Jarren Benton - Gimme The Loot Lyrics

Gimmie the loot [x9]
Loot, loot, loot, loot...

Que pasa amigo (que pasa amigo)
I'm back in it bitch
If the head game is right and that pussy feel good
Throw a rack at that bitch
Walked in the club with a strap in that bitch
Niggas they shoot like Iraq in that bitch
I peel off in that thunderbird up in Johannesburg
On a giraffe with this African Bitch
Came from the bottom, my grandmammas house
I'm funeral fresh, get the cameras out
99 bottles of beer on the floor
We went wildin' out, ho, just like animal house
Eatin up rappers the cannibals out
Bust off in your bitch while she layn on your couch
I get head in the whip while she driving that bitch
She carressin my dick and my hands in her blouse
You think they your homies, they snakes in the end
My home boy just died mutha fuck a new friend
One day you here and the next day you gone
We still mourning my nigga so fuck yo new Benz
I'm drinking again trying to mask all the pain
My high coming down i'ma crash, go insane
Party for now
Get the money my nigga
Cuz one day they might come and bash in your brains

We up in this bitch
Just got paid
Got this drank in my cup
Nigga just got straight
We been on it all night
I don't know bout you
I'm on that B.I.G shit
Bitch better have my loot..

Gimmie the loot [x9]
Loot, loot, loot, loot...

[Verse 2: Jarren Benton]
Eastside nigga till the day I'm in a pinebox
This marijuana make a motherfuckers (mindstop)
Eyes redder than the cyclopes
Might throw a bitch ass nigga out a sky box
3 stripes on my high tops
You ain't got no fucking Jarren in your iPod?
Becky my god, I bet you won't lick a pussy while I watch
So high it’s like I'm sitting over Jupiter
Get this money they gone think I worship Lucifer
Being broke was never cool to us
Feet glued to the concrete you ain't moving us
Your favorite rappers just a fairy tale
Niggas mad cause I knew his girlfriend very well
She let me fuck her on the Ferris wheel
Hit South Beach and got head while I parasail
I never paid for the hair and nails
Vodka got the room spinning like a carousel
I'm harder than a bitch that’s trying to parallel
Park a Mac truck for the pump I keep a pair of shells
You can find me in the ATL
Might tear this fucking club up like an ACL
Niggas still walk crazy
Thank god for rap money now it’s fuck you pay me

We up in this bitch
Just got paid
Got this drank in my cup
Nigga just got straight
We been on it all night
I don't know bout you
I'm on that B.I.G shit
Bitch better have my loot..

Gimmie the loot [x9]
Loot, loot, loot, loot...

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Jarren Benton Gimme The Loot Comments
  1. LG YaEww

    My boy m16 came with the heat 👀🔥

  2. Soutyzzi

    I made a remix of this song, its on my channel

  3. TimmyDaBoss Dawg

    dude crowd surfed his kid for his birthday! best dad ever i went see you and webby and ekoh and lock up in atlanta your a great artist keep up the great work blow up and bring the fam with you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘😎

  4. Jose Tovar Sanchez

    Friday the 13 th deposit 626882669 gimme the loot cod bo4 xi Mercedes benz maybach s650 900 hp v12

  5. Ciasteqxon

    Psychicboy remix is better

  6. K.U.L MUSIC

    Check my version if you love this shit..💯 https://youtu.be/PqHkuJGqcq0

  7. Javel Gibson

    this was ahead of its time too much for proper appreciation

  8. Sammiches

    Check out this remix

  9. AgbeODG

    The most ignorant anthem I've ever heard but it goes so hard tho ol

  10. Michael Rogala

    Jarren a beast and in concert he is even better.

  11. Tokyo Machine

    I can make it sound better lol

  12. W33zy LxcGaming

    Cuzz jarren don't need fuccin Hopsin I hate people sleep on my nigga like they do. This nigga can really spit and it's all him he writes his own shit no fuccin Mumble rap. I love his slow motion 2 that shit is fuccin insane. If you haven't heard it go listen to it NOOOOWWWWW LOL.

  13. dank hell

    2020 gimme the loot

  14. Sven Welsh

    This song is nice

  15. Clay Poxon

    I want to turn into a bank robber after hearing this

  16. Mind Scarr

    Metal af

  17. Ian Mugambi

    Aye .... so I did a house remix of this track...



  18. TRAVIS Travis

    Bro.... that merica ski mask tho....yes sir

  19. fredbear plush

    Still fire. 🖕🖕👌🔥🔥🔥

  20. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Still can’t believe my boi from Decatur ‘Eastside nigga til the day I’m ina pinebox’📍🔥🔥

  21. Ryan Buxton

    Ya he’s hard asf


    i remixed the fuck outta this song i swear its a banger: https://soundcloud.com/user-44928827/gimmie-the-loot-remix-prod-fendi-sandal

  23. Ghostpaid Killa

    JB GhostPaid Agent

  24. 이거다TV

    I am a producer in Korea. Please give me your thoughts on my remix ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76jqOe90gbs&ab_channel=YSYBEATS

  25. matthias peene

    Is it aloud to post remixes of this song? Do i need permission?

  26. beginning214

    December 3rd 2018 still jamming

  27. YzFiReCat

    Still here in 2018 jarren is so underestimated

  28. Siniczkiyyy

    Big Baby Tape :D

  29. pittriversavage

    Love this album .was this inspired by Notorious B.I.G. "gimme the loot"?

  30. Sweisky Play

    окей бля у
    я взял твою бу
    и я её ебу
    и мой глок или бля тт
    издаст ту-ту-ту


    esto es un remix , espero que te guste Jarren Benton

  32. ZerØToleranceRacing

    LOL gotta love the ending … dumb mo fkers

  33. Longle

    When you wipe a whole squad in Fortnite. This song pops into my head 😂😂

  34. Sabastian Lucero

    shit I'd eat a pussy while jarrent wach lol

  35. alirock2012

    2018 still play his albums like they just came out got every one

  36. GodLourélio

    https://soundcloud.com/02prod/02-prod-x-jarren-benton-scavs - Thanks 02 Prod. S2

  37. Florian Brd

    Lol no idea how i found this but DOPE

  38. Bob Lee Swagger

    Lol, Jarren goes hard af on this one!

  39. anthony heath

    You are gay

  40. Dick Swaggins


  41. Produced By Clutch

    I did a remix to this song! Please comment and like it!

  42. Phantom Silver

    Jarren I love you dog !

    Phantom Silver

    No homo tho

  43. LETMETELL yasometin

    This marijuana making a mothafuckas mind stop🔥

  44. Justin Rodgers

    y'all mothers still bumping this shit 👊👊👊

  45. Alom and THe Komets AThK Virtual Remix


  46. Antonio Alvarado

    Why doesn't this song have way more views....🤔.....underrated💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  47. Mimano50

    Niska il l’a pepom et il fait plus de vus que lui mdrrr

  48. T.R. Steinbugl

    1:37 just so it's easier for everyone. Ur welcome!!


    niska nest kun enfoire il a succer ce song grave le battard

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    Fam iam going to post this all over frontnite pc game !!!!!!!!! Spam it alllllll !!!!!!!!!!!

  51. TrainWreckk Music

    Do Me A Fuckin Favor And CheckOut My Remix Of This Dudes Shit!! * Jarren Benton 2018 Remix - Gimmie The LOOT *

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    Qué pasa amigo, y'a des ecos sur bigo 📞🇫🇷

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    Ahead of its time...

  54. Daoumoha

    Plagiat niksa

  55. 7amthugger

    miss this nigga

  56. Turps Tha Perp

    Que pasa amigo

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    Niska ft la b trafiquenté que passa amigo

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    https://soundcloud.com/tolgahan-alt-nta/big made a remix of this song

  59. Chanice Rotumah

    nigga mad cause i know his girlfriend very well .. she let me fuck her on the ferris wheel

  60. A. Mason

    I never even got an HST shirt. Unplug you guys. Gimme my check for Comedy Centralia.

  61. cdog91198

    I can't believe I'm just hearing this song. It's dope asf.

  62. kolarbeatz

    I really love this song you are a good artist

  63. zack marshall

    Glad he's away from FV now he can shine like he should have always been. Would love a collaboration with Brotha Lynch Hung and Jarren Benton, that would be EPIC!!!

  64. Défenseur Authentique

    niska lecheur

  65. Celia Silva

    This is some brain damaging shit.this hearts mr brain

  66. Eric Swihart

    My. God.

    This dude an animal.

  67. Patrick Raguž

    feedback needed :D

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    This a slapper. I play this when I play Minecraft

  69. Juan Ramon

    This a slapper

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    mdrr Niska il as aucun respect il prend les son comme sa

  71. jackrusselcrow

    eyes redder than a cyclops

  72. MakaveliThaDon

    I think i have a new favorite raper ;)

  73. Frosty Ur_Snow

    my nigga jarren Benton hasn't been on lately fuck dizzy Wright and show this nigga love

  74. Hbk SAINDOU

    listen verion french : Niska - Qué pasa amigo

  75. MALOH


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    major support forever. youre top on my list if i ever meet my favorite rappers

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    R.I.P Funk Volume!!! i will remember you forever!!!

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  80. Jalen Berry

    Denzel curry said so much money you'd think i worship the bophamet and this dude said worship lucifer lmao ... Hella dissing the illuminati

  81. tomahawk224

    The start of the second verse is heaven

  82. scott fallen


  83. Scared 2 Speak

    this marijuana make a mf mind stop


    play that shit on 1.5



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    Where this Jarren at tho??


    Andrew Ward you can find him in the atl

  91. Andrew Ward

    Where this Jarren at tho??

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    jarren and dizzy my favorite rappers hands down fuck all you if u dont agree.

    Mario N Crystal

    I agree with you bro 👌🏼

  93. brandon cornell

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    this song is so boss. great for gym

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    This video is supposed to be ironic right lol

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    TheCrazyAssMage Xbox-One

    it's sam king