Jarren Benton - Don't Need You Lyrics

Kato on the track bitch

You already know I'm going all in
It ain't hard to see this is my calling
Let's just be honest, I would like to pass two years
I been running shit but I was only jogging
Haters steady dogging, getting information from the blogging
Kill the bullshit, you better chalk it, thinking that I lost it
I done had my mind on the prize
Back when I sipping water from a faucet (wash it)
Ima fuck around and have to let it loose
I am not the type to hitting you, I'm on another fucking pedestal
I ain't playing with this rap shit, where he at?
Ima split his fucking head in two, your career has been a lie
You been copping rentals back at enterprise
I ain't never had to go get a fly, I could pull up on a bitches side
A fucking Toyota Corolla and I'm betting you that she gon fucking get inside
I ain't even gotta make a sentence rhyme
I ain't gon pretend this on the tennis side
I ain't gon pretend my nuts are minimized
I ain't gon pretend that I ain't driving outta join you
Back when I was going hammy with the mini size
Y'all ain't got a business mind, Y'all don't see the vision I paint
If you go against the great you getting penalized
So you better pick a side 'fore I had to go and let the missiles fly
You know I'm only in it just to get the prize
Tell em

[Evans Desir:]
I gotta get it in gold
Where were you when I was broke
Say what's a snake to a bird
Oh yeah that's the end of the goal
I got no time to be lollygagging
I'm on a mission of blow
You niggas praying it would never happen
I was just hoping you know

[Jarren Benton:]
I don't really need you (I don't, I guess, old pussy ass nigga)
I don't really need you (yeah)
Nigga I don't really need you (I don't, old pussy ass nigga)
I don't really need you (yeah)
I don't really need you

It's funny how niggas act when you dining out
Like where the fuck were you dog when we were grinding out
Like I ain't the shit oh you just count em out
I'm back for revenge I needed time to bounce
Back on you niggas like in the ball
Middle finger go up to a couple of blogs
And a couple of fuckbois talking dumbshit when they log
On they mothers laptop get a spike back to your jaw
And I don't give a shit if you came directly from God's dick
I hope your pilot have a seizure in the cockpit
Your plane crashed or kill a hoe, you hostage
Silent my adrenaline boom handle or a moss stick
I hope they beat you in the moshpit
Bash your fucking head with a yardstick
Oh this is what you want, you want that dark shit?
Hate life for leaving nigga with his heart ripped
Just a while ago it was all smiles
A bunch of fake niggas, dog I'm so proud (I'm proud of you man)
I see you on the magazine, oh wow (congratulations)
Oh you don't want a nigga you gon blow now
When Hop said nigga fuck Funk Volume
Then you Trumps stopped calling
And a nigga had to get it on his own
And you bitches didn't bother
Had to get it from the bottom
Where were you bitch nigga

[Evans Desir:]
I gotta get it in gold
Where were you when I was broke
Say what's a snake to a bird
Oh yeah that's the end of the goal
I got no time to be lollygagging
I'm on a mission of blow
You niggas praying it would never happen
I was just hoping you know

[Jarren Benton:]
I don't really need you (I don't, I guess, old pussy ass nigga)
I don't really need you (yeah)
Nigga I don't really need you (I don't, old pussy ass nigga)
I don't really need you (yeah)
I don't really need you

Yeah man these bitches acting funny too
I know that money rules
The only thing that'll come for you
Never trust again, I'll never get that comfortable
Ain't no friends in this game thang honorable
I juggle chainsaw blades in this carnival
Nigga I'm a carnivore, bone collector connoisseur
Cutting off your motherfucking head with a katana whore

I don't really need you (I don't, I guess, old pussy ass nigga)
I don't really need you (yeah)
Nigga I don't really need you (I don't, old pussy ass nigga)
I don't really need you (yeah)
I don't really need you

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Jarren Benton Don't Need You Comments
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    I swear big grim from power in the vid

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    That beat is painful to listen to

    RJ _

    The beat slaps

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    Wait my team name was yuck fou in kahoot my freshman year 5 years ago

  7. From the slumps of Shaolin 1101

    Wait Hopsin is cool with Jarren? I thought Hop went solo cause of Ill mind 8? Am I misconvieving something? Or was that the label owner of Fv?

  8. gtaguy2

    Guy: Kills a man in on punch
    Also guy: pulls out a gun when asking who else wants to die

  9. quinn Maloney

    This shit so fire it induced a panic attack god damn

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    Still Listening In 01/13/2020 Got love for the real. Respect 💯✅

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    I remember listening to this when it came out never realized it was jah and mills lol

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    I know hoisin felt stupid a hell when he was flossing XDD

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    Love that this video is a remix of Dillon Francis "I need you". Both freakin amazing songs/videos!!

    Samuel Davis


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    Watching this again sounds like that Noah Lucas dude stealing this

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    Alternative To Bath Salts

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    Glad at least someone from fv other than Hopsin figured out what was up. I mean, idk the whole story with what all happened. But I can't really see Hop just saying all that without there being at least SOME truth to it.

    Also. If no one else collaborates with Hop from fv again that's fine. Jarren had the sickest flow of them all anyway. Lol

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    He had a metalica shirt on friday at the columbus show lol must like classic rock

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