Japanese Breakfast - Day 16 Lyrics

Jeffrey's last Christmas, we let him go outside
The dog was slowly dying but we wanted him alive
For just one more holiday season, before we put him down

Jeffrey's last Christmas, we kept calling out his name
But he never came back to us, so a Christmas dog he remains
It was Jeffrey's last Christmas

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Japanese Breakfast Day 16 Comments
  1. S RUBEL

    Now show me Bollywood Nagging Dance 💃

  2. Walmik Parab

    I am indian I love Japan and Japanese people

  3. Nick j

    3:11 a figure of doll to left :O

  4. Nick j

    Everyday hood....neh...i loved the soft voice...everyday food

  5. True indian

    How can you people eat rice with chopstick so easily?

  6. Star Siren

    Looks delicious. I wish I had someone like you in my home cooking all these delicious and healthy dishes for me. :)

  7. Chris A

    Hello from Russia. These ingredients are very interesting. Do you ever have fish for breakfast? I come from a small fishing town and have fresh or dried fish every morning with rice.

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Sure we do! But I prefer eating at dinner.
    Thanks for watching!

  8. Mr M

    yum 👍

  9. Kaneez Sayyed

    Half ingredients name I can't get it forget about cooking

  10. Alvena Beach

    Thank you for sharing from Canada

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Thanks for watching!

  11. karry sasfoot

    I just found your channel. I love it. I just subscribed. Thank you for showing all your cooking tips.

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Thanks for subscribing!

  12. Deberah Kearns

    Dŕeadful music! 😣

  13. Peekingduck

    Looks so tasty.
    Thanks for uploading ! :)

  14. Alicia Bea

    Who eats rice the first thing in the morning??

  15. Brian Pan

    One of the most difficult lessons I learned traveling around the world is that "eggs,bacon, home fries, toast, o.j. and coffee" is NOT a traditional breakfast on most of the planet. 😭

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    I like to eat any kind of breakfast if I had a chance! Thanks for watching!

  16. Adrienn Igarashiné Szabó

    Enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine, I would like to share a story with you. I am the mother of a slim, fit family of 5. I cooked rice (white, brown, mochi rice, whatever I had), miso soup full of veggies, a whole grilled Pacific saury per person plus I added one portion of nattou for everyone, each and every morning for five years. Still, my youngest kid's elementary school teacher accused me of not feeding my kids in the morning because "they ate a strangely big portion of lunch every day". I was traumatised hearing that accusation. But seriously, do you think that traditional Japanese breakfast actually boosts one's appetite?

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    It's a difficult question. We don't have that kind of problem. But I don't think your breakfast makes your kids strangely hungry. They are growing! Lol.
    My advise for you is adding Tamagoyaki, instead of natto, or alternate.
    Protein and oil keeps your kids well up to lunch time. Let me know how it turned out!

  17. Tashy La Gatita

    I like it and I would try it

  18. Teresa Mus

    Thank you

  19. lsamoa

    No kombu seaweed for the dashi?

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Not always. Thanks for watching!


    @Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food Thank you! You have a lovely channel :)


    from where i get the tofu and miso in india. plz tell me.

  21. Ruby Naqvi

    Could we reuse the bonito flakes in something else? It seems like a waste to get rid of so much unless their unedible.

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    You can eat it but taste nothing. If you want to eat, season with sugar and soy sauce. Just give it a try!

    Ruby Naqvi

    @Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food ooh thank you for the tip!!^^!!

  22. Niranjana Manu

    Pls show the lunch recipe

  23. Pr J

    In India also we get this type of rice ....

  24. taysha torrez

    old women eat.

  25. Leonel Remille

    *_Everybody's wants to love you!_*

  26. Old Luke

    Hmmmm I wanna get all round eyed degenerate on this girl. Yeah cook me a eastern breakfast...ehhhh

  27. hachidori 106

    納豆が ... ? (^_^)

  28. The Nightmare

    3:42 - Living on the edge.

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    That's what we are! Thanks for watching!

  29. Zeest Moonstone

    What's the stuff in the centre in the tiny white plate? 😯

  30. Haji Md faisal

    Hi I'm Bangladeshi

  31. #Madam #grandmom channel. #ยายเอียด

    Hello new friend here...nice vdo. Thank you for sharing your vdo. I like to try cooking some..and support you 🛎👍🏽

  32. Bohemian Girl

    I want to marry a Japanese guy so I need to learn this.

  33. Котъ Баюнъ

    I love traditional donabe for cooking rice🙏🏻🍀❤️

  34. otcooon

    I'm Japanese and I'm eating breakfast like this! My grandmother makes it!😍
    In addition to this menu, there are grilled fish and natto.

    At elementary schools in Japan, breakfast is a topic of bread or white rice. There is no doubt that bacon eggs and wiener toast are often eaten in Japanese breakfast.
    When you are not hungry, take a rice ball and eat it on the way to school. Oh, but it might be just me!😂

  35. old soul triangle

    please recommend the products you use so i can buy them from amazon ,

  36. K 9

    Ingredients arenot clearly mentioned
    Please mention the ingredients in words
    We want to try japanese food in India
    Because japanese food best for human body and by eating japanese food the human life is increases

  37. jpicking

    this beats the hell out of my english muffin with a peice of american cheese in it my mom would make me for breakfast before school when i was a kid.

  38. Shining Star

    I am only rinsing that rice once.

  39. Sanyukta Gokhale

    This is preparation for when I move to Nihon❤, thanks a lot!

  40. Loretta Tay!or

    Couldn't eat rice or tofu everyday, otherwise I couldn't go potty. Clogs me up, sorry. Have to eat something else. Fish for breakfast ? Not if you have a hangover, but seems nice anyway.

  41. The real deal!

    That doesn't look like breakfast to me. who eats rice for breakfast😏

  42. Katherine

    Yummy, I love Japanese foods

  43. Jaywolf Ak

    This was so satisfying. ありがとう。

  44. Kylie Tarkington

    I’m white-

  45. Alpha Wolph

    I d rather live a short life and eat only croissants then this...:/

  46. VeNkAtEsH

    Trust me ...we south Indian cook rice in cooker and it will come out like soft ...

  47. henry reese

    Is there a vegetarian version without meat or fish? egg is fine. Bonito flakes are from fish right?

  48. Alexis

    What can I use to substitute for dashi and miso if I'm not able to get a hold of either? Most I'm able to get is Jasmine Rice from Thailand, soba noodles, soy sauce, green onion, ginger, red pepper, snow peas, and stuff like that? (atleast just for now, gotta order those off of amazon.)

  49. Ismayil Arifoglu

    One of the simplest technique to lose weight.

  50. PrincessPoopyPants

    You didn't show us how you made the eggs :(

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    I have Tamagoyaki video, if you would like to watch.


    @Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food I just watched it! You are awesome! Thank you SO much!!!

  51. Missye _

    In the country where I live, we also eat rice every day :D

  52. प्रशस्ति

    This video makes we wanna move to Japan and eat healthy food all day. In case any of the Japanese people watching happen to see my comment, I'd like to say that I'm up for adoption.

  53. meli

    Rice does not need to be washed.

  54. Anshika Khatri

    Is it vegetarian or non vegetarian....?

  55. Its5:53 A.M

    I love how the food look more like medicine (in a good way) ... It makes it look tastier🤤🤤 im jealous i dont know most of the ingrediants

  56. iiHxnnyRxsesii

    OMG this looks so good... I was about to eat my phone..lol

  57. Bobby Toombs

    Beautiful production. Thank u so much for this! I always get too lazy to wash rice but yours was flawless. Need to get the Japanese short grain.

    Also I’m curious what your favorite brand of miso is...?

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Thanks! Mostly I use my own miso. I have video for that.
    You can find my favorite on my Amazon the store.

  58. ELouise031

    This looks delicious, I might try it! You’ve done a great job filming this video and you are amazing at cooking so I’ve subscribed. 😊👍👍

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food


  59. d. t.

    Ok now need cute japanese wife to cook it.

  60. LylieRandale

    Can you use some japanede music for your videos

  61. Geetu Sumit

    Can we buy miso soup from our nearest store?? Is it as healthy as you guys make ? I’m from India

  62. Ryan Isaaks

    This is so good. I learned something today about Japanese tradition

  63. Frost Game

    Pls improve ur English

  64. Peppermint gacha

    but I like my green onion into small pieces for the miso soup ;w;

  65. Killo 808

    Nah Korean better 😂 or even Chinese but no one is Asia likes Japanese 👍🏼

  66. kessi S

    Awwww hungryyyy

  67. Gary Chan

    hungry hungry hungry

  68. Адиль Гасанов

    I as raw ripe vegetables and fruits consumer would hardly ever eat that rice only being lawfully recruited to military service because I don't have something other for eating except salad and light herbal non-boiled tea depending on daytime meal especially since it has been mixed with meat.

  69. N O

    Its very similar to indian home food.

  70. flower petal

    Will try this! Thank You!

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Thanks for watching!

  71. kk. kayla

    I want miso soup now 😭 😋

    Oishii 101

    I could have it everyday haha

  72. LylieRandale

    What kind of rice is it?

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food


  73. J.L. Goodman

    How long did that rice take,40 minutes? Soup..for breakfast. Should be able to pull it off if I wake up at 3:30 am..

  74. Isabel Afanes

    Yum! This looks so tasty 😋🤤

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Thank you for watching 😊

  75. Sony m

    U made the rice...i ate more than that amount of rice in one meal just imagine how much rice we have to cook daily for whole family members😂😂😅😄😃
    Being a south Indian....rice is our life😍

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Thanks for sharing your culture!

  76. dwi retno

    english language with dialect japan but i love so much
    😍😍 im from indonesia 🇮🇩

  77. Devendra Bhalerao

    Avengers Assemble

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Which one is which? Lol.

  78. Aniket Daptardar

    How does Nori taste

  79. Lee varghese

    Pls make video on lunch and dinner too ......

  80. Edmond Dantez

    Before rinsing the rice, let it soak in cold water until the grains become opaque and less "glassy". It will then cook more uniformly, all the way through each grain.

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    If the rice is dry, you should do that maybe. Usually, we don’t soak rice in water because the moisture is controlled by rice miller. Cultural differences✨. Thanks for watching.

  81. Исадора Савич

    I love earthy japanese food <3

  82. Baz Hawkins

    How do you cook the egg?

  83. Kateřina Lišková

    Looks like a lunch or dinner for me. Everything looks fab just I couldn’t have it for my breakfast lol

  84. komal sharma

    What is MISO?infact except rice and onion all ingredients are alien for me.

    JackAlope !

    A salty and savory paste or powder made by fermenting soybeans and/or grain.

  85. audarya rathod

    Makes me want a Japanese wife.

  86. Deepak

    That small cup of rice! Am I joke says a South Indian!!

  87. sarah sad

    Then I need to wake up at 5 😥

  88. Raven Whitechapel

    This is nice thank you for sharing but you know my favorite breakfast is either the full English or anything in Mexico or Cuba wow they make good food

  89. Sumbul Khan

    Every time only rice ? 😒

  90. sweetheart29sofia

    My favourite meal

  91. Totally Treen

    Somehow this channel popped up in my home feed. I LOVE this video!!! Ty for sharing😉

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    Thanks for watching and subscribing!

  92. James Bomar

    I trust you.

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food


  93. Tyler

    your voice is so soothing

    Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food


  94. Dee Zuniga

    It looks so easy and tasty!

  95. Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food

    I 'm going to show you how to cook Japanese traditional Breakfast. Fresh steamed rice and miso soup are the staples to a Japanese everyday meal. Watch this video to master the basics of Japanese food!


    @Wajhma Wardak specially dried tuna flakes. Surprisingly delicious!,

    Swedish make-up geek

    I don’t eat fish. What can I use instead of bonito flakes?


    In Puerto Rico we make rice like that but we add 1 tea spoon of oil and salt.


    @Swedish make-up geek dried mushrooms maybe

    Ima Purnomo

    I love japanese rice. It’s slightly sticky. Love your bonito dashi trick. Do you throw the bonito away afterward or turn it into furikake?