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Japanese Breakfast Day 21 Comments
  1. ShunXXX196

    I would love a video on what to buy at the grocery store. Could you do a video on how often you go to the grocery for food and what you buy?

  2. هاجر الشميلي

    Hi melodee .. I liked your videos because it is interesting and very helpful and I just wander that you make videos of your diet ballerina in breakfast and dinner and if you a video about your diet in lunch in ballerina I well so thankful.. I am not saying that I will copy your diet .. Noo.. I am also a ballerina dancer and I don't know what I should eat in lunch specialy in diet..

  3. pink rose

    so for the whole day this meal ?

  4. Mumu Sbq

    The kitchen is so beautiful

  5. Chubbi Turtles

    green tea in rice? interesrting :)

  6. Nomi Currier

    they look like lima beans

  7. Skating Canuck

    Such simple and easy to make recipes. I can't wait to try them. I hope you have more similar videos. I just found your channel from Rachel & Jun. I am now a subscriber.

  8. Ams

    I know u said that the taste from green tea with rice isn't that different to normal version but I'm still scared hah cos I tried green tea only and I didn't like it

  9. EthicalVegan

    You should watch what the health on Netflix ! 😊

  10. ms riiko

    Green tea for cooking rice, I am definitely trying that.

  11. BlackRadiance

    My goodness!! I'm in Love with the vibe of this video, LITERALLY 😄...so chill, informative & entertaining.

  12. PoiAngelMelodyHamHam

    Oh my gosh THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO 😍 please make more cooking videos I LOVE THIS

  13. Czarnulka

    Uwielbiam Twoje filmiki! :)

  14. samear rahmoun

    لو سمحتي استتري وكتري اكل
    يلا شدي همتك سمنيلك شوي
    رفعك رفع الدود
    بنون عليكي الناس ينادولك ام عرق ونص
    بتوقع الجواب
    انووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووو ووووووو

  15. Fred Samoluk

    Me eating pizza right now😭

  16. Mac

    NO FRICKING WAY UR A DANCER?!?!?! OMG, i found u through your talk about logan. Im a dancer too and you should make a video on how to stretch your feet because my arches are brick. Okay anyway your awesome have a great day

  17. みゆ

    Great video! Thank you for sharing it.

  18. Barbie Lee

    hello melodee. hope you can share some more tips on eating l;ike a ballerina. why small meals is needed and do you eat the same meals on off training days?

  19. Alham Bobi

    My dream were to be ballerina but I never had oportunity

  20. Vonniesistah

    you are absolutely adorable. not a ballerina, but I enjoy the overall health and diet. look forward for more 😍

  21. rennie wong

    Please do a night routine

  22. derrviel

    I didn't know Vit C was strong against heat! people always tell me to not cook vegetables as all the vitamins will be lost. I've been forcing myself to raw broccoli because of this, and wanted to puke each time I eat it. Upon watching this video and doing some research, I found out that heat only makes vitamin C dissolve in the water. To break vitamin C down you'll have to cook the vegetables at 190C. So just make sure that you dont boil broccoli in water unless you're drinking the soup.  Thanks Melodee! Time to cook some broccoli and soup!

  23. Siti Hawa Udin

    Hai Melodee Morita, i recently had a healty drink that containe tomato, lemon and honey and i dont know if it good for my diet rotine. If u dont mind, may i know other healty drinks for me to make. Or do u have any suggestion to make a healty drinks? Thank u so much for sharing ur daily diet food and more.

  24. Mickey Ganger

    Thanks for sharing!!

  25. C D.C.


  26. MrSuckeragi

    wow that looks so delicious!

  27. Лилия Крапс

    Thank you! You are great! :)

  28. saiqa asim

    Flawless skin

  29. Hazy Abigail

    More of your meal preparation and recipes please?! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  30. lady rosita

    Your skin is really beautiful, could you please do updated skin care routine or treatments you do for your, especially to close pores.

  31. Maddie’s World

    Hey melodee hard for you to go on a diet or keep your diet ?

  32. Low Bee

    hi sweetie. please do more of this healthy food. it look so nutritious. thanks for sharing.👍👍

  33. Lola Lolo

    I love you and I think you are absolutely the best You are beautiful and nice Please do a video on how to be social and strong personality because I love your personality so much
    And thanks for the video I love your recipes so much I am excited to try it out 😍😍😍

  34. awesome life

    I just subscribed to your channel. You're so beautiful😍. I love your videos! ❤️🌸

  35. Asia Sherazi

    Plz tell me how to increase my height?? Plz reply me must...

  36. meow meow

    YUM 😍

  37. Nhi Ly

    Wow, rice and green tea!! Great invention ever

  38. Lu Lu

    Please make more cooking videos!

  39. アン二*

    I found your videos yesterday and I'm in love♡ Your voice is so soft😍I just love this youtube channel. Thank you for the lovely videos!😊

  40. Mish Jelly

    omg this looks really good i love to eat the japanese soup with roasted eel and rice but idk how to do it myself (≧▽≦) btw do you have any substitute for sake cuz i can't consume alcohol

  41. by dance Secret

    are you 1 day per 2 meals?
    portion is less?

  42. Boxer Bomber

    Im not a ballarina. Never will be. Quite frankly im more like a waddling hippo with bad skin, but at this point, trying this couldnt hurt any.
    Lets see how this goes!

  43. Chiaki Forsberg

    Where can you get a cooking sake in the US?

  44. Nikkivb

    Another happy healthy video! Very inspiring!!

  45. Lee Hee

    Thank you so much for your informations I'm usually interested in it 😍

  46. rosemariewoodchuck

    Thank you for posting this. I'm going to make this chicken recipe tomorrow

  47. xAnicsi

    May I ask what kind of japanese green tea you used? Is it sencha? Or another type?

    This looks really delicious, I will definitely try it. I've been missing japanese food since last summer when I went there on vacation. Even when I go to a japanese restaurant here, it just doesn't taste the same. Maybe home cooking will be a good solution :)

  48. amelodytree

    I hope to see more of your dance footage :). Great video by the way. I usually cook rice with lentils and quinoa, but I'll give edamame a try :)

  49. lyn may

    you always have a good content. 👏🏻Thanks for sharing this recipe. I'll definitely try it 😻

  50. mikan

    do you still have a snapchat that's active?

  51. chempanda

    This is a first I've heard of using green tea to cook rice!

  52. LovelynNuri

    a bad time to not have a toaster and an oven haha

  53. Sloma Smsm

    please make more visios like this I want to follow a diet and I love Jspanese food 😍

  54. Sloma Smsm

    Thank you so much lovely , I always watch your videos and you never fail to inspire me! I was woundring where you get these cut littile Japanese style soup bowels???

  55. Katanna

    Thank you so much for this Melodee! I love how simple it is especially for those of us living hectic lifestyles. :) Would love to see more recipes like this from you! xxx

  56. jesskarhh

    Your food looks SOOO good, defs going to be making these dishes in the future! Especially that green tea, edamame rice, that's so interesting and I really want to try it out!

    Love your videos!

  57. Akemi Ishii

    Hi! Lovely fairy Melodee! I am a yoga teacher and a stage actress.You inspire my lifestyle so much.I always drink green tea, but I couldn't come up with cooking rice with green tea! How nice!
    Every dish you cook looks so delicious! Thank you so much.

  58. Ashlee Dixon

    great video, melodee! i love the idea of using green tea to cook rice instead of plain water :)

  59. leylafashion

    Ohhh no so much salt!! Please reduce it to make it 100% healthy!
    Arigatou 😘
    ~ vlogger from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  60. wolfmage

    This looks so delicious and easy! Do you have an recommendations for quick snacks? Thank you ^_^

  61. xomarthamarie

    I love your cooking videos! Everything always looks so colorful and tasty! Thanks Melodee!

  62. bonnie

    "What i eat in a day" means you show what you eat throughout the day, not just one recipe

    Melodee Morita

    Yes, I am fully aware of that and clearly mentioned that this is going to be a What I Eat in a Day dinner version in the video as well as in the pinned comment once I uploaded! I wanted to share exactly how I made each dish, why I chose the specific ingredients, plus my diet tips as a ballet dancer so it'd be a much more informative video than just a mashup of clips showing the food I ate throughout the day. >_< If I shared every single meal I ate and how I made every little main to side dish, the video would certainly be over an hour long.😂 So instead, I focused on one meal for this video to begin with (this was my "dinner" version, but you can certainly make some of these recipes for breakfast or lunch!), and if people seem to enjoy these type of videos, I thought I would share more. Thanks for watching!

  63. Izzati Mohd

    Cooking rice with green tea = Great healthy food cooking discovery!!! (well at least for me). Maybe I could try cooking my rice with other types of tea (for science) 😂... Thank you so much for sharing 😉

    Melodee Morita

    Glad to hear you learned something new and found it helpful! This is why I make these videos.💖 Thanks for watching!

  64. Bo Vang


  65. Yoko Yamada

    I love your videos and I've been watching them for a long time but this is my first time commenting and here are my video requests!

    I'd like to know how you keep your lips from drying and how you pet Lia!

    I love animals but I've been busy and I'd love to know how you take care of her and do your jobs at the same time.

    Thank you for always showing us wonderful videos and take care!

    Melodee Morita

    Awesome! Thanks for the comment and your requests!😆 xoxo

  66. Annie Tan

    Hi, just checking, so you added hot green tea?

  67. cumulus888

    Nice video and the food do look very yummy.

  68. crimence

    Hi Melodee I love your videos how do you organize your day /week? i know you are very busy and i would love a video on how to organize my day/ week to get work,family time,workout,grocery shopping, cleaning ,beauty and beauty sleep...I know everyone says this but there is not enough time ...Thank you xx

  69. Thu Thủy Phạm

    I love your voice soo much <3 <3

  70. carlitos220

    Make a home made Japanese Dessert Next

  71. Mandi

    I really love your cooking, health and skin care videos, I've been watching them for some time now. I have only just begun pointe work this year as an adult at 30 and really appreciate your flexibility videos as well. I'm sure all your viewers agree you are really inspiring. Thank you 💜

    Melodee Morita

    Aww that's wonderful!!!✨ Thank you so muchーI'll certainly continue creating more exercise and healthy lifestyle videos for you as well.😊 Wishing all the best! xoxo

  72. salacia0707

    wow, easy and yummy! I always love your cooking videos 😍

  73. Bush Ran

    Hi Melodee! I trust you are well! Honestly, I really appreciate your effort and time in creating us this video for healthy diet. Also, I tried your recipe and it tastes just amazing and delicious especially for me because I work in aviation, I travel a lot and often work onboard a plane ✈️ the rice 🍚 with edamame along with green tea leaves 🍃 is Devine 😋 I love how smart you are when giving tips and advice for beauty, diet, life talks and self development. I wish to see you continuing creating more videos and continents which ever you are passionate about and I wish you all the best my friend! Many thanks 🙏

    Melodee Morita

    Aww thank you so much for trying it out already!!😊 I know traveling constantly for work can be extremely tough on the body, so I really hope these dishes helped to re-charge and energize yourself once again!😊 Thank you so much for always sending such uplifting and kind words, and wishing all the best to you as well!!✨

    Bush Ran

    Melodee Morita you are more welcome sweetie ❤️! I have to thank you for your kindness, especially replying back to us to ensure we all receive a positive response and make us happier and smile⭐️ those words always give me positivity and boost my confidence and make me look forward into life . This is something I found very rare among many public figures because some of public or the majority on social media always say leave us comment down below and they ignore our comments without acknowledging us with a gratitude. I feel in general public figures must learn from you respect, the art of being genuine and practice being kind to one another by acknowledging people's ideas and comments because we are there for them to support . You are very good person! That is why we continue loving you and supporting you forever. Thank you being a sweet soul and great person who has high and great manners Once again, I appreciate it your help and ideas. It is was really energetic dish and soup was recharging . I was able to fall asleep and my skin isn't dry at all especially if you work on a pressurized cabin ✈️I wish you a great day Melodee! God bless you darling 🙏

  74. Genmaichi

    How does the Vit C not break down? I learned in school that it is very sensitive to heat and light. Please explain someone😨

    Melodee Morita

    All of the tips I shared in this video have been approved by professional dietician, so no worries! :) The Vitamin C from the ingredients that I used (especially pure green tea leaves and edamame) will not break down, and you'll still get all the full benefits out of it.✨

  75. Jaye Curry

    I wish I could be like u😍

    p.s I love u!!

  76. kennetta Wright

    that looks so dam good I need to try that so I can lose some more weight

  77. Mei En Choe

    Could you make a video on improving productivity please?

  78. uberaudioexperience

    Hi Melodee,

    You are a pretty good cook. The food looks really tasty and the video does a great job of showing the viewers how to make it easily at home. And one other neat thing about broccoli is, it's suppose to be a good anti cancer food. Not sure if it has been scientifically proven, but It can't hurt to munch on a little extra broccoli once in a while.

  79. Fafa

    Bon appétit!

  80. An Sa

    This video really inspired me! I'm going to make this for dinner this week :) it's so quick and easy, and I really like the idea of putting green tea in rice. please make a breakfast or lunch ideas video!

  81. Apollo-milkchocolate

    I loved this!! Please make more :)!!

  82. rubie martinez

    Awesome!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 thank you for sharing!

  83. Corriyn Elise

    do you have any vegetarian options? xx
    edit: oh wait ! do i just use the veggie version then?

  84. alyssa e

    hiii melodee can you please make more healthy Japanese dishes! love your videos you are so positive and inspirational!!

  85. jeonsflowers

    can u please do a full day of eating video. i would love to see what u eat to stay healthy and pretty

  86. Бөртэ үжин О

    Love love love!

  87. Henna Bahl

    Very nice video please make the breakfast version of this ☺️

  88. jegenji

    Could you possibly make a breakfast version? I love this recipe and its properties and I will definitely try it out thank you for the video ❤️

    Melodee Morita

    I sure can! I did share a morning version of my FAVORITE salmon dish in my Morning Routine video, so please check it out if you haven't already!😊 I'm def thinking of doing an updated routine soon as well💖

  89. decemberclouds

    This was lovely! I can't wait for more videos. I want to make this tomorrow.

  90. Emily Wu

    Yay I've been waiting for this video!! 😄😄 As a video request, could you do a video on quick portable lunches that you could take to school or work?

  91. uwimy

    The food looks soooo yummy! I'm definitely going use these tips and recipes! Sending lots of love and support your way Melodee! ^^

  92. Princess

    Thank you very much, Melodee for being a beautiful inspiration. ❤️ from Tokyo.~ Karen.

  93. Blanche Devereaux

    hey, melodee! really love this video since now I'll have an idea about what to cook but can you please maybe do a exercise / diet video tips for pear shaped body type? really need your help! ^_^ I hope you'll stay happy and have a good day! love you!

  94. Dulce

    these recipes look so tasty, cant wait to try them, especially the edamame rice! thank you for the helpful tips about collagen!:)

  95. Toni Aw Younggg

    Hii melodeewhat school did u go to?? And pls check out my channelll!!!


    can I cook edamame rice for one week. ?

  97. Mindy P

    I LOVE the toaster oven dishes! So simple and easy to make. I know you also did one in your morning routine video a few years ago. 😊 It would be great if you could show more rice cooker recipes in future videos, too. They're so simple to make!

  98. Melodee Morita

    【 🎥 🇯🇵 JAPANESE VERSION | 日本語版 🇯🇵 🎥 】➡︎ https://youtu.be/VCo_EICn6NQ
    I answered your requests of creating a "What I Eat in a Day", sharing one of my favorite healthy dinner recipes! I wanted to focus on one meal for this video so I can include all the details and my ballerina diet tips so it'll hopefully be informative to you.😊 You can certainly substitute the ingredients to make it a vegetarian or vegan dish, and I've also shared other recipes in the past.💖 Hope you find this video helpful, and lmk if you'd like to see more of these or your video requests! xoxo


    It's great to watch both versions of your videos, which improve my Japanese listening a lot.
    Thank you, Melodee. ありがとうございます!私は中国人です。
    I just got my Japan visa in Consulate of Japan in Chicago , and I am going to visit Japan very soon!

    Victor Triump

    One of the most WHOLESOME videos I've ever seen on YouTube!!
    I love your CONTENTS!!👍