Jarren Benton - Come As You Are (Remix) Lyrics

I pull up on niggas like Deebo, the Bully amigo new dope in the needle ooh
This is that fentanyl it's lethal, you pussy you feeble you snitched on your people ooh
Shoot your cereberal and leave you I'm evil I just told the reaper to keep you ooh
The devil wear Prada the God in a mink I'm on top I'm that motherfucking steeple ooh
Your rhetoric trash, I spit on confederate flags, you know my etiquette's bad
I don't trust bitches or crackers that carry a badge
I spazz then I bury the track, bitch you a fad
You are just wearing a mask
You know you sparing the facts
The bully from Camp Crystal Lake I don't bury the hatchet I carry a axe ooh
Roll up the dope and insert the flame
Sipping liquor to curve the pain
Whip the Caddy and swerve terrains
Never utter my words in vain
He was dead till the surgeon came
I can wrestle a hurricane
Ain't no mercy I murk you lames
Clear the way bitch I'm merging lanes
In this bitch with the murder gang
Same guns that killed Kurt Cobain nigga

Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend
As a known enemy

I pull up on niggas like John Wick
Army guns with the drum kits
Dick in the palm of this blonde bitch
The Bully I come for the conflict
I will stick this knife inside your arm pit
I woke up like this I was born sick
In between her legs till her groin rip
I get head like a coin flip
Rappers will leave in a bag
Niggas ain't fucking with me that's a fact
If you think that you are man you reaching that's cap
I fuck a bitch on the beach in Iraq, ooh
These niggas new slaves, put him in the dirt hit your toupee
Send ya bitch a bouquet, the wolves gotta eat y'all soufflé
Caught a couple L's "that's cool J," now I bounce back pouring D'usse
Turn up on a Tuesday, in a bitch mouth like a tooth ache
Squares want beef that's cube steak, K kick push like Lupe
The 9 hold 6, 4 deuce tray
15 shots front news page
This that new wave
Y'all niggas fugaze
For the 2 face dig 2 graves
Twist a niggas cap like toothpaste
Kurt Cobain with gauge let the tool spray

Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend
As a known enemy

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Jarren Benton Come As You Are (Remix) Comments
  1. Acetyn Starr

    Caetyn Starr here

  2. Vinny Vee 613

    Still can't stop listenin to this banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  3. Remy

    This shit is so clean. It’s so flow crazy and the lyrics are rhyme after rhyme. Not to mention the fucking syntax on this track is wild too. That beat is heeeeeeeeat as fuck. Perfect use of the chorus and the riff. Props to the producer of this track and MAD MOTHERFUCKING RESPECT TO JARREN BENTON! GOAT

    Jarren Benton

    appreciate it fam


    Jarren Benton NO FUCKING WAY BRO!!!

  4. peter Ctone

    Ive been Mr Benton fan since 2013. I dig the growth my g. Keep the great wrk up. Bars.

  5. P Inzunza

    From the k to the london 🔥🔥🔥



  7. Roger Schwarzinger

    Yo what's up guys! I hope you guys are doing well and having a great day! I have a video where I rap 5 Jarren Benton verses and if the video goes well, I plan on making more! The catch is is that you guys have to guess what verses I am spitting and write them down in the comment section below, and name them verse 1 through 5, sorry if I stumbled a little bit, it's like my first time doing it on camera and I had to omit the N-Word of course so I tried my best! Haha and also no looking up lyrics! That's cheating, if you don't know the verse and want to find out, look up Jarren Benton songs, Features, Cyphers, and Freestyles! I hope you guys like it! :) The video is on my channel!


    Top notch track
    Dandan WonderThump'^°^'

  9. Strafadamus

    Wherever I may Roam by Metallica would be sick af !

  10. Aaron Hageman

    This man is bringing real rap back I'm talk about style from clothes to rock to flow he's for ever many rappers don't own their own style

  11. Adam Kee

    A need a all rock remix Mixtape already!!

  12. Jason Rides Llamas

    How the fuck have I missed these new songs?! Keep killing it dude.

  13. None Differences

    Rap is good but has nothing to do with nirvana..

  14. Aaron Voegele

    I'd like to see him do a song with the Palmer Squares.

  15. JL6

    Damn you killed it I never thought I’d see a rapper do nirvana justice- fuck yea

  16. Elisha Moretti

    So happy I discovered your music!!!!

  17. Amy Moylan


  18. EJ Furgison

    Fire!!! Love the creativity.

  19. John Zelaya

    So underrated slap wayyy to hard I love this shit

  20. C. Foles!

    I'm hooked. This is your best as I have heard so far. Keep churning em out bro. Nice work. As a Nirvana fan too I give this beat a lot of respect paired nicely with Kurt's voice muffled precisely right.

  21. David King

    @1:55... enough said

  22. Brodie braun

    Who's taking in this into 2020 with me?!

  23. LastName First

    Oh shit why havent i ever heard of the bully freestyles? Jarren goes hard on every verse

  24. robert kilgore


  25. Twisted Twikka


  26. Brian Welsh

    Please make available on spotify

  27. ZNX Killuminati

    Love this song

  28. BOSTONBK Mendes

    I like the style!! ❤🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊🎧🎧💯💯💯

  29. Lazzy Boy

    Holy fuck this is dope as fuck bro endless playing this song but bro this is amazing

  30. Anthony Brooks

    Jarren is the hardest this man has been dropping bars for years now. Fire bro keep it up🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Mark Humphreys

    I Love Jarrons music a bit better than weezys........just a bit more life in Js

  32. Andrew Gessford

    Uh that shit slaps 👀

  33. Thomas Passegger

    I pull up like Dee bo

  34. Jesse head

    I was the 400,000 view.

  35. RealMiss JaymeNicole

    Congrats on being signed by jz! Seriously

  36. Wolf Wang

    Hard ass verses

  37. Geri Dobbs

    Fuckin FIRE Benton been nice

  38. B e e b o u t Dat L i f e

    Love Jarren Benton..now more than ever since he has Kurt Cobain in his songs

  39. Kadin Ketterling

    Only 9k likes what the fuuuck, this song is too fire

  40. Uncle Scavie

    Bro this is so fucking fire

  41. mudbutt

    How does this not have a million yet

  42. michael griffin

    I still don't understand how the fuck he doesn't at least have a million subs yet. Hey is truly a fucking word God. He is very down to earth but yet he still doesn't get the coverage he deserves

  43. Crazy Luch1

    I literally watched the dude who tried to rob me and I ran him through my house just ride by and Grill me as I'm listening to this I don't bury the hatchet I bury...
    BOUY YOU BAD!😜😝😂😂😄💯✔🐇👊🙏💪💪💪💛💛

  44. Crazy Luch1

    Unsigned artist over here BTW shared it over a thousand times love it I don't like remixes I don't like stuff like that but when they're dead you damn right you brought it back perfectly I think you bang that s*** as hard as you could and I like the bully freestyles please don't shorten it 2bf again🐇👊🔥💛💛💛💛

  45. cliffyt19

    Ended both verses with a Kurt Cobain reference.. 🔥🔥🔥🌲💨🌲💨🌲🔥🔥🔥

  46. KIGIDY

    He said get hear like a coin flip, so he only gets it half the time, still better than some dudes lmao

  47. Wxvy-Dave YT

    best song by jb

  48. sage santos

    This is incredible.

  49. Reactor Savage

    Get head like a coin flip. Thats tough

  50. koks z minecraft

    prety gud chek mi rap on mincruft

  51. Johnny Hricinak

    Since the day this song dropped I've literally played it ten times if not more daily ugh so damn good

  52. Jesse Bradley

    Squares want beef thats cube steak

  53. Majik Ninja1111

    My god 🔥🔥🔥thank you 💖💖💖

  54. neil west

    Jarren you dope as fuck always

  55. zalien melanize

    real dope 100000000000000000000000!!!

  56. David Johnson

    Found you from a twisted insane song trust nobody

  57. Philpot1992

    Jarren you a fucking legend

  58. Tj Reutlinger

    Jarren best rapper no kap

  59. Thomas McKeon

    Shit fire. I want it on apple music

  60. FLAZiTV HipHopToday


  61. Josh Smith

    I listen to this everyday.. you killed this beat Benton 🔥🔥🔥

  62. gary morseau II

    Man we’ve missed you bro

  63. zumwaud2

    Where can i get the instrumental? 🔥 🔥

  64. Star Eye1

    This for lsd

  65. SattleYour SeaHorse

    Thanks for dropping this Benton we need more music like this man. So simple yet it hits deep.

  66. nick mutina

    The hardest shit

    nick mutina

    Plus I hate people who do nirvana shit but this shit is hard

  67. DGM615

    Fuck AP the rock shit (I front a thrash metal band I love rock mf) I wanna see jarren redo and Merk "the humpty dance" digital underground..fuckin make shock look stupid..lol naw shock cool but I could see J destroying that.

  68. DGM615

    Hardest fucking shit EVER SPIT. suck a bag of maggot infested dildos you disagree. No lie. I'll kill yo aas if you disagree to my face. Dead mf.

  69. DatBoy Cotvdotcom

    He snapped 1:44 - 2:09

    & 1:47 - 2:15

  70. NextGenbanging

    Man benton upload some more songs get your self out there.

  71. NawfSide GOKU

    Jarren been that nigga for awhile 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥🔥

  72. Mr D

    Better late then never

  73. dudewithamic

    kurt cocaine

  74. dudewithamic

    jarren is grossly underrated

  75. C.J. Kasino

    Kendrick, Jarren, Joyner, Royce, Logic, Em would love to hear a cypher with that group and if it’s time throw in Tech and Hopsin

  76. C.J. Kasino

    Jarren dope af he spits NOTHING but 🔥 every time

  77. spaceAlien Rissley

    Do a remix of n.i.b. by
    Black Sabbath

  78. Melanie Blah

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  79. Chance Douglas

    Benton! Do Alice In Chains man in a box!! I’m from Washington so this is beyond awesome!

  80. chase drumheller

    Were can i buy this song i need it in my library

  81. Johnny Hricinak

    I don't get how this is only at 333k views...

  82. Donald Lusk

    This is fucking fantastic. I love this so much!

  83. hadminds

    I’m mad this wasn’t mentioned in the genius Kurt cobain video

  84. Hollow Man

    Fire bro! Lyrical beast!

  85. ienjoyblazing

    i thought this was lil fuego but why the fuck is this homie on the pazmanian devil's god damn playlist?! he aint that fuego.

  86. Shawn Rose

    Keep the music coming you'll make it

  87. Damon Town

    Drop Wasabi already Mr. BENTON

  88. Mason Robison

    All white dude comments 😂

  89. Adam Tanguay

    Best Dude in the game

  90. Adam Marsh

    Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families remix

  91. Amarok Tezcatlipoca

    One more thing, Jarren is the second guy I've heard rhyme "Confederate, Rhetoric, Etiquette" after Immortal Techique's "Rich Man's World." Not hatin', I love them both, maybe it's a coincidence and either way It sounds awesome. <3

  92. TYSDADDY970

    He must have that thing fingered out...kill emotionally and physically emotionally

  93. Amarok Tezcatlipoca

    This is fire, I grew up listening to Nirvana and I've been with Jarren since My Grandma's Basement blew my mind (and it's still in my car years later!). One of the most underrated rappers out there! He's funny, lyrical and vulnerable at the same time, you don't see that enough in rap. He can talk tough, or he can talk about his mental anguish. As someone with his own struggles, I deeply respect that.

  94. Toni Greim

    Tech doesn't really have any. He's all alone.

  95. Myth 233

    nobody else would've been able to pull this off

  96. Kaleb Carlos

    Bro holly fuck man I love this it honestly makes me so sad I saw his show in Tucson and man where the duck was the love I felt like only me and couple
    Other people loved his music truly and it’s shit but keep going brotha you will
    Blow up soon

  97. Lord Dontay

    That mix is deadly and he killed hit bar for bar

  98. Joosie Jones

    Holy fucking shit when you had Kurt singing I bursted out laughing. Mixing trap with Cobain LOL