Jann Arden - Yeah You Lyrics

I take off
I touch down
I set sail
I run aground
I have one more for the road
It’s the only thing that’s keeping me afloat

I’m always gone, I’m never here
Sometimes I want to disappear with you
I’m choking on the atmosphere
Cause all I want to be is near to you

I lay down
I wake up
Fill another plastic cup
I watch the news to fall asleep
It’s the only place I keep you
I’ll long to keep you here with me

I’m sick and tired of moving around
I wonder if I’m losing ground with you
Afraid this love might dislocate
If I can’t go, if I can’t stay with you

I would give it all away
I’m sick and tired of moving around
Another show
Another town
I’m lonely when I’m not alone
Cause I’m out here and you’re my home
Yeah, you
Yeah, you
Yeah, you
Yeah, you

I take off
I touch down
I set sail
I run aground

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Jann Arden Yeah You Comments
  1. Nate I

    I love Jann Arden. This video has major side boobage too.

  2. Liltrix 0

    This song never loses its power

  3. Anna Tetro

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    Anna Tetro

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    Anna Tetro

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    Anna Tetro

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    Anna Tetro

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    Anna Tetro

    Jason says that's it, I'm changing my name. And he tried. JA death for you yet I am risen. Good, children. off to play in the snow and do meaningless play. Spies stop, moving? Breathing? The Children of RU? RUN. Spy, what are they doing. Give it up old men. To spy is your loss. Know why.

  4. Allison Sadowski

    One of the best songs can't even reach a million..what a shame!

  5. Cat

    Jann is so incredibly talented and is an all around true Canadian with a beautiful, soul. Love this woman!

  6. Cj M

    Love her. You shouldnt have went on the social for what jess allen said. For that I am out. She insulted a lot of people. I am sure you were aware before going on the show. Peace out.

  7. Eric Hunt

    Busses should come with a Warning Label. EH?

  8. Eric Hunt

    I won't tell your mothers.
    Don't fret.

    Get it?
    Get it.

  9. Eric Hunt

    So you got that Help, with the shelving?

    What about the Lamb?
    Shut up, did he?

  10. Jon Ferris

    I was in love with her back then. She was beautiful looking. Very pretty and great talent. Thank you Jann

  11. Kassandra Ann

    Such a beautiful song. Truly feels beyond amazing when you can honestly say you would die for that special someone.

  12. Mike B

    this song is hauntingly a beautiful song.

  13. Holly Bischoff

    Love Her music!!!!

  14. Adele Crawley

    This is the best song!!!

  15. Amber Dawn

    This is beautiful. It's not afraid to be as dramatic as possible, like, I would straight up die for you. That's a love song.

  16. AnnMarie Renaud

    Happy Easter Jann Arden and Family af all sorts XOXOXOXO I am in Windsor Ontario Canada

  17. Christopher Perry

    Why is there only lunch, and no dinner?

  18. shepaderp dingo

    My mom listened to Jann Arden every day when I was a kid. I hated it at the time just because she was always listening to it but I've been on a Jann Arden binge lately.

  19. ava sebcio

    Who's here after watching Jann😊

  20. Dawn Threader

    I would die for you

  21. Roy Ottereyes

    She came to north bay Ontario Canada. During the Canada day celebration .at the water front in the nineties

  22. Richie Kaye

    Jann for Prime Minister!!

  23. bluestrife28

    Ahh, Jann was one of the voices that soothed my troubled adolescence. I just randomly thought of this song and just went 20 years back in time in the span of a few minutes . Still amazing.

  24. Canadian Cruz

    I don’t know how I know this song.. very weird nostalgic feeling

  25. Susan Czajkowskyj

    I love this song.


    I love this song very much.

  27. PikerD Pike

    I think the producer didn't really get this song. This first by her should've catapulted her to instant world wide stardom. It has every ingredient to do so but whoever the produced it, fell short. Yes, her vocals are powerful, but the production limits them at times. Too bad this was such a missed opportunity. She truly is amazing

    Luis Willis

    I love this song, I think it's powerful and moving,unfortunately it's the only song of Jann Arden that I liked..

  28. Larry Smith

    Every parents words.

  29. Larry Smith

    Canadian sent.

  30. Larry Smith

    Honest 2 Jesus.

  31. Joe Smith

    Jann's first hit, which got lots of play on Much Music.

  32. Christopher Jacob

    Wow! I stumble across youtube and so glad I found your video. Love all your songs :-)

  33. Larry Smith


  34. Aaron Powers

    90's music

    T Q

    Yup. Sigh.

  35. FaithHillFANatic

    Her voice has always pierced my soul and embraced my heart. What an amazingly talented woman.

  36. Chatty Girl

    Her Best song ever!!! Still beautiful♥

  37. Herbie Shevers

    Never had this kind of love if my life until my son was born. We adopted him from a young lady who was way too young to have children. Seventeen years later my husband and I just sit back and wonder where the hell the time went. He’s leaving for college next year and even though I know I prepared him for life outside this house my stomach still aches when I think about it.


    *waaah* *sob*

  39. Brigette Anna

    I still love this song ❤

  40. dougie James

    Everyone hopefully has this in their life.

  41. David Miron

    Yeah,I Would.

  42. Larry Smith

    I play music depending on my moods.

  43. Larry Smith


  44. Nick Morton

    This song was on a episode of due south and blow my mind. How great it make it

  45. Rick Thomson

    good mother>>>> truely amazing!!!!

  46. Rick Thomson

    you are truely awesome!!! love you

  47. SIA_ROG


  48. chestnut269ify

    I remember her singing this one Canada Day and getting all choked up because it was all about war sacrifice. Very gripping song.

  49. Ana Johnson

    I remember another place where I heard this song. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the show Baywatch right?I heard this song on that show it was the episode where Hobie,his mother and the mothers fiancé are in a plane ✈️ crash and they survive the crash but I remember the planes cabin filling up real fast with water cause they crash in the ocean.

  50. tina sperdakos


  51. MRC

    shivers all over...

  52. Deborah Morgan

    this touches my heart......Jan

  53. deshay83 davis

    the tv baywatch brought me here on a episode when Mitch ex almost drowned


    deshay83 davis Hm. Interesting. I'd check it out but I think BW is best left in the 90s. Hah

    Ana Johnson

    deshay83 davis Me too whenever I hear this song I think back to that episode.

  54. Klaudia Langowska


  55. Simon Naylor

    Forgot about this song and suddenly found myself singing it. Thought it might be Sinead O'Connor. Nice one Jann Arden! Sounds a bit like Eurythmix and Alannis Morisette, but Jann is definitely one of the great Canadian singers!

  56. Larry Smith


  57. Larry Smith


  58. Monica Mason

    From the first notes i was hooked so many years ago

  59. Maria Conceicao

    I Love Jann Arden so much - she is so beyond talented - Amazing song one of my all time faves.

  60. Dj Karina


  61. doitthe hardway

    Stand tall
    Or fall
     All in or nothing at all.

    But sometimes you need to jump to find out

    doitthe hardway

    +doitthe hardway I'm not as scared of rejection
    as I am to who I might become
    Or if i can be

    doitthe hardway

    +doitthe hardway conundrum

  62. Mary C

    posting under my wifes account.hey jan love you and tracy .lethbridge

  63. Jimmy Vee

    seen her in several interviews, she' fun !!!

  64. Jimmy Vee

    This girl never ceases enough !! What Great Star !!!

  65. Jamal Sambare

    #TBT MuchMusic Countdown July 2 1993

  66. Alain Bruno

    I love her voice.


    +Alain Bruno me too

    miguel let

    +Alain Bruno she is a good singer

  67. Kathleen Collins

    Beautiful song in the first half. The ya yas were annoying. Love Jann

  68. ShesThe1yup

    never heard this but it is beautiful

  69. Piotr Karczewski

    Very nice song.

  70. takoyucky

    I was 12 when this came out. I'm now 34 and I like it even better now than I did back then.

    Ryan Gomboc

    yes me too-understand it now better but when we were 12 we had entertaimnent-now we look back after finding he cds at value village and say-wow-some things in us stick

  71. Eugene Czyzewski

    Her voice and style sort of remind me of Kate Bush.

  72. dixmac

    best singer of all time. love her

  73. Barbara LeCam

    Jann Arden's songs are pure poetry!

  74. Annette Miller

    my song to my children always,, they are all grown up but i still feel the same in love with them !!!

  75. pokerking

    im in love with jan arden

  76. Al Huggins

    just keeping it Canadian artist for a bit. jann has always been so original and heartfelt... you like??? yeah, i thought you might!!!

  77. Kevin Larson

    I've been on two battlefields. I lost a best friend out there...he, like me, was a Canadian.....you would die for me, right?

  78. elserpent

    this version sucks

    Luis Willis

    This is the only version I know of, I think it's a great song.

  79. doitthe hardway

    A great  song of sacrifice to be

  80. Dorothy Saltel

      Jan Arden....."I would Die For you"

    Dorothy Saltel

    @richard keter Thanks for dropping by.

  81. Fat Bastardo

    There are people still writing good songs but the industry stinks. https://soundcloud.com/cg-brady/tracks

    Sandra McIntyre

    We all must share the music we love with our friends, and steer them, whenever possible, to the web sites of the musicians they like, because the artists get to keep more of the proceeds of sales. I have loved her voice for years, but am just discovering Jann Arden, all because someone was kind enough to suggest I look her up. You Tube gives us wonderful opportunities to find music, but we all must make the effort to listen live, and buy their music, when we can, because no commercial effort is pushing the best music our way, it seems. Lets do it for one another!

  82. Jean&Simone

    good music

  83. Thierry Drouin

    what a wonderful song!

  84. doitthe hardway

    hmmm  memories

  85. richard murphy

    And Yet One Skidmark in my Undies and I get the Boot WTF Women are Full o`Shit

    Ian Elgar

    richard murphy truer words were never spoken

  86. cheri capistrano

    i would die for you,,,,would you die for me??...

  87. christopher comeau

    I have in my will that this song is to be played at my funeral.  Brings me to my knees every time I hear it.

  88. Martinbruyere17

    Reminds me of that underwater rescue scene in Baywatch! Oh memories.


    First time I heard it.

    Radzik Lvp

    That was the first time I heard this song

  89. Audun x

    Amazing :)

  90. Lester Doobie

    always loved this woman, her voice, creativity, looks...what talent!!!!

  91. Denise Martin

    I love her music even still today very nice!!

  92. kcdesert2

    God damn advertisements. I cant wait till I get this phone jailbroke so I can install ADBLOCK PLUS!!!