Jarreau, Al - Alonzo Lyrics

And when I think of Alonzo-
He was king around the bay
He'd come sporting and flashing
Hearts would drift away

Could be-he had a dream-
Came upon the scene where the
Lamb and lion play
How could he start to school her
Or rule her with feet of sand and clay

Alonzo declared that he must
"Reach to heaven-for heaven"
Alonzo declared that he must
"Reach to heaven-for heaven"

[Repeat from "Could"...to end of chorus]

Don't you know Alonzo put
Out his hand one day
Don't you know Alonzo
lifted up his head to pray

So good for you, my dear Alonzo [x4]

Warm your heart
So warm the sun
Warm your soul

Welcome, Alonzo
So good to see you
Welcome, Alonzo

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Jarreau, Al Alonzo Comments
  1. J Eshun

    Memories of Al Jarreau who we lost on this day in 2017 from respiratory failure, at the age of 76, just two days after announcing his retirement. Best known for his Jazz/Soul scat vocals as in this wonderful track

  2. TheRenard10

    Jay Graydon is 1, prosperous keyboard beast!

  3. DanL Boom

    Ever had a song that touches every essence of your soul? Alonso is one of those songs. (Norman Brown/"Just Between Us" is another one.)

    Al Jarreau was blessed with an incredible voice.Many will "try" to impersonate his voice,but there is only one Al Jarreau. RIP my friend. He was also blessed with a talented Band, every band member on his albums were outright talent to the max.The best.

  4. David Reseda

    Sa c est de la chanson que j aime à écouter voilà pas mal d année

  5. Music Lover Forever

    This is a masterpiece...so beautiful it moves me to tears...honest to God. His incredible voice, gorgeous musical arrangement...

    And that flute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I will always miss you, Al Jarreau 🥰🥰🥰

  6. Heather Lowrie

    One of the Most Beautiful Songs by Jazz Music Legend Al Jarreau! It broke a lot of hearts we lost one of our greatest treasures in voice and song🎶. There will never be another made like this one. He is truly missed! Thank you WCLK, Morris in the Morning🌄 hour of Motivation, for playing this very uplifting music all the time.

  7. ray hanes

    We all remember that album cover, some on cassette and others on CD. Music had so much depth back in the day. I'll always come back for it.

  8. Mr Funky

    this song played as a continuos track in my head at the time it was produced in the dark murk of the AIDS crisis during several funerals . I designated it as the transitioning theme song to all the friends/lovers I and the world lost during that time period.

  9. Mr Funky

    This song...............and this song along got me through a very bias/ racist/ classist/design program here in the mid-west. And recently it's really making me miss both my parents since I'm turning 60 yo and i have no ideal how to plan for the rest of my life. .................Life music makes you deal w/life shit

  10. DO IT WELL

    To sweet baby boy Al. May God grant him the sun moon and stars all the goodness of life for all the pain he suffered. ...love you Al❤

  11. LaTrina Autry

    I grew up on All Jarreau, and I absolutely love this song!

  12. Claus Bertermann

    Epic record, still unbelievably good. Like good wine - it's becoming better and better over the years. Recorded with world class musicians like Steve Gadd, Abraham Laboriel and many others. This music accompained me when I was 16-20 years old, back in the early 80s (now you can start calculating... :-) and it was the soundtrack for some of the best moments in my life. FOREVER GRATEFUL, DEAR AL JARREAU.

  13. Truthtella2011

    Listening to this reminds of being in prayer. My mind feels free and I feel as though I'm touching the Lord. The arrangement in this song feels me with joy and peace. A hypnotic meditation you don't want leave. My father played this all the time in the 80s and for whatever reason it popped in a dream. Talk about long last effects of music.

  14. James Willie

    When I was a student at Norfolk State U in the 80's and a DJ at then WNSB FM jazz 91. I played this song every weekend on my shift and always received allot of positive feedback. The arrangement of Alonzo is brilliant.

  15. Mr Funky

    every broken confused black boy's redemption song !!!!

  16. Mr Funky

    reaching ...struggling ....trying....scratching...hurting/trying/ reaching/ BEING!!!!

  17. Mr Funky

    this is a song of getting to home...in your soul, knowing that it's o.k and you will be more than just good but excellent, this one 1 singular arrangement wrapped it 's soothing brilliance around me as i stepped out in the light of my 'truth', as as a black gay man in 1982 and pursued and persevered in my fashion art career as an educator. I get really emotional each time i hear this song ...I mean really emotional ...the magnificent power of music !!!

  18. Victor Rogers


  19. Scott Davis

    I went to Kcmo in 83, and my 11 year old nephew would ask my brother, his dad to play this! Thanks Thomas Piott.

  20. MrLb0377

    At 3:56 he literally takes us out of this world....

  21. Liana Bouman

    My one and only Master Piece .
    RIP my hero .
    Remembering you with lots of tears bud with lots of good songs my angel .

  22. Kasahn Harris


  23. vgrandy95

    Such a beautiful song

  24. Austin Bradley

    I can imagine the Heavenly Choir singing their arrangement of this song when Brother Al walked thru the gates,,,,

  25. Carl Clark


  26. videoal

    Miss this masterful musician. Nobody can replace him or his beautiful voice.

  27. Aaron Brown

    My father used to play this when i was a child on road trips and i will forever think of him when i hear this song...rip to both my dad n al jarreau

  28. Reese Reese

    My grandchildren knows al jarreau!)i play his music that often.

  29. Kasahn Harris

    Noone can out do that LAST NOTE

  30. Dedrick McConnell

    Does anyone know the backstory to this song?

  31. Gary Smith


  32. ray hanes

    My mother loved this song, and now so do I.

  33. thomas kelly

    His music keeps him alive. strong love

  34. Blair Williams

    This song transcends the soul. I can only hope more young performers singers listen to music like this and are inspired to really hone their talents and make real music again with real instruments, etc... Rest In Power Al Jarreau

  35. thomas kelly

    I miss Al. listened for years. sine him many times, very special

  36. Mary Watkins

    Welp...won't hear anyone covering this gorgeous song on The Voice anytime soon.

  37. Moyenda Randall

    I really think I could listen to the ending forever..🤔

  38. Dwight Visions Inc.

    When I first heard Al, I was turned off by his rendition of Take 5, but what did I know then, I was a teenager on the Earth Wind and Fire bandwagon. As I matured, I grew to love Al's rendition of everything. What a blessed singer! And this song, Alonzo is my favorite from him. Why? Because this song depicts the transition that we as human beings will go through when we are "changed in a twinkling of an eye" and sit next to the throne of God! This is not only beautiful music, it is also one of many musical prophecies. We Will certainly miss Al, but we will see him again, oh Yes! Doesn't the ending take you up to meet Christ in the sky? Well call me crazy but it does me! Thanks for sharing bun223.

  39. Jhamel Wade

    This song would sound really good, if it's on "1.25x", FR! Start the song off (on its normal speed) and continue on. Then, at 0:31, you *go* to 1.25x and continue. At 1:29, go _back_ to its normal speed *again* . Next, go *back* to _1.25x_ (at 2:00) with continuation all through the song. At around 3:26, go back to *normal* speed and continue. Then finally, at 4:49, go _back_ to *1.25x* and include the FADING of the song, which is the "ending"!!

  40. Sylvester Jennings

    College dorm 1979-1981

  41. Sylvia Sims

    I love this song, but I could never understand what it really means. Somebody, please help me out!

    Joe Dandy

    Sylvia Sims it’s about al’s friend Alonzo who found a religion so that’s why he keeps saying Alonzo must reach to heaven

    Sylvia Sims

    @Joe Dandy Thank You!


    In company of myself or anyone else who soothes me mentally, this song or any other piece of art, wine and just disappearing to a place of no hurting and suffering.

  43. E. Lap


  44. Omar Blancas Valdivieso

    12/8 es una maravilla este Maestro

  45. underyourskin

    A masterpiece from a master of music..

  46. Jazz Man

    Waiting on the Tommy Hearns Sugar Ray Leonard fight 1981 heard this tune Camp Lejeune North Carolina coming out of the field USMC sadly to say Sugar Ray Leonard w o n! Live on in our memories

  47. shesyour majesty

    What an amazing artist! Such a haunting ending! I love his music mind you guys I'm 24! I appreciate REAL music!!!


    Ikr the ending IS haunting and it seems to go on forever...

  48. Gee Dud

    Al Jarreau. The world is a better place. Although gone, ALONZO and your music lives on.

  49. william Lee

    Al i believe you was in the social work field, But anyway I glad you decided to be a singer too, because you was one of the greatest ever, I miss you smile, laughter, kindness and of course your golden voice. Now you with Alonzo and I'm sure you will continue to make beautiful music in heaven :) love you and fly away the sweet sounds of your music...

  50. fireflocs

    This is amazing, but...what is it _about?_

  51. skypalmasound

    1:59 - 2:30 I’m in Heaven

  52. Derek Carter

    Purity simply, directly related to the most high that's why the tears.Brother Derek Carter

  53. ThinkwithyourMIND31

    Unique piece! a magical song with magical notes! AJ you were a maestro and a singer-songwriter from a lost proportion...

  54. Jhamel Wade

    The beginning to the chorus, the middle part, the instrumentation, to the chorus again, the ad libs and to the final end where this song fades black, are my favorite parts!

  55. Derrick Caldwell

    II dedicated this song to my baby brother who took his own life shortly after this first came out. Not looking for sympathy, just wanted to say this

  56. Carl Clark

    Al one of a kind Jarreau. An absolute masterpiece. A irreplaceable artist, a irreplaceable gift to the world. Many instruments in one voice what a treasure he is.

  57. Indra Taylor

    🎬📽🎶🎵🎬📽🎶🎵🎬📽🎶🎬📽👓🕳☕👓🕳☕👓🕳☕👓🕳☕👓📺📷📚👞📺📷📚👞📺📷📚👞📺🙏🕊🙏🕊🙏🕊🙏🕊🙏🕊🙏🕊🙏 rest in peace😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢

  58. Carl Clark

    Al Jareau, a mystical master piece with a harmony from a different place where time blends its mastery, which keeps the spirit fresh, anticipating and projecting a inner peace to be shared with the world.
    Al Jarreau, while you rest, your gift of this song continues to change the atmosphere of people's lives.

  59. Carl Clark

    AL JARREAU, the master of voice with a style that says Al has invaded the atmosphere with beauty. This song is truly a master piece. Thank you Al Jarreau for giving us a gift that will never die.

  60. Nologo902

    RIP to the late great Al Jarreau

  61. fred moore


  62. MrTeatreeoil

    This is a really sensitive tune!!! Brings Tears to your eyes!!!

  63. harvey huggins

    Although I only met him in person once, I have a great collection of his music on CD and I had the pleasure of attending many of his concerts. I absolutely loved the man, not only for his tremendous musical talent, but his wonderful personality. When I met him, he was so warm and engaging. He treated me like an old friend. I was so saddened by his passing, but I will always have his recorded music! There will never be another talent like his.

  64. anofi berry

    One of the greatest outros of All Time..

  65. Edward B Morgan

    Al Jarreau was an icon in jazz and pop his song Alonzo has a spiritual tone

  66. KDelaney Photography

    Like Heaven. Few songs touch the soul like "Alonzo'. Rest in peace, Al.

  67. Curt Pugh

    Beautiful & haunting all wrapped into one. RIP bro. Al

  68. robinson friday


  69. Jackie Brentwood

    One of my all time favorite Jarreau songs. Don't know why it wasn't a big hit!

  70. Steven Allen

    love the last few verses..

  71. videoal

    Still missing this great musician and singer!!! This song here omg is truly one of the most beautiful!

  72. arthur c rossJr

    my favorite song by Al

  73. dhampex

    Man! Tom cunning knows how to caress and strike beautiful notes on the fender Rhodes model E Leeds rental. This is a good audio example of the “E” Rhodes that so many musicians say that it was the best sounding Rhodes out there. I remember hearing this Rhodes on all of jarreau/graydon albums,, but by far this is a great example of that e rhodes. Veeeerrryyy beautiful and dreamy.

  74. Janene Brooks

    He was an element all to himself. Such an extraordinary talent. Thank you for such beautiful music and may you Rest In Peace. I know you are among the angels!

  75. Afroblu Atlanta


  76. vanessa4u4evr

    You have to BE this song to be able to deliver it like this. You can't fake this. Rest in peace my dear sweet angel Al.

    Michael Cheatham

    So very, very true Miss Vanessa

    Michael Cheatham

    How blessed you are Vanessa to have this spiritual insight, enjoy the wonderful sounds of music, peace to you.

  77. sweet one loves

    This is when I step into a time machine and enjoy his voice and the best of that year.  2018 and this song is still on HIT.....YASSSSSSSSSSS

  78. Key Ankh Amen

    Classic AJ

  79. Celita Jamison

    My body always reacts to this song....I am moving and flowing....sometimes I cry....I just love it.

  80. The Pocket

    I name my sonAlonzo based after this song when I first heard it it’s my spirit soaringThe melody match with the music is beyond anything you can imagine thank you Al Jarreau

  81. Celita Jamison

    The first song to make me cry.

    Michael Cheatham

    I heard this song again about four years ago, and guess what? I cried too.

    ronald pate

    This and Daniel by Alton John.

    Music Lover Forever

    Celita Jamison Me too❤️❤️❤️

    Pat Gannon

    I'm crying right now, love!

  82. Michael Cheatham

    I heard this song for the first time, in my third year of college,( around 1981) I think, but out of all the music I have heard played, THIS SONG IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF MUSIC I HAVE EVER HEARD!

  83. arthur c rossJr

    One of my favorites, i called it out one night at the Greek

  84. Jerrell Dompig

    Marvelous song

  85. The Daughty Nog

    I was just searching if theres a song with my name

  86. Ola Waridel

    I miss him

  87. Dr. James Bernard Jackson

    Wow!!! I love this song. Especially 4:20 till the end.

  88. Jhamel Wade

    The beginning to the "END!!!" 🎶🎵 💯

  89. Lindsay Waltower

    Thank you Mr. Jarreau. RIP..."Alonzo declared that he must reach TO heaven, FOREVER. Don't you know...Alonzo put out his HAND one day....Don't you know, Alonzo lifted his head to prrrraaayYYY!" CHILLS!!! THE BEST THAT EVER DID IT.

  90. Alicia Young

    Lovely and Takes Me Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  91. Larry Kennedy

    Absolute Perfection!!!!

    Michael Cheatham

    Sir you are right! perfection indeed!

    Michael Cheatham

    Absolute is right, it doesn't get any better than this, where beautiful music is concerned

  92. tubagee

    Thank you for teaching me about Alobzo Nino .

  93. cal calle

    And now, Alonzo Ball is about to be a Laker...

  94. Gino Pani

    Saw Al j at the Apollo in Manchester a long time ago, found him mesmerising , love Alonzo, sooo many memories

  95. Adrian Bishop

    this man and his music, eternal....

  96. RELAX


  97. Sipho Tyawa

    One of the best songs by AJ. I usually get goose bumps whenever I listen to this.

  98. Carlos Moroder

    This song has always taken me to heaven. Angels will be happy to hear him from near. Someone like him will never die.