Jarren Benton - Just Like You Lyrics

K-K-Kato on the track bitch!

Uh, guess what (what)
I'm fucked up just like you
I failed through life no slight clue
Stress make a nigga feel stifled
I came out the mud no idle
I feel lifeless no vitals
Why do I feel suicidal
I done turn into my own rival
Man up, suck it up like lipo
I'm insecure just like you
I drink too much just like you
I pop a few pills just like you
My head ain't wrapped tight Badu, Uuh Erykah
No place for the weak in America
Black man, the police gonna bury ya
I feel scared just like you
I'mma get broke just like you
I lost hope just like you
I cry sometimes just like you
Head to the clouds that's sky blue
But sometimes thought wanna die too
Waitin on God to advise you
I never had faith in the Bible
Niggas turn on ya vitiligo, Uhh Michael
Paranoid moonwalk with the rifle, Woo I will
Fuck a good thing up just like you
There's some blood nope I rule
My daughter and son that's my roots
Love unconditional I grew
That's something that your mama didn't recognize
I broke the home up she didn't let it slide
Pack up move out nigga gotta ride
To the left to the left nigga bye bye
Uh, gotta call Tyrone (call Tyrone)
Uh, gotta right my wrongs (gotta right my wrongs)
Man fuck that pain (man fuck that pain)
Uh, they ain't like my song (they ain't like my song)
I'm sensitive just like you
I miss hip hop just like you
I wanna get money just like you
I wanna be great just like you
I sometimes fake just like you
I sometimes hate just like you
These niggas ain't hard these rappers ain't God
Wake up nigga they all just like you!

Uuh, Hold up [x2]
Just like you (just like you)
Hold up [x2]
Ain't nothin like you (ain't nothin like you)
Hold up [x2]
Just like you (just like you)
Hold up [x2]
Uh, fuck nigga ain't nothin like you (Brr)

I wanna be [x3]
Just like you
They wanna be [x3]
Just like you
I wanna be [x3]
Just like you
They wanna be [x2]
Fuck nigga I ain't nothin like you

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Jarren Benton Just Like You Comments
  1. Extacy

    This needs a video for real

  2. perfectslim007 D Sizzul

    Growing up as a young man I lack a real man in my life...
    I don’t want to be a fucboi for the rest of my life..

  3. Kel Stewart

    Jarren Benton is so dope. One of my favorites for sure.

  4. Michael Bell-perdue

    Young thug jerren benton something could happen frfr

  5. MilkyLyrics

    I feel like this song is a response to lil pumps "be like me".. similar bouncy beat, and the lyrics seem to complement it haha

  6. Justin Bohle

    Jarren you're my favorite rapper right now. You kill everything you're on. I wish you nothing but the best brother. Keep doing your thing. I well always be a loyal fan

    no b

    SAME! I can't listen anything else rn unfortunately

  7. OBEYwalker

    Jarren's flow DIIIIRRRTTYY in this one

  8. phoenix waynick

    Are these the words of god?

  9. Tryca G

    Who heard the instrumental before the song?

    jake pina

    Tryca G from where though? I’m thinking the same


    A clip of ORLANDO brown hitting his wax pen 😂😂
    That’s where I heard it

  10. Sebastian Gruszczynski

    I usually don't like trap type rap, but this shit is creative

  11. sorter

    “ I miss hip hop just like you “

  12. BiggLynch

    Beat is crazy I wanna use this.. Benton is fire 🔥

  13. Braeden Hall

    I love the song but the beat doesnt match it very well.

  14. Asenku 11k

    This cd was cool, new age Benton, glad you only sprinkled the flame instead of fully water down

  15. BloodyCrimes

    Here from Orlando brown hitting his wax pen like a crack head 😂😂 but jarren going in like usual

  16. Benjamin Bois

    Kato i fcking loove yo beat :D

  17. greenmachine4272

    Mmmm tasty

  18. Lit Kid Beats


  19. rosehilpsuedocide

    No place for the weak in America

  20. TBVVII

    1987 BMW M3 E30 <3

  21. Captain Swervesalot

    Not bad

  22. Colin Tylor

    damn this guy changed his style...best track by far on new album

  23. ANON Eyes

    Yes love the whole album

  24. Twiztid DK

    This shits on everything right now 🔥

  25. ACE Nick

    I'm happy Jarren going his own way and creating his own brand, about time. I would buy this album just to support him.

  26. Jae Propz

    Best song on the album

  27. 90's Dougie


  28. Penny Man


  29. Penny Man


  30. Penny Man


  31. Penny Man


  32. Penny Man


  33. Penny Man

    Havent listenyet

  34. crispy kush

    He’s just like me ❤️

  35. jordan schmit

    Sh*t fire 30 seconds in I fw wit jerren to hard💥💥💣

  36. Jose Resendiz

    Just not feeling this album

    Joey G

    It grows on you

  37. christian cruz

    This shit Bangs!

  38. Rap god

    Fuckin killed it skills

  39. grant robison

    Jarren you are gonna go far dude keep this 🔥 ass shit up

  40. Jason M. Brown

    Dope!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Payflow

    Jarred Pump

  42. BigPimpin91

    The beat at the end should have been the whole song, fr.

  43. Megan Klobchar

    Favorite. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Jimmyhendrix420

    Who ever that one hater Is I know someone just like you

    Man Mason

    Jimmyhendrix420 or maybe they are legitimately disappointed hearing this compared to his 2009-2013 albums and mixtapes.
    Nothing is as dope as The Beatgods Mixtape

  45. Kalamitous _

    Knew Jarren was gonna end up using this beat.

  46. zeroblackdeath 13

    That BMW tho

  47. Loadedchamberrecords

    Jarren Benton never disappoints ,great album man

  48. ItsHolo

    My nigga please do a music video for this song, it would be fucking sick

  49. THR33

    been waiting for this, thanks for the dope shit guys

  50. David Holmes

    I wanna be just like Barren Jenton when I grow up.


    You can be just like him!

  51. c&l game guys

    Ain’t this also a Joyner song

    Sub-Zero Productions

    c&l game guys similar topic I though the same thing, like this one more though.

  52. Doomer 1992

    Jarren fuck it up!!!!!!!

  53. Tama Boy

    Fuck the 1 person who dislike this 🔥

  54. FV -Topic

    Gotta version of this

  55. dog bark

    Bro I stole this beat and he actually used

  56. rosehilpsuedocide

    Kato out here beastin on niggas no sidekick. Jarren out here snatchin chains off everybody


    Always bringing that grimmey shit

  58. Vizaal


  59. Mr Oc

    yay it's out