Jarren Benton - Cold Little Heart (Remix) Lyrics

Did you ever want it?
Did you want it bad?
Oh, my
It tears me apart
Bleeding, I'm bleeding
My cold little heart
Oh I, I can't stand myself

Uh, Ya
I feel like a money machine
You only call to get some money from me
I want y'all to be a hunnid with me
My sanity I feel it running from me
Still hadn't visit my Grandmother's grave
Somedays I forget that you just passed away
I pull up at your crib and I think that you're sitting in that living room
Then that shit hit me like damn it, she gone
I'm with the kids I don't answer the phone
These bitches are head aches, just leave me alone
I don't owe you nothing aye nigga we grown
And cut out that "Jarren can you put me on"
I need a bigger amount
Niggas didn't wanna help figure it out
You didn't sacrifice shit you just gave up and bounced
R.I.P Slow, I might blaze up a ounce
Niggas will take advantage of your lack of information
Devil infiltrating, what a simulation, blade penetrating
Niggas stab you in the back
Pull it out your back and stab that nigga back
I don't leave the house unless I got the strap
Bitch I know the bouncer I ain't getting pat
Talk to God and fall asleep in mid conversation
Hope he understand, that's a understatement
"Church" from the congregation
Long walks from the Marta station
Presidential need inauguration
Devil test your patience need some motivation, Nigga, Ooh
Suicide, suicide - thoughts I be boxing
Can't go out like that nigga that is no option
Got babies to love, gotta stop and take caution
They murdered a King down on Crenshaw and Slauson
This for my niggas that went without meals
Didn't give up hope they went out and got mills
This for my day 1's and niggas that's Trill
At war with myself Bitch I'm out on the field
Show me love all I need is love
Doctor fill me up with drugs
Just to get a buzz so that I can budge
I keep everything bottled in lately I don't know who to trust
Cause you can see a Niggas true colors from the shit he do to get buck
Nigga that's real

Did you ever want it?
Did you want it bad?
Oh, my
It tears me apart
And I know
In my heart, in this cold heart
I can live or I can die
I believe if I just try
You believe in you and I

I-I need a bigger amount
I feel like a money machine
Niggas they wanna help figure it out
Don't be the one bro

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