Jarren Benton - Chewbacca Lyrics

K-K-Kato On The Track bitch

Diamonds on me dance like Hammer
Clique go bananas, still rep the East of Atlanta
Thots walk, never see the keys to the Phantom (skrr)
Fuck Trump I'ma take a knee during Anthem, yah
Fuck a bad drop and bounce back
One two three Mil baby count that
If I ain't a ill nigga tell me what you call that
Busy getting paper tell the bitch to call back (brrrp)
Hello, money phone
Ain't wrapped tight nigga somethin' wrong
Boujee nigga sippin' on Pérignon
Kato on the the track kill the niggas al somalian
Son of Sam, need a hunid bands, bad bitch, no xans
Dirty ass hoe stay runnin' scams
Give her dick it make the bitch do the runnin' man
Going loco in Tokyo, murder fest had to go reload
My lil bitch keep the stogies rolled
Going hard you see more results
Count the bread right before we go
This the year of the Scorpio
Bitch you know how the story go
I want the fame and the glory hole
I turn a bitch to a gory show
I'm at ya head with a torpedo (brr brr)
Nigga uh

Fur on my back like Chewbacca (Mink)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)
You are not real you imposter (Aye)
King of the jungle Mufasa (King)
Fur on my back like Chewbacca (Gucci)
King of the jungle Mufasa (God)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)

Fur on my back like Chewbacca (Mink)
You are not real you imposter (Fake)
Never take hoes to Mi casa (Nope)
King of the jungle Mufasa (God)
I grew up without a father (Fuck em)
We did not make it to Harvard (Drop out)
Kilos of Coke on the Harbor (Bricks)
Fuck the PI die of Martyr (Die)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)
Cadillac's, Chevy's, Impalas (Skrrt)
Spray Vodka straight out the bottle
[?] my hoe look like models (Beyoncé)
I'm sorry but I feel no sorrow (None)
No fucks to gives or to borrow (No heart)
You think that these niggas got pussies (Bitches)
They gossip like bitches on Bravo (Nini)
Mr. Benton I have risen lord
If you don't do with it then what you living for
Losing patience kicking in the door
These niggas crazy hit emballie in the porch
We drink the pain away so hit the liquor store,
If it ain't murder what you grip the trigger for
Kato make these niggas hit the floor
Hey bitch it's murder season get a bigger mop motherfucker

Fur on my back like Chewbacca (Mink)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)
You are not real you imposter (Aye)
King of the jungle Mufasa (King)
Fur on my back like Chewbacca (Gucci)
King of the jungle Mufasa (God)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)

Fur on my back like Chewbacca (Mink)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)
You are not real you imposter (Aye)
King of the jungle Mufasa (King)
Fur on my back like Chewbacca (Gucci)
King of the jungle Mufasa (God)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)
Live like I'm dying tomorrow (No fucks)

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Jarren Benton Chewbacca Comments
  1. Jess C

    It's good but I think it's missing the jarren energy I'm used to. U sound like your half asleep brother!

  2. Josh Uritis

    Yo jarren just wanna say this is 1 of my fav songs off your album:)

  3. Lil Meexi

    Bra if you dropped this today this would go up

  4. Josh Uritis

    Yr of the Scorpio!! Damnnnn 😎

  5. perfectslim007 D Sizzul

    East side King Mr. Benton !!!!
    Protect da jewels ICU King!!!

  6. DErik Lew

    New ludacris wit that raw shieit

  7. gsxtr1

    BNB fiend. Benton addict.

  8. Eddy Jackson


  9. MumblzDelusional


  10. TroubleZ H.C.T

    Where the fuck are the million views? Shit goes harder then any trash out rite now

  11. phoenix waynick

    The bully fucking gettin it

  12. Joey Najor

    God told us to spread The Word of Jarren Christ

  13. Ashley Knight

    So slept on 🤦🔥

  14. Zamir


  15. BiggLynch

    1:05 he sounds like Royce 5'9 and gives me that vibe and now that I'm on it he looks like him.... But either way I love both FIRE

  16. BiggLynch


  17. Juliette Johns

    Still rep da EAST!! DOPE 👌💪💯

  18. Caleb Tolento

    this goes so fuckin hard

  19. Angel Guerrero


  20. Johnny Kage


  21. Alex Mc

    Murder 🐐🐐🐐🔥💨

  22. lil mrs. sprinkle

    Slaps harder than Big Show ya know


    Is that a WWE reference? Lmao

    William Clark

    i see what you did there

  23. Silo Cy Ciscron

    underviewed as fuck

  24. Eddie Eagle

    Why everyone sleeping on my boy jarred. BITCH ITS TIME TO WAKE UP

  25. Brianna Hall


  26. HoodieVello


  27. RobM4209


  28. Lil Meexi

    "Aint rap right nigga something wrong" You'll never have that problem

  29. Rich Jay

    jarren hit that studio and show these punks what's up homie.

  30. Phillip Blake

    Bruh makes the smoothest hardest songs ever this is a damn good example

  31. Brandon Morgenstern

    This new album HARD AS FUUUUUUUCK homie. OMG. Keep that fire coming.

  32. jjswizzel

    Sheeesh please post these tracks on SoundCloud 💀🔥🔥

  33. Star Eye1

    You gotta be a cold ass rapper to rap about Chewbacca they should put this on a star wars movie

    Josh Williams

    the last one was a rapper named Chewbacca in the early 2000s... his single was called Chewbacca and he was a one hit wonder and flopped.....just saying

    Star Eye1

    @Josh Williams thanks for telling me that one cuz I can't remember one hit wonders at all

  34. Plain Savage

    And here I am thinking jarren fell out a while ago... I’m about to listen to the rest of the album

    Plain Savage

    Nvm he fell off this only song I liked I checked out 4 more songs and I didn’t feel it all too slow

  35. Chris Houck

    Jarred Benton for president 2018!!!!!! So fuckin fire I had to get on my moms account and comment

  36. wethegamers870

    lmao "Fuck Trump". This is why you won't be as popular as other rappers like Hopsin. Why do rappers think they're political experts that can raise their politic views by inserting lines like this? FYI, most Hiphop people are Conservative or have moderate views. Just a tip for the future.

  37. Hayden Waldrop


  38. Fuzz Ball

    Dude. Sweet E30.

  39. Kirk Stiles

    Banger, but its got an aquired taste. Got a dark evil anthem to it. I gotta be feeling dark you feeeeeel me. Litty tho

  40. Coty Frank

    Ohh yeahh another banger from the brass knuckle god niggga

  41. Patrick Booth

    Who has Master Rights?

  42. Zach Henriksen

    Ayyeeee my dawg.

  43. Fluent Debrese

    Yo thought I said this but dope track. Dope tape.

  44. A. Mason

    Not even the best fou place around.

  45. CKG Productions

    Why doesn’t he have more views man

  46. Scaraptor

    Damn jarren ooooh goat damn

  47. oracle86_ _

    Man this joint fire 🔥🔥🔥 best song on Yuck Fou 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Prayceez

    Yo bring back that crazy jb

  49. • GetDrxpped-uH0E •

    Yuck Fou Bumb Ditch!

  50. SSOC RAW

    Jarren is that nigga in class and act like he don't know shit untill he actually try's and turns out to be the best in the class this fire

  51. SSOC RAW


  52. Frankie Summers

    hahaha. sounds like a robot!

    Lil Meexi


  53. YouKantRelate Offical Page


  54. Ty Kish

    This is why ill always fuck with jarren 🔥🔥

  55. Deirdre Mullan


  56. BirdKatt Musik


  57. Josh Williams

    Jarrens music went from a billion bucks to mainstream sounding spare change

    brandon muldoon

    Every artist matures and evolves he still got lyrics just change the way he does the hooks look at what hopsin did

    Norm lit

    I agree hes desperate

    Kazuma K.

    Wtf billion bucks isn't even close to some of the best I have heard of him.

    Josh Williams

    @Kazuma K. I'm not saying that it was his best but this is a reference to him changing before this new album..Anything before this album is better lol.. A simile of his career if you will

    Dukino Gambino

    Tu Madre

  58. Sil3r

    It’s about time I hear some fire

  59. Exz8Nasty

    Just realized i had this on dislike someone knock me t.f out ...

  60. Deathking

    you da shit

  61. Goose Dubby

    Man's been puttin that work in! "Hit After Hit!"



  63. SturboTv

    He dope af, do check my songs too! ✔🔥

  64. Jason M. Brown

    You already Know!!! JB & KOTT Collabs are crazy!!!

  65. Jimmie Nando


  66. DilemaRadio

    Finally good music ...

  67. Task 96

    about to listen to this on repeat until i hate it

    Jimmy Encinas

    Thanner K dont hold your breff lol

    D Sc

    You hate yet?

    I don't, but not for a lack of trying lol

  68. Mama bear Always

    King of the jungle, mufasa 🔥🔥🔥


    Jarren benton my dude dont ever stop rapping i stay waiting on new shit from you bro

  70. BigPimpin91

    This has a $uicideboy$ feel to it.
    I fucks wit it

  71. Thomas Lester

    Jarren is hands down the most underrated rapper in the game.

    Juan Valencia

    5 pool yodelying Wal-Mart kid 5q

    Drowzie James

    Thomas Lester besides vinnie Paz of Jedi mind tricks...


    Nah esham is.


    I'd say Freddie Gibbs and then Jarren Benton. But Benton is a super close second.

    Dan Lemon

    without question

  72. TRH

    Dope as shit jarren listening all the way up in Canada ! 🔥

  73. DJ Machetti

    Flow bro🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙

  74. KingsleyTV


  75. Jimmyhendrix420

    Kato snapping with these lit dubs

  76. Jimmyhendrix420

    123 in 4 hours

  77. Super Kami Tabyr


  78. Gabe Moler

    I told my teacher about this song and all the homework burnt to the ground. lmao

    Keith Calhoun

    Gabe Moler im 25 and didnt fail.
    Advice, dont tell your teachers about music..
    I can relate

  79. Marcus Lujan

    Flame much💯🌡 love ☯☮

  80. 24/7 Reppin' 4 da Brain

    They gossip like bitchez on bravo! Too fukn true!

  81. jose reyes

    Raw 💯

  82. David Holmes

    Barren Jenton the kink coat miller.

    Majik Ninja1111

    David Holmes 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  83. AVTV94

    It's murder season get a bigger morgue 🔊

    sos van eey

    great times to be a hiphophead

  84. Elijah Rios

    I'm about to bump this in school and get fuckin suspended

  85. Elijah Rios

    386 views, this shit too fire

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    Brass knuckle Benton strikes again! 🔥

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    Never fails to impress

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    All this shit getting played on repeat..!

  90. awesome media

    Your like meek mill but 999999times better

  91. Fluent Debrese

    You probably shouldnt talk about politics.

    Fluent Debrese

    Loudpiffchiefer chief You mix shit too much. Like saying you don't eat tacos cause most Latino people are against certain policies. Ha funny.

    Fluent Debrese

    Michael Smith Lol can you make a point.

    Fluent Debrese

    Ryan Byrne Good thing Trump's not a politician.


    Lol Trump


    @Imperial stats "not when black ppl getting blasted by the police thats what the protest was Over hip hop is black culture"
    and hip hop just make black people more angry and divise which makes them get blasted even more lol, gotta love how retarded you people are :)

  92. Edward Stevenson

    Dude never disappoints lol still fuckin killing shit

  93. Quinn Williams

    this shit needs a video

  94. Sebastian Laluz

    Lit asf



  95. Axel Walters

    40 seconds in & this a bangerrr

    Kyle Perry

    Axel Walters just looking at the album cover you know jarrens about to kill it


    Axel Walters lmao fr