Jarren Benton - I Might Be Wrong (Murder Everything) (Remix) Lyrics

Uh, murder everything
Uh, Ya
Pouring liquor for my niggas that's buried in cemeteries
Give em roses while they're living cause this shit is temporary
God be the glory, it's murder shit, it get gory
Jason Voorhees with a stick in a 40, dick in your shorty (Brrt)
Death before dishonor no snitching stick to the story
Shoot the Draco out the spaceship doors Rick and Morty
ATLien get this paper like I'm a ATM
I'm 730, a half hour until it's 8pm (Ha)
I eat everything bitch I'm a glutton
Drum on the Ruger the gun go play the percussion (Brrt)
The Bully, niggas must suffer the repercussions
Best flea when a creature summon
Or bleed when the reaper touch him, uh (Ha)
Flip the budget got dope in the kitchen cupboards
Love money like fat whores love chicken McNuggets
I work out my triceps by strangling guys necks
Walk through hell without a scuff, you wouldn't survive that (Survive that)
My fire arsenal need a fire Marshall
I put meat inside your bitches grill
And I didn't need to go buy the charcoal (Ha)
Get rid of haters get your weight up and go get this paper (Paper nigga)
These rappers are sweet they share their bitches makeup (Ew)
Lil Nas X, off of old town road
Coke inside the Pyrex, I'm a virus, Billy Ray Cyrus
My advise is, before he die look him right inside the iris (Uh)
Bodies lay lifeless anyway the dice flip
I'ma go hard bitch, I use to work the night shift (Ha)
If it's beef my niggas eat up the cattle
Burn up tabernacles and tear the wings off a Pterodactyl (Brrt)
I play the wall like spackle, calm as a statue
Take the clip out the 40 and use the barrel to smack you (Uh)
Hit the pussy from the back in some designer slippers (Ooh)
She let me cut but couldn't find the scissors (Uh-uh)
I like my hoes in 2's so go and find your sister (Where she at bitch)
Niggas turn to tough guys soon as they sign in Twitter
Now you feeling bitter since I signed with Jigga
Still a fucking Skitzo I pull up just to remind you niggas (Ha)

Murder everything, murder everything (Everything)
Murder everything, murder everything (Murder everything)
Murder everything, murder everything (Ooh)
Nothing shall remain, murder everything (Brrt)
Murder everything, murder everything (Everything)
Murder everything, murder everything (Ooh)
Murder everything, murder everything
Nothing shall remain, kill em all, murder everything (Brrt)

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Jarren Benton I Might Be Wrong (Murder Everything) (Remix) Comments
  1. SMAKAVELI 410

    Hardest shit ive heard in years

  2. Icy Brown

    Jarren = the only dude to rhyme "tabernacle" with "pteradactyl" Lol

  3. Parker Crawford

    jarren really killing shit

  4. Rap god

    We will never forget jarren

  5. ThaGunnerEST19XX


  6. Zay Eastman

    Damn jarren this is my shit bro goosebumps all down my arms

  7. Kimberly Gatewood

    U blessed get that bag bruh

  8. Mark Humphreys

    Next day and still loving this beast ass jam!!!!!!!!! 420!

  9. Mark Humphreys

    Just coming out of being homeless and smoking spice which gave me seizures I will have forever now.........definitely can feel JBs pain in this great jam!!!!!!thanx for feeling it too✌

  10. Mark Humphreys


  11. Connor Welch

    Love this song so much!!!

  12. Yeti On The Track

    Bumping loud in Nepal.

  13. Justice Baker

    Came to a conclusion that after the years im glad what happened with funk volume happened how it did or else jarren wouldnt have smashed all these🙏

  14. Jay Bryant

    Aye jarren man i been listening to u since i was 9 man u the shit no matter what anybody says about to go prison tomorrow but ur tracks help me not stress thanks man


    It's always a good day when you get to hear new Jarren Benton tracks.

  16. KingsleyTV

    Following since Early FV days <3 keep bringing this shit, dope af! Need another Hopsin feature too! Keep up the grind

  17. Aaron Atkinson

    Looks like lifeline from apex

  18. tfunk flex

    Hell yeah

  19. Knova T27

    I love it. Can’t stop listing to it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. trollers96

    Happy to see The Bully dropping more often

  21. Dylan Walker


  22. FISK

    Holy shit this is so perfect, the melancholy vibe of the beat is unmatched.

  23. Z Calabro

    R.I.P Funk Volume

  24. Rodney _

    This is dope

  25. Brennen Brooker

    Was disappointed when I seen how many subs you have man... not in you but in people. I've been listening to you on Google play music for a long ass time, when I came on YouTube to see if you had any new stuff I was shocked. Keep it up man! Love your shit ever since skitzo

  26. Colten Smith

    Damnnnn Jarren this some flow here it mixes so fuckin well m8! Absolute fire🔥🔥🔥 keep up the good work

  27. Rockstardio

    turned 1,4 in 1,5K

  28. TheBlizzie2005man

    Loving this shit Mr.Benton!!! Fire!!!

  29. Joshua spurlock

    My life's falling part jarren. I'm glad I got your music. Thanks dawg.


    I hope these never end 🔥🔥

  31. ironiketyson433

    Do any of u fuckers here this track?... It's definitely a sick track.. But he says he signed with jigga. Really?... I guess since that label is washed up and needed to be resesitated... Jarren will definitely bring it back to life..

  32. sage santos

    Fire on every fucking level PERIOD!

  33. Jacob Ortega

    MURDER EVERYTHING!!! Cant get tired of this song

  34. YoungVegasBoi

    Bro😫🔥 I've been waiting for this and I didn't even know it

  35. SouthTexas Bear

    Another amazing flow jarren!

  36. Cory Shelton

    Spitting 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Stephen Stillwell

    Love you jerren keep it up iller than most my guy

  38. itsonsale

    i like my hoes in 2s so go find your sister !!!

  39. Mat Degnan

    Truly one of the best to do it in my eyes, Jarren ALWAYS delivers

  40. Justin Michael

    Jarren still a goat!!

  41. Christopher Sherman

    The GOAT

  42. Stephen Whitaker

    Killed it. Better set that bar high. Effort. No slacken. Dope

  43. Ned Flanders

    Loving these freestyles, You the man Jarren!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  44. BrownBreachBear

    Jarren Hasn’t made a bad song yet, been listening since, Freebasing With Kevin Bacon

  45. Nicolias

    Got mad love for this track, Jarrens got the key to the rap game killing everything he touches

  46. Jesse G

    This shit is so hard 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥

  47. dean bradley


  48. Stillbnasty B

    Jaaaaaaarrrrrreeennnnnnnnn Benton fire!!!!

  49. Austin Campbell

    The goat jarren your going places plz make more like this so inspiring my dude

  50. Robert Turner

    Might be the best one yet...

  51. jay silva

    No matter what bully freestyles you drop, its hot...cant wait for the album wonder how much songs youll put on it tho

  52. Anthony Smith


  53. Alex Stiles

    swear it seems like this been out way longer than a day how many times ive listened to it, so smooth, prolly played it 20 times already

  54. Steve P

    omG.... wow.... YES

  55. Struggle but love 07

    Murder everything

  56. Dub Zack

    Definitely one of my favorite rap artists

  57. Ray sunlight

    Fuck yeah, my dude keep it up fam

  58. Kaelyn Jade


  59. JalapeñoPeppah

    How can you... Not have more subscribers... Just shows how wack the scene is.
    Keep it up man, your weapon is the pen🔥🥇👹

  60. soran143

    Need more of these deadly verses

  61. Derek Harbaugh

    Yo that needs to be a shirt shits dope af

  62. ArmyStrongGangflu

    Thank youuu. Keep 'em coming. You killed the Webby show in VT a couple months back, did not expect you to do any of the remixes, shit was wild. Just wish you did the whole Nirvana song. "Dickindapalmofdisblondebitch"

  63. Fermin Vallejos

    Jarren my bro I can't stand the fact that you are so underrated while these mainstream mumble jumbo nobody's get all the hits.

  64. David Crooks

    This is fuckin tough. Glad to be an OG fan

  65. Steven Mcdonald

    Gd when can I get a bully freestyle album..
    Fn amazing

  66. Kody Clark

    Keep it up jarren! I fucking love these remixes so much... you've changed but haven't changed I love it!

  67. filthyreece

    Flawless remix... Thank you... needed this...

  68. Downtown Raps

    This the hardest shit I heard in 5 years

  69. DDIEMON youtube


  70. DDIEMON youtube

    Im also so fucking excited!!!!

  71. Marjorie Coulter

    Another amazing remix from the Gawd!!🔥🔥🤘🤙

  72. Buhshaun

    So glad I clicked!

  73. Zler Beee

    You and merkulese should collab sometime! No homo

  74. Zler Beee

    Your favorite rappers, favorite rapper! The god!

  75. Majik Ninja1111


  76. EarlyProphet

    Are you dropping all of these on an album?

  77. Lil Hurricane

    I love your music keep up the work

  78. Jared Stagner

    Aye Jarren, let me get a like so I know you read our comments bro!

  79. Go Berzerk

    Been a fan since Freebasing with Kevin Bacon, your journey is so inspiring imma shout you out when I get BIG!

  80. Holy Hoodlum

    Been following you since the laundromat Cypher with hop, swizz and dizzy. Dope shit

  81. Damon Town

    Fucking fire Mr.Benton as always 🔥🔥

  82. Garasu Ka

    The writing on this track doesn't get any better. Rediculous schemes, bars and ad-libs. 🔥😧

  83. Acetyn Starr

    What's half my name, tyn lol. Good job jarren, ya fuckin bully!

  84. Opie operative funkshady

    October started great you and swizZz dropped a new song and inktober is starting.

  85. George Workman

    I put meat inside your grill and I didn't even need to go buy charcoal lmao # FAT GIRLS LOVE CHICKEN NUGGETS

  86. vtodzia

    I played this next to a pile of wood and the forest burnt down..

  87. Shannonxtra

    Jarren has been my favorite for years. I remember my first and only concert in PA was a funk volume one and I'll never forget it

  88. ben

    can't stop Huffin glue with Hasselhoff! This shit right here is the bombdiggity!!!

  89. Huggybear 2Gunz

    Flip the budget I got dope in the kitchen cupboard love money like fat hors love chicken McNuggets-Holy shit that motherfucker can snap excuse my language LOL

  90. Huggybear 2Gunz

    Big big fan of Jarren This might be some of his best work song is put together great I’m so glad there’s actually still real hip-hop music being made big ups big ups

  91. FlockoJoker 420

    Benton got barzzzzz

  92. Rhinos Channel


  93. Craig Greg

    Long way up from freebasing with Kevin Bacon keep up the grind the bully freestyles 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. Michael Lippi

    That one dislike, ya moms a hoe

  95. IlllI IlIll

    Always a good day when you get some new Benton to listen to 💯