Japanese Breakfast - Day 18 Lyrics

Oh my sweet companion
You should leave me behind
I'm sewn to this harp, and I'm rotting
Waiting for the band to support my lifestyle

And I can't wait to see what you grow up to be
When you grow up

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Japanese Breakfast Day 18 Comments
  1. xxSydneyFox

    What's the tea bag looking thing? Is that the dashi? I've never seen it like that!!!


    yes dashi! dashi can be powder or dashi pack or dashi liquid... too many choices

  2. LaBelleDame DuManor

    Are there Vegetarian or Vegan versions of your Japanese Breakfasts? I have some cousins who decided to go Vegan with their meals.


    no but you can serve similar foods like this. fyi vegan/vegetarian Japanese food videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL48C66C28F219193C


    Milk & cereal.... and I feel chef-like than I toast & cheese spread instead!

  4. lexxy boy

    Found this very interesting


    thank you :)

  5. 100PercentOS2

    Very informative. Great presentation. Love your video.


    aww thank you :)

  6. ???!

    Thankyou so much, all the way from England xoxo


    you are very welcome :)

  7. Emily Hasunuma




  8. XxGacha GirlxX

    White Rice is a big part of a diet in Japan aswell as the misco soup

    Instead of 3 course it's a 6 course meal together with dessert afterwards

  9. Skip Etchells

    is there a way to use other stuff instead of tofu in the soup? i have no ideas O.o


    YES! for instance bacon and potato: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnHq4h2yjr4

    Skip Etchells

    @ochikeron nice i already started your other playlists but this is very good. all that stuff is so easy to make

  10. Jarutat Snidwongse

    This is probably the best video describing typical Japanese breakfast. It stalks variation.


    thank you 😊

    Jarutat Snidwongse

    @ochikeron i am a big fan of your show!

  11. Ninja Kitty

    Japanese breakfast

  12. Django Fandango

    @ochikeron How do you keep a supply of fish for everyday? Do you go to the market daily for them?


    cut fish is always available at supermarkets. also, you can simply buy the grilled fish at most supermarkets! hehe

  13. Keya's World

    Hi i want to come your country so can we can meet?

  14. Christian sto

    Do you think eating oat meal and a bowl of tofu in the morning is a bad combination?


    I don't think so~ some people here eat miso soup and bread~

    Christian sto

    @ochikeron sounds good . I will try it tomorrow:)

  15. joi

    I love these videos! I want to have a lot of traditional japanese food in my diet :-) thank you for the video


    my pleasure :)

  16. Anselm Maria

    And weebs everywhere rejoice

    I am not least among them

  17. I want be a designer UK

    That looks amazing
    Maybe INSTED of yogurt and fruit I will try this

  18. vega s

    Not good

  19. May04bwu

    I wish fish wasn't extremely expensive in my country. This looks so good!

    JoJo Skye

    That was the first thing I thought, they have the price of fish sky high in the US, more expensive than any other meat :(

  20. SeraphCsysonal 59

    How long does it to take to prepare all this?
    (BTW if you mentioned it in the video sorry cause I asked before I watched)


    it depends. if you just grilled the fish and warmed up the soup, then others can be made day before, so it would be like 10-15 min!

    Skip Etchells

    i tried it at home and i prepared all the dishes in the morning. took me close to 30 min. but you have less wort if you got the ingredients allready.

  21. Kalinka

    In Mexico we eat egg with cheese tacos or tacos with barbacoa

  22. 바람kulat

    is this good?

    1. rice
    2. veggies soup
    3. seared chicken pieces
    4. boiled veggies like spinach


    yes! sounds good!!!

  23. Sean Patterson

    I made this today so healthy


    thank you :)

  24. Someone Somewhere

    why is the kid background noise in all the videos now


    not ALL the videos btw

  25. Love Sheryl

    In Korea, we usually have many side dishes, one main dish that the whole family shares, and of course, always rice and kimchi.

    JoJo Skye

    Kimchi is one of the best foods on earth. :)

  26. Marriam Rana

    Thank you so much for sharing plz do more vids on Japnese traditional cooking.Eagerly waiting for Japnese recipes....... Love from Pakistan

  27. toshinokyokokoko

    Can u store the miso soup in the fridge and for how long?


    i would eat it within 24 hours~ next day is okay

  28. Aruhiro

    Can Someone help me?
    I really want to buy the japanese rice, but I can only find sushi rice.
    Im not aware to differences and im not able to find a specific sort I could buy :<


    sushi rice is absolutely perfect for the regular rice served in a bowl. we don't call rice "sushi rice" here in japan. i think it is just the name to make it clear 😅hehe

  29. Shannon Sunshine

    Do you warm it up in the microwave, stove, or oven?


    you mean which one? everything is better served warm but not always possible so don't worry too much

  30. Arwa basket Rabbit

    This is not like my mom cook miso soup

  31. Lotta Larsson

    This was great. I love japanese breakfast. Arigato.

  32. SweetRukia

    Think you Very Much


    you are welcome :)

  33. Kelly M Taylor

    I am missing Japan just watching your videos.

  34. Vee

    So relaxing to watch your videos before I head to work :)

  35. einzgeisha

    Do you have recipe for Kaarage? That one is my 3rd sister's favorite! I would like to make for her instead of always ordering special from a specific Japanese restaurant that makes it in Hayward, CA, USA. Like that is the only thing she will order because it is her absolute favorite.

  36. nanakris doggie

    Thats a lot for breakfast . This is what we eat for lunch or dinner 😀


    haha maybe only on holidays~ weekdays we usually eat a toast, onigiri...

  37. Caleria Sand

    Are the side dishes shown from another video?


    yes! i have most covered and more other good side dishes. i linked the playlist in the description box.

  38. JJ Chusone

    Love this

  39. Marisa

    cappuccino and brioches in italy of course! but we drink all type of milk with coffee (espresso) and we also have some biscotti or bread or cereal in it.
    But your breakfast is interesting! why nothing sweet?

    Mike Hsu

    Marisa sugar is bad for you, obviously

    Jarutat Snidwongse

    @Mike Hsu true. Japanese live the longest and very very few obesity. And rice itself is sugar in the end.

    Kathleen Melzer

    Marisa no colonies.

    Kathleen Melzer

    Marisa no colonies for sugar cane. even the English breakfast is for European taste too rich.

  40. Albdruck

    I'm really trying to change the way I deal with food: Spending more time and effort in choosing/preparing food until it becomes second nature is one of my goals. All these dishes look super delicious and this video is really inspiring to try and make some delicious food of my own!!


    I'm looking for more variation with my Japanese food. I started eating it a few months ago and am really hooked which I didn't think would ever happen. Yes, as you learn how prepare Japanese food you won't have to rely on the recipes so much and you will learn to use fewer dishes as I am learning. I eat Tamago Kake Gohan with a soup side which are my own recipes. But I will be eating Miso instant and Udon instant as well. I love soups with my Tamago Kake.

  41. Saw QiQi


  42. Boho Bunny

    I missed this first time so happy for re-upload. 😁 Japanese breakfast is the best!


    great! and glad i fixed the mistake sooner 😅

  43. Paolo Samaniego

    I remember when i was in high school, i went to Japan for a foster program. My "foster mom" made this kind of breakfast for me and it was SO GOOD..beats my usual milk and cereal combo that's for sure.


    OMG, are you AFS returnee?


    Me too! I was in Japan for a month for a student exchange program and my "foster mom" did the same thing. I've love Japanese food to this day!

  44. Faye Sapphire

    Now I'm curious how many of these cute plates can be cleaned by a dishwasher D:


    good question! i always buy the ones i can wash in the machine. 100 yen shop have many good cute small ones. however some good pottery items sold at an authentic stores are not...

  45. Aundrea Williams

    I've always wondered what a complete japanese breakfast consisted of. I'm fascinated my Japanese food, especially since watching anime. I love her accent, it's so cute

  46. Kara Denise

    Looks so delicious 🤗

  47. Abigail K

    I feel bad that all I'm willing to make in the morning is cereal and milk 😂

  48. Amber Greer

    the food looks really good! Love Japanese food!

  49. Danielle Spargo

    Mmmmm, yummy. This is my normal breakfast too :)

  50. Victoria Vidaud

    By the way, what are some things you can do with Umeboshi? I love it with rice as a pick me up in the morning, but what are some other things it tastes good with? Thank you~!

    Danielle Spargo

    Victoria Vidaud yeah, i mainly just eat umeboshi with rice in the morning, and then at lunch time i get umeboshi onigiri at the family mart. I don't see it used in many other ways, tbh, though i have experimented with using it with cheese and naan and stuff, but in the end i think traditional use is best.

    Victoria Vidaud

    Danielle Spargo huh, cheese and naan? That's interesting, I wouldn't have thought up try that. That makes me think of trying to make a peanut butter and umeboshi sandwich XD I know having it with a fried egg in the rice is pretty good, and maybe used to season a meat? Like how they use pineapple for pork sometimes.

    Danielle Spargo

    Yeah, I've tried mashing them into a paste on a naan bread, and then covering with cheese, and toasting into some crazy insane person's pizza. It wasn't bad, but wasn't really *good* either lol
    With peanut butter sounds about equally insane, but maybe you'll find an interesting combination that works lol
    Though classic rice and seaweed are probably always going to be the best way to eat them lol
    I have seen them used in cocktails though.


    ume can be used as a seasoning by chopping or for baking, etc... we have many ume flavored foods, snacks, drinks sold at stores, too

    The Fox The Raven

    Kimchi is a great thing to have with rice! Full of good probiotics too.
    There are loads of different types so if spicy pickled cabbage is not for you there are recipes for cucumber, radish, carrot, garlic chives kimchis.
    Really tasty and helps to digest your food!

  51. Carmen B.

    In the Netherlands we usually eat bread with coffee or tea for breakfast and lunch! Sometimes we eat a warm dish as lunch. But mainly we eat a warm dish around 6 pm. Almost none of us eats a heavy meal as breakfast. But it could be interesting to try.

  52. mikah ong

    I love your videos. I wonder if any of your kids will inherit your culinary talent

  53. Ms. Seeshells

    Waaah, if I was making this every day, i'd feel like a wealthy person. So many different dishes at once. <3 My usual is just something I can take with me on the way to work. T__T

  54. Sakura Haruno

    Japanese don't throw away foods .that's really good!

  55. SilverWing65

    Love the children!! I’m at 39 weeks and soon mine will be yelling at me for food 😘

    Danielle Spargo

    SilverWing65 congrats <3

  56. Alessandro Valleri

    It's crazy how breakfast change for each country, nice video

  57. Universalis

    Wow, fish for breakfast? 🤔 I usually eat oatmeal with berries, oat yoghurt or soy yoghurt with oats, berries, honey and sometimes nuts. 😋 Here in Finland. Most people here eat bread I think and drink coffee. I drink tea. 😍

    Twee Gwen

    Yes, in Asia, we eat hearty meals for breakfast. 😂 In Vietnam, we eat a typical breakfast with noodles and meat/seafood, porridge with meat, cold noodles, sticky rice, etc. Very "heavy foods" to start the day. My guess is that people wake up early like 6am to go to work and then lunch at regular time around 12pm, so they need more food to last until then? Not sure. 🤔


    Thanks so much for your reply! :) It's so interesting to learn about different cultures. :)


    In america it's pancakes, or cereal, or a bagel, or a waffle, or oatmeal, or yogurt, or just granola. I think there are more to eat, but these are some I have eaten. Oh, and fruit.

  58. Edu Pozes

    Seu canal está com todos nós um dia ele alcançará os maiores.

  59. Chris Kozak

    Thanks for sharing, it looks good & healthy. I can’t wait to try to make it.🙏🏽

  60. Sharon Tsang

    I love your recipe!! can you do more recipe like these or even recreate the recipe from Ootoya?:p ありがとうございます☺️


    wow you've been there?! cheap and delicious~ love there since i was a student, too~

    Sharon Tsang

    yes!! I am from Hong Kong and we have Ootoya here:) I also went to the one in Tokyo ☺️

    Ivana Tran

    I agree. More of videos like this!

  61. Georgia Carslaw

    Lokk's like someone wants ur job😁

  62. Ballora Wan

    I want to go to Japan even more now!!!
    Btw, ur child is growing up soooo fast

  63. 김전서

    And Japanese food is so delicious, I have tried omurice and tamagoyaki and it's so delicious 😍😍


    fun omurice recipe coming soon~ hehe

    Ballora Wan

    Can u take me 2 Japan pls???


    I'm getting ready to fix me some more Omurice. Love it.

  64. ochikeron

    If you wonder why I am uploading this video again, please read this.

    Do you have table setting rules in your country? 一汁三菜 (ichijyusansai) is a basic arrangement of a Japanese meal, consisting of one kind of soup and three side dishes plus pickled vegetables if you like. There are many more different rules but this basic rule is on our text book at schools and we learn while having a compulsory education. This is why some people can't ignore this mistake and suggested me to be careful.

    Of course, many people don't follow this at home. We arrange the dishes in the way we like.

    What happened is, when I edited this video, I was just thinking of sharing what we eat at home as a breakfast. I didn't pay attention to the table setting so I didn't search well and followed one of many wrong images online... I thought I need to take down my video not to be one of them... you know...

    I changed the part I explained the dishes with an image with texts. Other examples are not changed because again, there is no rule at home unless you care about it. I know now you care. SO DO I! LOL


    My darling was like "how long are you going to talk about the dish placement!?" yes, it will be over soon... I will focus on the next recipe now... tks 😭


    ochikeron 😘

    Sharon Tsang

    ochikeron I love this kind of Japnese meal the most!❤️ so clean and tasty☺️

    Hanna Song

    This hearty breakfast makes me want to go back to Japan. I love NATTO!!!

    onofre silva

    if you can you can work at tasty, is another channel from buzzfeed, but ONLY if you want to ok?

  65. Lissy

    I want to eat all of it!

  66. Aisu Roma



    yes... i just wrote about it. thanks for your fast comment :)

  67. ochikeron


    I made these playlists when I first started my channel but maybe it is hard to understand without this video. Not only the breakfast but lunch and dinner can be served in the same way 👍

    ((主食 Shushoku: White Rice))
    How to Cook Rice in a Pot
    How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

    ((汁物 Shirumono: Soup))
    Soup Recipe Ideas スープ レシピ

    ((主菜 Shusai: Main Dish))
    ((副菜 Fukusai: Side Dish))
    There is no rule to say this is Main or Side. Usually the main dish contains meat or fish, side dish contains vegetables, but if you serve in a small portion, it will become a side dish. So I have the main and the side dishes in the same playlist.

  68. 김전서

    I love your recipe and 1st comment 🤗🤗🤗