Jarren Benton - Closer (Remix) Lyrics

[Nine Inch Nails:]
You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

Help me
I broke apart my insides
Help me
I've got no soul to sell
Help me
The only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself
I want to fuck you like an animal

[Jarren Benton:]
Ain't no love for you, I just wanna use you for my comfort
I'm a monster, wanna fuck you like a animal go bonkers
She say "while you fuck me better choke me to a slumber"
Say she feel closer to God when she under
I like my women twisted, lick the clit until these bitches twitching
All my niggas say I'm slipping the pussy is so addicting
We're no good for each other no matter what's the condition
Every time you say you dipping you end up back in position
I spit on you, pull on your hair you're back in submission
We fuck like savages, love the lack of tradition
I rap about you, "yeah J matter of fact you tripping
You should be hacking up rappers"
The bully's back in the building
I'm a gruesome fuck, apex predator, I will chew you up
In the bowels of hell while Lucifer root for us
Die motherfucker die, the reapers my bride
Fuck a drive by I'll drive by and leap in your ride
I want all the smoke until my lungs collapse
I'm leaving you dead in the middle of little Italy, Pun is back
I'm the conjuring The Bully you rappers shouldn't summon that
Y'all niggas pussy I brung in the monisatat
Get you closer to God, blow a hole through your squad
Radio Raheem choke you while I'm holding a rod
Never cuff a bitches wrist like it's on a corsage
Put the curtains back on you fuck niggas, wizard of Oz
Put the sig to his cabbage and spill his wig on his fabric
Give a fuck if you're my brother or you pigmented challenged. Memoirs of a Bully see the pain in my iris
So I'm sticking 9 inch nails in each one of your eye lids
Somebody help me

[Nine Inch Nails:]
Help me
Tear down my reason
Help me
It's your sex I can smell
Help me
You make me perfect
Help me become somebody else
I want to fuck you like an animal

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Jarren Benton Closer (Remix) Comments
  1. Cortly Muller

    Jarren very well may be the best fucking animal to ever touch a Mic

  2. Jsson Hicks

    Yo non is one of my favs homi and this you've done here is the shit keep on going with this bruh it's hot

  3. Dominic Aubuchon

    I listen to this every fucking day.

  4. Chandler Allen

    I need this instrumental in my life. Song kicks ass, keep it up Jarren these Bully freestyles have been on repeat all day for the last few days 👌🔥

  5. A S

    Hella underrated

  6. humanitiestheproblem

    Months later and STILL why only 2min, should be foreverrrrr.

  7. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    I still can’t believe this man from Eastside wit a flow like this nawl fr🔥🔥🔥📍🤚🏽🖕🏽

  8. Cheesehead Dreams

    You got me to actually pay for music for the first time in more then a decade VIA Slow Motion Vol. 1. Shouldn't need to explain how much that means. Sick dude

  9. God Over Money

    There needs to be an entire Jarren Benton/NIN remix album

  10. SL Mayhem Mitchell

    Off theeeee hook !!!!! Fucking amazing !!!

  11. Scrungo

    i never imagined him getting to this point, this man just amazes me with every new release

  12. Marshall R

    Dead in the middle of little Italy little did he know that he meddled with middle men who didn't do diddly

  13. Hannibals Table

    I need to meet you period 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤯🤯🙉🙉👀unbelievable, I am an mc, lyricist, musical scientist etc and you just gave me that competition raw artist dream of. I can’t explain to you how much I appreciate that artwork of perfection! You are now in my top 5 of all time

  14. Jesse G

    Most underrated nasty mf rapper I know of

  15. opol opol

    Give the people a Korn remix

  16. Uncle Scavie

    Super not happy you’re not famous bro!
    You’re way to amazing not to be big

  17. vedderisbetter29

    who the fuck is this? this is my first time hearing anything from him, but that was dope. I have a feeling I'm about to go down a rabbit hole.

  18. dank hell

    each of my eyelids

  19. Ghost O.G

    This sounds the best so far I reakon such a smooth transition between the chorus and verses and the lyrics are just to spot on for the song!

  20. Knig Diamond

    Love the fact i have known all thw remixes and fuck with the bands and mixes heavy. Good on you jarren

  21. FC_CT C

    01:40 when that electronic NIN beat drops in 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    This nigga is straight up Killin shit as always but hella hella lately though

  23. Gavin Liechty

    Wow I was just listening to hurt on the way home today.

  24. ETiD Butcher

    How in the actual fuck does this not have a million views. This is straight savagery.

  25. Steff m. s. smolewnicki

    ya'll some god damn "girls"...disappointing, "TRULY", my spect-levels just dropped/crashed... n seriously? compose ur OWN >>---------)> OOAK

  26. Intoxic8d Beatz

    This is fukin 🔥

  27. Codey Ev

    Jarren you should sample a Misfits song for the bully freestyles!!!!! I really like this new stuff youve been making long time fan though but this rock beat shit is awesome keep it up!!

  28. danniest dannyboy

    Do a ragdoll remix by aerosmith please

  29. Eric Knabenshue

    How did I miss this . these bully freestyles go haf.

  30. skyrockshit

    Nine inch nails had to watch this. 🤘

  31. Kyle Crews

    Best jarren trackkk

  32. Matt P

    i dont advise driving to this song.... you are guaranteed to lose your license

  33. RoaR3000

    ...DAMN MAN!,This Is F*ckin' Sliiick! 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Kyle Perry

    I still think you should do slipknot wait and bleed you'd slay it or three days grace riot

  35. Daniel Rice

    Love it


    This is dope ! Ya peep my reaction to this on my channel !!💯💯🔥🔥

  37. Kierstin Hoadley

    Running out ideas eh jarren

  38. Izzi Vicious

    Somebody please send this to Trent reznor I would love to know what he thinks but yeah this is dope

  39. EastLado Recordz

    It's the God!

  40. Mike Proulx

    Chop seuy

  41. Donny Foote

    Again good shit.....youre doing good shit bro

  42. D-bud Trippy

    Yooo! Try brain stew by green day! Shits dope

  43. Robert Turner

    Benton the fucking bully!!

  44. Aurora

    🙀🚀🌪️🌋💪🏾🦁 Jarren. YOOO 👉🤬👈💥 brava broski👏👏👏👏*BLOWN *AWAY

  45. OmegaWolf SS

    Had to slow it down to 0.75 to enjoy longer 🔥🔥🔥 we must protect this artist

  46. Jordyn nilsen-daly

    So sick

  47. Mike Nolan

    Bad ass. 👊

  48. The Nickel City Nightmare Sgt. 3niGmA?

    Radio Raheem choke you while I’m holding a rod! Damn!!!!

    Thirteen Cross

    I read this right as that part came up.

  49. SYKOJ420

    Damn man. 💪💪💪💪 💥

  50. Kane Bryant


  51. Isaiah Sea

    JARREN B-B-BENTON!!!!! don't call it a come back.

  52. Nightraid yourface

    Hell yea Benton x NIN

  53. FailasaurusRex

    come to detroit or at least close

  54. Chris Mccullough

    bro this
    is nasty, he keeps shitting on these bully freestyles, on god

  55. Lavario Smith

    Best Bully Freestyle yet. Love that this one has an actual concept mixed with fire bars! Keep em' coming bro!

    david valentin

    Hey asshole fuck u this shit is trash hands down....u want to comment on my shit be a nine inch nails fan for more then 20 years first bitch ass !!!!! Fuck this dude for stealing from greatness an fuck u for riding his dick for it.... those complete sentences enough for you.... I believe you need to edit your comment as well there's some mistakes you got in there to bro... illiterate dick...if you recheck my shit ain't nothing wrong it just proves you're a hater


    @david valentin fuck off nerd

  56. Marjorie Coulter

    Dood is there no song that the Gawd can't make better?

  57. Rashade butler


  58. Roadgrimes

    The 7 people that disliked this are probably the boyfriends and husbands of ho's Jarren smashed.

    J Kudder

    Roadgrimes they will form an alliance, a league, if you will, of evil ex’s...

  59. Justin Poeta


  60. Regi Lahoud

    Who said you can't get no satisfaction? This is raw

  61. Red Skittles

    This is hard, hands down.....

  62. CannabisCultureTechLife

    Yo Jarren this sounds amazing. Did you lower the tone of your voice I think it works but if that then I guess i'm trippin XD

  63. david valentin

    I don't care if Trent Reznor gave you permission himself this is wrong an ass..Im sorry trent ....the fact that people think they can follow him or even use his work is sad...learn from greatness dont sample it u showing nothing but lack of creativity too....nine inch nails forever ....this is no way as good as its origin... Take this shit the fuck off my feed an away from my ears forever !!!!!!! U god dam right im a nails fan an this shit is just disrespectful !!!!!!! Fuck this dude hardcore with a gun made out of peanut butter !!!!! Again im sorry Trent....you dont like my comment well first u dont love nin an second well fuck you!!!!!!

    Luke Miller

    To be fair The Downward Spiral I don't think was released under creative commons; and in his speech at the rocknroll hall of fame for The Cure's induction, Trent did have a line about the internet devaluing his artform. BUT that's not to say he would be for/against this. Maybe against the lyrics themselves falling into the trope that Closer was about sexual desire when it was possibly more about self hatred and obsession.

  64. Tyler Tracey

    Thunderstruck next??


    Too short bro, one more verse... Cover head like a hole or terrible lie.

  66. Zollof Parue

    Nin trap beat sikk

  67. Acetyn Starr

    This is probably jarrens most successful bully creation yet

  68. John Denver

    Slick Pun line bro, keep smashing!

  69. Biak

    Jarren's been non-stop fire this year

  70. KOHxDEEN Incorporated

    How could u destroy the only nine inch nails song left

  71. Steven Mcdonald

    When you get like 15 of these slap it on an album and let me at it

  72. Timothy Renzullo

    Jarren the God father of psycho rap

  73. Tell Me Something

    My only complaint is that I wish this was longer. 😭😭😭

  74. Tell Me Something

    When you wake up and find a notification that Jarren dropped another one... "OK, Equilizer: *ALL THE WAY UP!!!"*

  75. K-Killa Official Channel

    this is dope as fuck.

  76. Justin_ dabs

    Ahhhhh that shit scared the audience Encore Jarren Benton

  77. Opie operative funkshady

    🔥 love the bully

  78. Brody Markarian


  79. ForMoney

    Anyone else in the Midwest hoping he comes through on a tour? come to St. Louis Jarren!

  80. Jacob Ruiz

    Do zombie by the cranberries

  81. Holy Hoodlum

    Dope as fuck.

  82. Devan Bishop

    Everytime i see a bully freestyle notification I get hyped. Keep em comin bruh

  83. Go Berzerk

    I was legit at work work the whole Bully Freestyle playin on a loop, this would've been a nice addition, yesterday... But this cool, might just fuck yo ex to this song 😲🤭🤫🤪

  84. M Hipster

    Wow Jarren, I havent heard one song from you that isnt great, fave rapper by far.

  85. Tyler The Bass Creator

    My favorite kind of YouTube notification! Another banger!🔥

  86. Matthew Pattabhi

    Jarren Bentom has been killing it lately.
    Well Done Brass Knuckle Benton!!

  87. lifetodeath Bryson

    Fucking epic Jarren

  88. Ruth Marslen-Wilson

    The way you fuck with these beats it's too much more bro more

  89. Bradster X

    Who is goin' harder than Jarren Benton right now? ....I'll wait

    Cody Snyder

    Js Wrekonize is putting in work on the freestyles to

  90. Asbouk


  91. SturboTv

    Who else thinks there should be jarren X hopsin X dizzy again in 2019 ?💯

  92. Mr. Paulino

    This is some freaky shit lol