hits so damn hard. Here for the contest and listening closer to every track.

  5. NoFapKing

    When the piano kicks in withe flow at 0:56...hooooly shit bud!

  6. Zakk Burton

    Jarren Benton fuckin oath brother good job killed it , and to get Manson on this tracks is fucking dope 🔥👌🏼

  7. supamanlovaaa

    Shit is bananassssssssss

  8. Mr D

    Jarren is one of the most underrated MC’s to date. Glad Jay Z giving him a chance

  9. Savannahb_ 29

    fuckin killed it

  10. Underground Ambassador

    These Bully Freestyles are sickkkkk!

  11. Tyler Wilson

    Shouldve had manson ft on this

  12. dank hell

    best thing to happen to music . we need a Primus Damn Blue collar tweekers or electric grapevine. and some more Manson Dope hat remix. maybe some fuckin ministry what up Jarren. NEXT MIXTAPE "SHOOTIN H WITH AL JOURGENSEN"

  13. Justin Haskett

    Jarren deserves more credit. He is an absolute beast. All in his own caliber. Illest to do it. hands down. I dont think there's a single artist that I can recite every song they have, other than maybe eminem.

  14. Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews

    Goddamn bro
    I found you from a random ass comment on no life shaqs channel and as someone who grew up in the 90s and listened to Manson, Metallica, SOAD, nirvana etc I also listened to the best rap from Big L to pac and man the 90s really was the best haha


  15. Eric Jones

    This shit 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Eric Jones

    R.I.P NIPSEY HUSSLE 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💪🏿🤴🏿

  17. Full Time MMA

    Jarren selling a rock album? I'm buying!

  18. Craig Greg

    Freebasing with Kevin Bacon in your Grannies Basement inspired this metal 🔥 Keep up the great work

  19. Slumerican6Bricey

    Between this n the Blow gave me a NoseBleed. and I keep coming back to this without Coke and still get a Bloodleak.. BassKnukle Doin Remix Music Beautifully! 333


    This shit crazy🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️

  21. Jared Stagner

    this needs more advertising

  22. Terrortory Cadaver

    No this sucks and completely ruins the vibe to this song

  23. Brian Zimmerman

    Jarren Benton bitch fuck yeah these freestyles are fuckin dope

  24. EarlyProphet

    These lyrics! Sweet Jesus!! 👌

  25. Thizzelle Washington

    Sweet dreams Bully freestyle????????

  26. teej A

    Benton been bullying shit since he was Freebasing w/ Kevin Bacon. Big thumbs up for my man saving hip hop & crushing rock & roll all at the same time. 💪👽

  27. Hayden W

    jarren benton is as good as classics like black thought, wu tang etc. and still so young.. his syllable enunciation and breath control just wow.

    havent found a bad song yet.

  28. Rhythm God

    Benton why didnt you tell me , I had ideas like this like 6 years back for you already

  29. Rhythm God

    I knew that these styles would merge eventually. I've been waiting for this. Benton your my fucking hero!

  30. James Viice

    go go go gog gog gog gogogog gogogoggoogo

  31. microch1p

    This is a breath of fresh air

  32. Rich Jawz

    Dammnnnnnnn and i thought the Nirvana one was insanely good....holy fuck bruh

  33. kidsavage86

    Thanks 😊😊 needed real rap lryics wit meaning

  34. Anthony Keegan

    Yo...Jarren says “suck a dick! "

  35. Unknown Unknown

    wait till i get back into town they gonna hate me imma blast this on the subs i got and drive down the strip couple times

  36. D- Crisis

    JARREN you the SHIT for this!!! I love the Antichrist Superstar Album & Youve always Been A Beast \m/!!!!

  37. Datdudetmoe

    Bruh this is your lane J.B... yea your versatile but this style suits you VERY well...

  38. Unknown Ytuber

    This shit is THAT SHIT props to BENTON

  39. Warrick James

    Rap n roll or Metal hop either way jarren official made a new genre of music!!! It's pure flame. Drop a album of this I'll buy it off of Google play or your main website if you got one

  40. Christopher Johnson

    This is the best out of the three for me honestly

  41. Colton Abshier

    People say Hopsin is black Eminem. I feel like Benton is if anyone

  42. Colton Abshier

    Nirvana track is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 as well. Lol all these tracks are. You were my favorite on funk volume too!!

  43. miss voorhees

    This is the manson remix I didn't know I needed until now 😂 🔥

  44. seed roks

    My baby mama thinks I'm skitzo so I sleep with a pistol 😝

  45. Holley Smith

    Damnnnn. That fucking flow. Never disappointed by your work Jarren.

  46. Mike Tyson

    I put you inside of a hole like Saddam Hussein.

  47. Stirofome Recordz

    This song is flames
    come check out my chopped up remix, it's heat fr

  48. Rogelio Mendez

    😈😈👹 fire

  49. RASCO

    God damn ole son

  50. Jake Hebert

    A J.Benton rock album is what the world needs

  51. Leo Hernandez

    Jesus has risen

  52. Taipolar

    2019 and Jarren's still stabbing beats and killing flows.

  53. Ray sunlight

    Luv this shit

  54. Megan Klobchar

    This sounds so amazing . I feel like vocals get lost in beats like this. Like the beat over power usually but this is done so well. My favorite right now its on repeat...🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Massive Terrones


  56. Nikaian

    Upchurch, hopsin, and jarren benton on the same track would be nuts

  57. Mr Karate

    This is fire

  58. dwoodCNA

    the flow tho.

  59. K VL

    Dude if u remove the guitars that whole beat is a new genre

  60. FV -Topic

    I'm fuckin with it. Bazzy

    FV -Topic

    On repeat

  61. BrotherhoodMachinima

    I do not really fuck with this tbh

  62. Bryant Helt

    My speakers set on fire to this song.....it was worth it tho💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💎💎💎💎

  63. Austin Tate

    I dont know how people are still sleeping on this dude.... been on that shit since freebasing each project is better than the last keep that 🔥🔥🔥 coming

  64. Cannabliss 7

    I bet Manson loves this as much as I do

  65. B. Totty

    OMG. YES! Perfect. That is all.

  66. ZachSmacked22 Prodigy Takeover

    Yo jarren gs man

  67. John Denver

    I like it alot, he helos my depression out so much! I love your music jared!💓

  68. Code Klein

    WOW!! A++ Didn't expect that to be that good. Top NOTCH!

  69. Bill Yen 414rr

    So amazing

  70. LuffyAkAMaDGuY

    GAWD DAMN!!!

  71. Chico Chicano

    Still Fucking wit you Homie your style is Dope af hook a chicano with a verse ….

  72. Jamie Triller

    Amazing work bro your lyricism is on point ! Glad I started listening to you man, you got a new supporter here👊

  73. Mikeforcucci

    Fuckin fire bro! Keep that shit up!

  74. Colton White

    New rap wave bet

  75. Luci Fur

    Jarren Bentley

  76. TheScorpionjoker

    Bless that Nipsey shoutout🙏🏻

  77. Noah Wadsworth

    My favorite Manson song

  78. Rashade butler

    Brass knuckle benton the bully is the goat🐐

    Garety Wooddick

    Rashade butler he baaaahd for this one.

  79. Choctaw savage

    Snapped 🔥

  80. A Flick

    And Rick Grimes carries a .44 mag. (Not a .357) lol

  81. A Flick

    That beats fuckin fire.

  82. The Texas Tickler

    357 Rick Grimes

  83. Johnny Kage

    Do a song with BMTH bruhh

  84. Blake Warren

    Jarren cuttin these fools the fuck up

  85. Kelly Gee

    Fucking amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Sivy

    This is some of the most 🔥🔥🔥 I've heard in a while

  87. cody stickradt

    Please do a tour with Marilyn Manson

  88. Aurora

    💥💥💥💥*MINDBLOWN* BRAVA Jarren brava👏💪🏾🤩💯A➕➕➕➕➕ etc etc

  89. Jordan Dudenhoeffer

    Marilyn Benton! Match made in hell 😍

  90. Coty Frank

    Bless da brass knuckle bully cs up 💯

  91. luke alsup

    Do I smell an amazing album coming out soon? Please dont play with my emotions like this.

  92. microch1p

    I love that you're doing unconventional stuff like this, this shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥 Reminds me of Play Me by Nas

  93. Ghost O.G

    Jarren Benton x Marilyn Manson Album :O?

  94. Loftee Beats aka Loftwah The Beatsmiff

    This is awesome man!

  95. Sad Boy Ace

    Was here since 2k15 🔥🔥🔥 Havent left

  96. Richard Bartolomeu

    You been killin it....dance of the dope hats nxt?.....

  97. Digoku 10420

    Bruh I bet Marilyn mansons slapping this shit! He better! Jarren killed that shit. Watch there's gonna be one with a actual feat of marilyn manson.