Japanese Breakfast - Day 23 Lyrics

I met him at a party and he told me how to drive him home
He said he liked to do it backwards
I said, "That's just fine with me
That way we can fuck and watch TV."

It was four a.m. and the light was gray, like it always is in paperbacks
He asked if I liked playing jacks
I told him that I was good to sixes
But all hell broke loose after that

I told him that I knew Julia Roberts when I was twelve at summer camp
We didn't say anything after that
I dropped him off and I drove on home
Cause secretly I'm timid

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Japanese Breakfast Day 23 Comments
  1. Juliet Olivares

    OMG were did you get that backpack from!!! Its sooooo cute

  2. Kinsey Brooks

    I’m so confused by her worry of gelatin or stock but will eat egg and cheese

  3. Rose Kitten

    lol 114 dollars is more then my food budget for 2 full weeks for 5 people ... so to me that was omg unreal... and no one likes soggy french fries lol im sorry you had to eat that.

  4. Mel melönchen

    Damn..so much plastic🥺😭

  5. butterfly AKA-Street

    try this in denmark youll be broke hahah

  6. LozzaHulk

    Mate im auzzie but one question ...
    But isnt 7-11 a servo

  7. zilverster11

    Here in the Netherlands the prices are done the same way. The price is just it's price that you pay. Don't have to calculate anything like taxes or what ever. EXCEPT for glass beer bottles and plastic lemonade bottles. the plastic bottles is always + 0,25 and glass + 0,10 and you get the 0,25 or 0,10 back if you return the empty bottles. It's to stimulate people to recycling

  8. Kurami Chan

    I love your backpack it's so cute.

  9. Lindsey Story

    HAHAHAAA Thats so me with mosquitoes! Im TERRIFIED!

  10. Yokocchi

    the mosquito thing was funny because i live in Brazil and theres a season where youre not safe, not even i your house

  11. Dee Em

    mosquitos were not trying to eat !!
    they were trying to feed you ! next video idea: eat mcdonalds Japan for a week !

  12. Darknike26 Monel

    End with a bang vomit on the floor :))

  13. Mariana Ricciardi

    SO. MUCH.PLASTIC 🙅🏿‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  14. 6R0V3R

    youre funny !!

  15. Tarou Yamada

    that was so hilarious especially the last day I did crunches yesterday and my abs are screaming

  16. Kawaii Panda

    OMG Hahahha this video was sooo goood!!! Very funny 😂

  17. Lamar Bowers

    wheres the other half of her eyelashes? also untuck that shirt....

  18. Annie W

    also, rice with the natto and u can barely taste it xD

  19. YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodKohaiii

    there almost no chance that kimchi was vegetarian but ok ahaha

  20. Mel Smith

    you know what you can get in australian 711for the price of a wholesome meal at a 7 11in japan? A cheese sandwich that tastes of lies and dissapointment

  21. Holly Rose

    I’m a “strict” vegetarian (almost vegan) at home in the UK but when we go on holiday even to the Canary Islands it’s so hard to avoid everything! I choose things that appear to be vegetarian options (like the noodles you saw) but don’t sweat too much about stock/gelatine etc because harm reduction is my aim and I want to enjoy the culture a little too🌍💚

  22. Pola Roit Photography

    Cheese is not vegetarian.. There is rennet in there

  23. TheAntibyte

    The type of fish will be listed on the packet.
    Google's camera translation will work well enough.

  24. Manee Walker

    what did u use again to see the ingredients?


    Google translate. Get the google app from your app store. When you open it, in the search bar there should be a colourful box next to a speaker. Click the box. It should open the camera. You can swipe between different sections, but there should be one that has an Asian symbol and an A. This will let you do what she does in the video.

  25. Flutter_ BYE

    Imitation crab is typically pollock and haddock

  26. Bb Jaz

    Her friend low key ain’t shit 😭

  27. Karlie Christensen

    When she tried to pronounce worshiere sauce and couldn't but we all knew what she was trying to say😂

  28. AgrisM

    bleg pizgets nahuj! sluha jobana kurwa padla! nomirsti elee siikaa sluha! tev dziives nav ja ja ja !

  29. Todd Jackson

    Stays eating in bed

  30. Ambziie

    I went to Japan, and it was sooooo hard to eat. Especailly spontaneously, I ended up eating at places with western style food or indian food because I am a strict lacto ovo vegetarian. There was a large amount of parisian style bakeries, I ate at those mostly. Not going to lie, I was very sick by the end of the trip.

  31. Dan Ortiz

    mmmmmn... Natto is delicious

    Dan Ortiz

    try mixing with rice.

    Dan Ortiz

    mix it before eatin wtih rice. is soooo good.

  32. Dan Ortiz

    a broke student will only eat cup noodle, onigiri or a sandwich XD you are on the rich side.

  33. Ok BC

    what do vegetarians put on rice tears of sadness

    Emilie Tice

    Ok BC anything except meat :)

  34. Opal_Reed

    Can you pay in us dollars in japan? Would they take that?


    Probably not. I'm not sure how cards work. But at most airports there's places you can convert money.

  35. mchacker3

    Why are your pants so high?

  36. Lena Gallot

    Thats one of the things I loved when I went there. I went on a school trip and we were on the go all day. For a pretty good amount of time, 7-eleven was the quickest option to grab something to eat. But I was so surprised how the food there is actually EDIBLE, unlike the green garbage at the ones in the US.

  37. xXlushjunkieXx

    Really random question/suggestion for a video but could you possibly do a video on the beat places to visit/stay in Tokyo. Best places to eat and the best ways to go travelling there on a budget maybe? I really want to go for my first time but unsure about going without breaking the bank x

  38. Annie W

    u open the sandwich like the onigiri D: wai open like that D:

  39. Chuck Bartowski

    Aren't eggs and diary no no's for vegetarians?

    Emilie Tice

    Chuck Bartowski nope you’re thinking vegan :)
    vegetarian: no meat
    vegan: no animal products- i.e. eggs, dairy, meat etc.

  40. Mariamii Akeel

    I love the concept alot !
    But shes so cringy , trying too hard to be funny.
    With all the faces she makes..

  41. Mariamii Akeel

    So vegetarians eat eggs ?????

  42. Nicky Tol

    Its cheap but she doesn’t eat much so I defently would spend much more money

  43. Nicky Tol

    I’m so glad she did a vegetarian day too

  44. Absinthia Venamortis

    I would love an updated version of this!! 😄 also have you ever eaten the pancakes??

  45. Andrew Foster

    Welke are sea snails type yeppers

  46. Liam Bennetts

    How is this a video.. i guess a lot of people don't know it's a full grocery store.

  47. Korey Daniels

    I’m assuming that they add the tax in the price in Europe & Australia?

  48. Jazmin Marshall

    G'day mate from NZ

  49. Yalonda Marie

    you eating on those whit sheets really put me to shame. i spill everything lol

  50. Gravahti

    I lived off of only 7-11 for two years in Japan

  51. james yamamoto

    I spent three weeks in Japan around 3 years ago. While I was there, I ate healthier and spent less on food than I did at home. About half of the food I ate came from 7-eleven.

  52. Eric Bogar

    You're out of your fuckin mind if you don't think $8 is a lot to spend on a breakfast.

  53. Dekeaulu

    i only ate 7 eleven for 3 months in aus was the best 3 months of my life!!!!

  54. Derrick Martinez

    She's a straight-up weeaboo shes got a big mr. Potato looking head boyyyyyy

  55. Courtney Hurren

    Eggs not vegan 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


    she was doing a vegetarian challenge wasn't she?

  56. Natalie hontaryk

    You copied Simplynaillogical

  57. MistoriPlayz

    Watching this makes me wanna cry, I miss Japan so much, I would give anything to go back, it really was home, it was where I was meant to be

  58. Rinee n

    For vegetarian meals, I think you were ok with that yogurt. Most commercial yogurt has added starches for thickness (not usually gelatin). And if you worry the only chance is that there could be gelatin in the fruit flavorings? Then you can buy plain vanilla yogurt or something.

    For me I would have gotten onigiri with shiso filling, which is one of my favs. Or inari zushi, which is sushi made with fried seasoned tofu.

    Here's a tip for dessert. Traditional wagashi(Japanese sweets) usually use kanten(agar which is made from seaweed) to thicken stuff. So you can eat stuff like yokan or get daifuku or something ☺

  59. I am a shadow Without a light

    When she said peel porn all I could think about was simply nailogical

  60. Alyvia Tuch

    I’m tired of these comments thinking they know their shit :).

  61. Marlon Sanchez

    Seafood from 7/11...... I dunno, man.... it sounds suspect to me??

  62. Alyvia Tuch

    I saw a simply nailogical reference

  63. puddytawt

    well thats a whooe type of peel porn

  64. Hemmy

    So I don't eat pork or seafood. It would probably not be easy to find food in japan...
    I do like fish, chicken, seaweed and rice tho... so maybe I could manage? Tbh I have been too afraid to visit Japan (or some other asian countries) because of the food.

  65. JJ Janinja

    You had me at "quarter past a freckle" :')

  66. Kai

    Meat pie sucks

  67. IcarusAnderson

    Ok but why do they think that mosquitos only live in parcs😂😂😂 all the food looks so good, i wanna go back to japan!


    Oh i just got to the natto part! I mixed it up until it got slimy, then topped it with spring onions, mustard and something vinegary and ate it with rice and scrambled eggs 😂 i have no idea if that was at all appropriate but i really enjoyed it, to me it tasted cheesy

  68. Eroftei Horea Tilicea

    Any idea how kimchi is made? If dashi is a NO NO, so is kimchi!

  69. Blagg Zear

    fantastic Lifehack! THX

    btw - beautiful nails

  70. LavenderrJamee

    Don’t they dock off the tax if you are not a citizen ?

  71. Zoron Stillwater

    Am I supposed to be impressed or fill sorry for you? Hey YT snowflake, I been eating food from the local Casey's store for two months, is this what it takes to be a YT millionaire? I should of vloged it and cashed in then I could change my situation and buy real food again. Get a job snowflake!

  72. Fel

    I know this old. But Imitation crab is usually Hake or pollock, which is fish. It's like fish and flour combined into something solid.

  73. cjeffer4

    In America vegetarians do not eat eggs.

  74. Ivy

    immitation crab is polluck

  75. Fujoぴ〜

    For yall that dont know what natto is, its basically fermented soy beans. A lot of Japanese people including me love it, but there are lots of people who don’t like them (mostly because of the smell.)

  76. Spooky Candy Theater

    I'm vegetarian and my singular method of picking items went as follows:
    Is it fruit flavored water? If yes, grab.
    Could it be considered a dessert? If yes, grab.
    Is it known-vegetarian onigiri like umeboshi? If yes, grab.
    Is it a non-gelatinous candy? If yes, grab.

    And that was it. I ate like a preschooler was given $20 and went to the nearest place that had "unhealthy" food, and bought all their favorite foods no matter the nutrition value.

    Was the best part of my trip, I miss Japanese convenience store food everyday.

  77. CroatianSamurai69

    7 eleven Ramen and steam buns are good.

  78. B H

    5:22 *Really???* At least you give us a target...

  79. XtremeBordom

    Ah yes, let's eat all of these messy foods on white bedding! *sets open mustard packet directly onto white blanket*

  80. Ash The Duke

    Looks better than usa

  81. Courtney D

    What was the translation app that you were using?

  82. boeuf3000

    If you tried this in the US you would probably not poop for a couple days

  83. Tiffany Oaks

    Hi I live in Hawaii and in are 7 eleven we have lunch plates, breakfast plates, dinner plates, pizza, a bakery! :), a smoothey machine, a drug store inside the 7 eleven:) :) :), and coffee shop inside 7-Eleven I KNOW WE HAWAIIANS ARE SPOILED 😏😏🌯🍔🍥🍙

  84. adam collins

    everything you spend is tax deductible under employment taxes.

  85. GhastBA

    i think you eat natto with rice not by itself.

  86. Jay Morales

    To be honest nothing is actually American, they're just foods we changed from different cultures 😂😂😂

  87. Sarah McCalmon

    You were eating a liege waffle. Those aren’t meant to be eaten with syrup as they are filled with pearl sugar, very sweet. More like a cookie.

  88. Wendell Ferandos

    711 pizza in NJ. Let’s talk about it. It’s terrible!

  89. Sarah McCalmon

    So if you’re vegan you’re going to eat rice and seaweed all day long 😆. I’m sure you can find good vegan dishes, you just can’t eat at 7-11. Just curious, with all those eggs, do you have stinky gas non stop?

  90. AtlasTinMan

    Well damn, I was in Japan the same time this video was published.

  91. Musicコヒイ

    suntory makes a great Ume alcohol. Just a fun tip.
    I basically lived off of nikuman and mince katsu when I was in Tokyo.
    also lots of Chu-hai.

  92. Zackazi

    Theres sooo many adds but it is an hour long tho lol

  93. Lady Nuri

    If you lightly press and roll the egg, it'll literally crack the entire shell and it'll peel easy. lol. my life hack.

  94. Jazhua Vanboven

    I was waiting for the mosquito to be waiting in your hotel room!

  95. chris18228

    I could buy a whole sub for 10 dollars or a whole round pizza for five dollars and feed the family so here is cheaper than there

  96. chris18228

    There is vegetable gelatin

  97. chris18228

    There is no tax on food in America

  98. ZeliardFTW

    Good video but wow so many pause skips.

  99. Cla Za

    The amount of plastic and waste in this though...