Jarren Benton - I Will Not Lose Lyrics

It's my time, and I ain't losin'
Feet glued to the earth and I ain't movin'
Fucking monster
The game's mutant
Pray for death to rappers making lame music
I'm sitting in flames
I'm fixing to rain
I'm sick in the brain
I'm sick of this pain
I'm slittin my vein
This prick is deranged
I'm stickin my lane, just grippin that grain
I feel like I'm losing a step in the game [?]
Feel like I am to blame
Feeling so high as a plane
Pimping, I'm out of your range
Target inside of your aim
They're saying that Jarren is strange
This energy can't be contained
Something I cannot explain
Maybe I'm just insane
Haters... to my name
Rappers, I'm leaving them slain
Beat em and kill em and pick up their flesh right up out of my veins
Feel like I've paid up my dues
Thinking I fit in my shoes
Waiting to kill [?]
I will not lose

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Jarren Benton I Will Not Lose Comments
  1. Lucid Soundz

    still come back to this track. stays hard.

  2. 90's baby26

    This song is amazing. The beat is dope as fuck. But why so short? If he could have least made it a 3-5 min song it would have been perfect

  3. Purework10801 Epic was

    This music is at the end of the youre next trailer

  4. The Deviant

    i love this fucking beat

  5. captain insomniac

    Bring more shit like this dawg

  6. Nashuv Badur

    so, edwin marjan suzanne eva rhae ada marion annet :)

  7. Nashuv Badur

    no... let her be.. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck you!!

    the fuck you. is hers....

    Nashuv Badur

    but she is  right.

  8. Nashuv Badur

    my last day.. im gon be postin stuff on theinternet.

    so take care.. n you know.. keep mockin and ridicule the hell out of homey..

    in name of allah and jesus christ superstar....

  9. Nashuv Badur


  10. Nashuv Badur

    "shit.. i aint wearin no clothes.. oh wait, i am."

    didnt know i was that telepatic...

  11. Daisy Fu

    shit.. shouldve killed him. the fly orbits round my friggin cranium still..


    Daisy Fu

    s. dot tolly dot.

    Nashuv Badur

    yes indeed...

  12. Daisy Fu

    but im sweet.

    Nashuv Badur

    untill ... ... the

  13. Daisy Fu

    n thas why the worl mad for?

    Nashuv Badur

    no not happnin...

  14. Daisy Fu

    did i chop off his legs?

    Daisy Fu

    L, i dont understand whatchatalkingbout. ; - )

    Nashuv Badur

    yes, but ....

  15. Makayla Reponen

    fuckn kills it stfu haters

  16. 11111111112222222228

    k what?

  17. John May

    Best song any artist from FUNK VOLUME has ever released

  18. 11111111112222222228

    FVs good but please dont disrespect jay z

  19. Zack SmallzZ

    Take T.I. off that shit. He's pretty dope IMO.

  20. Jeff Baird

    what about rick ross , soulja boy , drake , jeezy . gucci , waka , meek mill , plies , bow wow , shawty lo , ti ,cheef kief , mgk, and nikki minaj .....they ALL are shit FUCK THE MAINSTREAMERS

  21. Brendan Fitzgerald

    Longer but I love it :)

  22. Nick Cimino

    Funk Volume is a great group of real rappers. They make Wayne, Kengay, and Gay-Z look like the shit they are

  23. Abeyance

    Godemis and Benton have similar flows at sometimes o= Love the fuck outa both of dem , I Guess Benton sounds a bit less strange then godi..lmao

  24. fukYuYuTube

    this is fucking sick!

  25. Chris Palmer

    Why is this not longer? this song is hard

  26. jeremy brueckheimer

    put 30k up

  27. Eagleton Valencia

    Damnnn! packin Skillz, Str8 upp

  28. SleeplessKoala

    he made it bro

  29. TheDarkRainbowSide

    Goose. Bumps.

  30. ChucklesENT91

    this is a year old and im only hearing it now! favourite track from the mixtape!

  31. Mike Robinson

    Fv now!