Japanese Breakfast - Day 22 Lyrics

Six, six, six
Sixteen year old kids hudled around the grocery lot
"He punched out my teeth," so you said
So did the evidence; the blood and the dent in the car door from your head

I'm still ashamed don't say to be quiet
More embarrassing is that I forgave him

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Japanese Breakfast Day 22 Comments
  1. Sokahowvady Poy

    What the name of the hotel that you stay in Japan?

    GoGoSabye Channel

    Hotel Intergate Kyoto. Thanks for watching.

  2. Sidney Yem

    Don’t forget to try Japanese cheese cake at Osaka-shi-Umeda train station. It taste so good

  3. steve s

    october first my man

  4. Minnie C.

    Great breakfast selection, so much better and healthier than typical American breakfast of fat and carbs.

  5. Yvonne Koedood

    thanks for sharing the breackfast meal