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Japanese Breakfast Day 20 Comments
  1. Mahi Mahi

    I'd love to see you make dried wasabi peas, they are a fantastic snack like crisps.

  2. Laurel Reef

    For meal time I much prefer lots of little components rather than one big plate. This is why I love meals such as afternoon tea and buffets.

  3. Odette Krijthe

    I love all your eat for a day videos, keep it up!

  4. julz s

    My son is engaged to a japanese girl and their miso soup is made fresh every day. It doesn't taste anything like the rubbish you get in take away. Narumi uses carrot and potato. And the fried chicken is to die for

  5. Brie

    I want you to.do all.the things I nthe comment section!

  6. A Person

    Please try classic Vietnamese food! It’s very fresh and I think you’d enjoy!
    A couple suggestions that I grew up cooking with my Ba Thang:
    *Bo Luc Lac*
    *Thit Kho*
    *Banh bao*
    *Viet cabbage salad* (made with plenty of lime for the dressing, not the spicy version) — we often prepared this when we made *Chao Ga* (or you can make *Pho ga* as I know you HATE porridge) since it calls for boiling an entire chicken; whatever meat wasn’t put in the soup was put in the salad!
    *Spring rolls* (Americans call it summer rolls) with *peanut sauce* or *nuoc cham*
    I don’t have many recommendations for pudding, I myself am not much of a sweets person.
    Pho is the national dish of Vietnam but quite honestly proper Pho is an all day affair & you absolutely CANNOT shortcut the broth if you’re to have a respectful ‘day of Viet food’ !!
    Oh for breaky there’s this delicious omelette we made often: eggs, onion (sliced NOT diced) with a little fish sauce whisked in (the way I tell if I’ve put enough is by smelling it, sounds strange but you want to just be able to smell the fish sauce) we also add a bit of water to our omelettes to make them fluffy, there isn’t much dairy in our food. Also NO butter! Anywhere! Ever!
    This egg is served over jasmine rice & soy.

  7. Lauren Galan

    This was the healthiest I’ve seen you eat, which was nice because it wasn’t that mad clean eating trend. You are so blessed to be able to eat carbs with abandon and be healthy and slim. I can’t I am VERY carb sensitive, I can’t eat fruit.

  8. Lauren Galan

    Omg I just watched cooking with a dog and her dog died in 2016 😞 I loved him, he was called Francis 😢

  9. Lauren Galan

    My Dog is half Japanese, he’s a toy poodle called Fuji 🐩💖🐩

  10. Lauren Galan

    Have you seen cooking with a dog (not as an ingredient)?

  11. Swamp Ophelia

    Grace get ya self a rice cooker, I live off mine

  12. ranibowunicorn

    I didn’t know people eat minnows as food, here in Canada we use them as fish bait.🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. JRae Petrocelly

    i have been binging your videos today and after like an hour of watching you i just realized pudding is not american pudding... it just means dessert. i was wondering why you eat so much pudding. lol

  14. Midorisuso

    You need to learn to cook rice properly instead of just boiling it to death. Then you won't need a rice cooker and always have perfect rice.

  15. Nan P

    You need to show us how you cooked that salmon!!!!🤗 You’re a great cook!

  16. Laura Wilkinson

    Next time you’re down in Brighton you 100% have to tap up one of the numerous Asian supermarkets- so much good stuff to try, and you can get ready made Asian desserts too!

  17. Simon H

    Should have used nori sheets to get the egg omelette right - these are the sushi wrapping seaweed sheets, so it looks like a swiss roll type of thing..also the tamagoyoki and the miso soup should have had some dashi added, this is a clear broth made from boiling algae and dried tuna shavings, plus you mix sugar into the egg mix for the tamagoyoki too and with these 3 extra ingredients it's really delicious, not just an omelette. But tbh it's really difficult to do even 1 Japanese meal without loads of specialised ingredients and it isn't worth it just for 1 day if you're not going to take up Japanese cooking as a hobby, you need to splash out around £100 on ingredients, as Japanese food uses a lot more ingredients per meal than European food.
    P.S. the cucumber salad is totally delicious dressed with rice wine vinegar & sesame oil

  18. taysha torrez

    the salmon looks tasty for you ok.

  19. Zaara Mirza

    is it just me or watching her eat is just amazing? 😂😂😂😂

  20. Esther Kim

    This was so cute. If you're curious to know what Japanese dessert/cake should taste like you should see if you can find Japanese baumkuchen (pronounced bahnkuahn) in your area. I feel like that's really a staple Japanese desert that would give you an idea of what the texture/taste should be like. Also mochi with red bean paste inside of it.

  21. SirRosquilla999

    Pudding is dessert
    Dessert is not pudding

  22. Lili 2o1

    Favorite on YT!! 🌷👌 Always gain like 5 pounds just for watching your videos but I don't care. Do you have a po box now? Would love to send you some german shhhhnacks 😊

  23. PancakesPusheen !

    i dont understand how someone could leave rice uncovered like that. im appalled >.<

    Luna Serena

    Thats why the rice looks so dry! Eww

  24. Headless Chicken

    You should check out jun's kitchen. Dude is a genius

  25. Bella Kinder

    I love this video! It was so interesting. I find your videos so original to other you tubers which is really cool :)

  26. JJCHAU

    I loved this! It would be great to see you try other countries and cultures too!

  27. India Joseph

    ive been to Japan, and im going again bc its so good! okonomiyaki is the best thing ever, along with gyoza

  28. Suzanne Stauffer

    You should do a series of videos making traditional sweet desserts from different countries.

  29. Taylor Culp

    I think most Japanese that work in the city typically skip breakfast or they grab something at the convenience store on the way to work.

  30. Catherine Turner

    Go to wing yip and do a video with them advising you on thing to buy and try. Get some huge raw oysters in there

  31. Nicholina

    you don't put a lid on your rice when cooking it? i honestly didnt know people did that

  32. Sarah Grant

    As a anti-milk person, Asian foods would work great for you as there is very little milk used (of course, depending on where in Asia you are)....

  33. f society

    If you like eating different foods and have a mix in a meal you should try eating korean food for a day ;^;

  34. Marika II

    this is so late but i’m Japanese and i absolutely loved this video idea! just a random comment since you seemed interested :)

    breakfast: honestly many japanese people eat western style breakfast because of time like you said, but for sure that’s what japanese breakfast looks like!

    lunch: chahan is essentially just fried rice but i believe it originated from china? i’ve definitely had some at chinese restaurants and not that much at home but i think it might just be me? dunno to be honest 😂

    snack: japanese sweets are amazing oh my God you have to try japanese parfait if you ever go to Japan, and red bean paste is so good :)

    dinner: nikujaga is sooo japanese hahaha i think this was a typical dinner except maybe more side dishes?? honestly didn’t know what i was expecting and you pulled out nikujaga and i was like yess she’s researched 😂😂

    this was so fun! i really hope you get to go to japan one day and i’d love to go to england to meet you haha xxx

  35. Rachel Elspeth Mathews

    Do Malaysian food! You'll love that! Love from Malaysia xx

  36. Marisa Correia

    Do Portuguese foods! ^^

  37. Lena Raw

    Did you have an eating disorder?😘

    rabbit quartet

    No she eats loads lmao

  38. Qidi Su

    how about eat Chinese food for a day i ll love to give u suggestion and idea what we people in china eat for a day

  39. The fat Pig

    you should eat food from spain

  40. Flohetisabelle

    you overcooked the fish soooo much!!

  41. Chepan

    Hi! I’m living in Japan currently and thought I’d comment. Depends on the family, but most families eat this or a variation of this for breakfast every day. I also have students and friends who eat toast, pancakes, etc. The lunch widely varies. Almost always includes white rice. Some eat fish, egg, leftovers, chicken, etc. but beef products are a little more rare as it’s expensive. Again, depends on the family. My coworkers generally eat rice, fish, and some soup. Or they eat pre-packaged foods from 7 eleven/the grocery store. My female co-workers tend to have leftovers but it depends.

    Anyways, you did a great job!!!!

  42. IntheSpockears

    Do Canadian!!

  43. Chelsea Divel

    Do American breakfasts. Not the stereotypical huge portions because most of us don’t eat like that.

  44. michaella acosta

    i live in japan

  45. Lydia . xo

    That cake at dinner looked amazing!!

  46. Alexandria Lyons

    Loved this video me and my mother are Going to Tokyo, Japan in July I can't wait 😭

  47. ShippingAvaLance

    You trying to say minnows is funny

  48. Sandra Pehpunkt

    The rectangular pan for the Tamagoyaki is just a gadget. I really like making umami bowls so I mastered my Tamagoyaki art 😂 Did you put any condiments in the eggs? It makes all the difference ☺️

  49. Bárbara Silva

    I can't stop watching your videos! You are so relatable and nice, it's like watching a friend on YouTube. Most people on YouTube are trying to reach perfection and everything seems so rehearsed, it becomes boring. You are so spontaneous, natural and you don't care if people see the real you. You are not trying to please everyone and that's refreshing. Love from Portugal! 😘😘😘

  50. Zaynab Soyf

    I was JUST about to tell you to check out the “where I’m from’ channel !,!! But then u mentioned it..

  51. Quinn Z.

    I think you should try Greek food for a day Grace. They way we eat is so different to they way people from the UK eat. I'm very interested to see your reaction.
    Love from Greece!


    Yes! Greek food is so good. Do you know where I could find a good recipe for gigantes? The beans in tomato sauce dish? It's so yum but nowhere in Ireland really does Greek food.

  52. Samantha Green

    Aye y’all who watch tasty... this screams rie.... even the tofu cutting

  53. Gabriela Salles

    Try Brazillian food!
    I love ur videos giiiirl!
    Lots of love from Brazil ❤️

  54. studiousgirl71

    You missed the essential ingredient in your dinner RICE.

  55. Jesus IsComingSoon

    Loved that u made the food from scratch and didn't go to a restaurant

  56. OutcastintheAshes

    Please do Eating Dutch food for a day !!

  57. Walter Lovers


  58. barb rarick

    I am half Japanese and I used a regular pot on the stove for years to make rice. My mom finally bought me a rice cooker after a year or so. That was almost 40 years ago.
    PS...miso soup and tofu will help you through the change of life later in your life!
    PPS...sorry I keep adding!....Chahan my mom made had hot dogs sliced thin and fried well before added, and they do eat lots of sausages, and she used a bit of ketchup.

  59. annie

    *commentary from someone who lives in Japan* I'm not being critical or anything I just thought these might be things youre interested in since you seem to be interested in Japanese Culture!!! :)
    - Tamagoyaki isn't really important, its really more like rice, miso soup, pickled veg, and whatever you like. could be tamagoyaki, yesterdays leftovers, fish, etc.
    -lunch isn't always a bento box. a lot of people at work get a 30min-1hr long lunch break, they can eat a lunch box they bring or if your like me you go out to like a Japanese equivalent to fast food and get a lunch set or something. Cha-han is a Japanese version of Chinese fried rice.
    -That dinner needs to be eaten with rice. :) Nikujaga and fish are both foods that accompany the rice. :) in a lot of asian cultures the rice is kinda the main and everything else just goes with the rice!

    Thank you for the video ! your videos are really fun ive been binge-watching them last night! Good luck! <3

  60. Chillax

    I know im late but please do a week of eating american food! I think you would really enjoy some of the meals, but im sure there are some very similar things to your food

  61. Belle Booth

    I tried this, and let’s just say, my stomach did NOT thank me.

  62. sam phillips

    Try Indian for a day! YUMMY!! x

  63. Hendrik Petersen

    Mirin makes everything so delicious! I use it for eeevery soup and sauce I make xD

  64. Alice B

    Who else recognises these meals, buzzfeed?

  65. flipabannana

    if you like small dishes, you should try korean

  66. Megan McCulloch

    grace i would love you to do a northern chinese diet for a day! we eat lots of pancakey and eggy things for breakfast, noodles or rice with meat;veggies;tofu for lunch and dinner. and we only drink hot water!

  67. Shooting star

    the steam from the foods are so satisfying !

  68. Hannah Cwik

    Try cooking/eating Cuban - it's a very misunderstood cuisine because it's not spicy like Mexican, etc.

  69. Hannah Cwik

    For the Japanese-style omelette you need to add shoyu and bonito fish flakes to the egg when you stir them.

  70. Hannah Cwik

    Always fry fish skin side down first, then turn them over.

  71. Yvonne NA

    Ohhh you should try Japanese Christmas Cake. It is like a strawberry shortcake and its so delicious. My husband is Japanese so we eat alot of Japanese food. Search out the cake online it is wonderful. I loved your food.

  72. Yvonne NA

    Tonkatsu is very popular. Its a breaded deep fried pork cutlet served with a bowl of japanese rice, miso soup, japanese pickles and raw cabbage with rice vinegar. Regular Japanese families don't always eat fish. They have beef, pork and chicken dishes.

  73. Thursdays Child

    I lived with a good friend from Japan. He mentioned that some other common breakfast items are umeboshi (pickled plums) and natto. I can eat almost anything, but natto was so disgusting I could barely look at it. I think it is fermented soybeans. The consistency, at least to me, is like (pardon the gross reference) snot. Yuck. However, Japanese people do like this. My friend also told me that for breakfast, fish is often served as pieces of sashimi (just pieces of raw fish) served over rice. A few of my favorite items are cold soba noodles (made of buckwheat) eaten with a soy, mirin dipping sauce; hiya yakko (cold tofu chilled over ice and accompanied by bonito flakes (dried tuna), scallions, and soy sauce; and goma ae (spinach with a mirin, soy, and sesame dressing). If I have gotten any of this wrong, I hope someone from Japan will correct me. And I have to say, eating miso soup every morning keeps me from having any kind of discomfort or indigestion.

  74. Kate Kate

    Grace! I don’t know how I just found this video because I watch LITERALLY ALL OF YOURS!!!! But anyway, I went on a student exchange to japan in 2015 and this video was very accurate! You’re pronunciation and everything was really good! Great quality content

  75. みゆ

    Amazing💓 I love your videos😊

  76. kemi

    I’m from Japan and we eat quite a lot for breakfast.

  77. Anna UEJIMA

    Omg you should try natto! They r fermented soy beans! They stink and they r quite a challenge!!

  78. Lucy Stallard

    this is random but i think you should be a model

    sally kore

    She used to be.

  79. Armanï Harris

    Please open a PO Box! I’d love to send you fun little kitchen gadgets!

  80. amelia09

    please do more of these for different countries!

  81. Isobel Walter

    would love to see you try traditional Korean food in the same way!

  82. Em Shef

    Do Portuguese food for a day! I would love to see your attempt at pastel de nata, it's my favorite pastry :)

  83. Pauline Newton

    I have just discovered your channel and i can't stop binge watching. You are so funny and real, and a breath of fresh air to watch. I love what a close family bond you all have. Thanks for uploading and i look forward to watching all your future videos. xx

  84. Ali Khadour

    Miso 🤤🤤🤤

  85. Bella 6

    You should definitely do a video on making a bento box ! 🍱

  86. Mikayla Greenhalgh

    You should do Cantonese food (South Chinese Food).

  87. The floating atom

    I’ve had miso soup before and I don’t like it 😬

  88. Kiko Sunflower Soul

    Hi Grace :) I'm from Japan and my boyfriend from England and we live in France haha! I liked this video. Keep up the good work. Love, Kiko

  89. Valentina Vargas

    I was gonna recommend trying the Japanese cheesecake, but then I remembered you don't eat dairy :((( it's literally my favorite dessert from here.

  90. Valentina Vargas

    In a conventional Japanese house it wouldn't take that much time to make breakfast, bc the rice cooks by itself in a machine, the fish goes in an oven thing that cooks the fish without the need of oil or supervision, and the miso paste has already the flavor so you only put wakame and tofu that don't need much time to be done. This is generally consumed by older people (they eat so well that's why live so long), but nowadays kids eat cereal, pancakes or eggs and sausage for breakfast (they love sausages!).

  91. しらこのり


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    Outstanding video footage! Here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to notice this type of contents. We create Travel & Food shows as well, world-wide, and also we are constantly searching for inspirations as well as ideas. Thank You.

  93. Sara

    GRACE! I absolutely need to know how you make the handwrighting effect on your videos! I actually need it for an exam and I'm crap at editing and don't know what to do. Please send help.

  94. Hayley Tyler

    Please do a tasting different countries snacks!

  95. Hayley Tyler

    I’ve been watching your videos back from when you had 2k subs! Your my favourite channel on YouTube I love all your videos!

  96. Cerys Lisa Hill

    How do you edit your videos x

  97. tengachaya49

    i'm japanese from osaka-jp
    your japanese food point 35 sorry

  98. Ezz.esme

    Would love to see more cultural food videos also would love a video of what they eat on the go like the equivalent to our packed lunch :)

  99. Ridiculously Hot Chocolate

    It would be so fun If you could do a day of eating swedish food .
    I can send you a email on what stuff we eat here and how to prepare them !
    Thats if youre interested 💗

  100. Jack Font

    I really enjoy your relationship with your siblings