Jann Arden - To Sir With Love Lyrics

Those schoolgirl days
Of telling tales and biting nails are gone
But in my mind
I know they will still live on and on

But how do you thank someone
who has taken you from crayons to perfume
It isn't easy but I'll try
If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky
in letters that would soar a thousand feet high
To Sir with love.

The time has come
for closing books and long last looks must end
And as I leave
I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong
and weak from strong
That's a lot to learn.

What, what can I give you in return
If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start
but I would rather you let me give my heart
To Sir with love.

But how do you thank someone
who has taken you from crayons to perfume
It isn't easy but I'll try
If you wanted the sky I would write
across the sky in letters that would show
a thousand feet high
To Sir with love

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Jann Arden To Sir With Love Comments
  1. Bob Peacock

    Love Lulu., must have seen this movie at least 100+ times., and love it everytime., but, JANN YOU KILL THIS VERSION, makes me forget the Lulu version and takes me higher., To you with love.

  2. Iris Stevens

    Amazing voice Jann xxx♥x

  3. Iris Stevens

    Sensational xxx whoz lulu ....lol xx

  4. john chun

    Jann sang it well but she didn't play with it the way a master like LULU did ,Sorry Jann this was a pretty basic performance ,watch Lulu in 2007 sing this with a more up to date punch you will see what i mean.

  5. Fabian Ramirez

    Oh, so much better than Lulu !!! ..... Jann Arden is the premier talent of our generation!!! She puts her heart and soul into each song. Also, if I can say so, quite the bombshell as well !!! I've always considered her gorgeous and sexy, and the years have not diminished that.

  6. Mar Thivierge

    For nearly four minutes, she actually makes you forget about the original Lulu version. Nice job!

  7. IETCHX69

    Who thumbed this down >? You were expecting Ozzy mebbe?


    I thumbed up my own yob .



  9. kewvan

    loved it!!

  10. DreamKnight DK

    Great performance - Great Singer Jann Arden - Love it.

  11. harry

    very nicely done Jann!

  12. Corea Kixx

    Jann can sing anything amazingly...she is a Canadian National Treasure!!!

  13. lui-anthonio santos

    soft toop

  14. DJ Loverock

    This version is even better than the original from the movie. Kudos Jann!

    - Skylark

    +DJ Loverock I only hope they paid the original arranger (because they ripped it note-for-note).

    DJ Loverock

    +- Skylark Definitely most important that the original artist/arranger are paid and recognized for their talent!


    NOTE FOR NOTE?!?!? Sounds like a Neil Young infused solo !! I find a new way to get emotion out of this song , because that guitar player made me rethink my fucking life choices . Did I ef up by not going on the road ? Too old now . I will never know . The best cover? Because of THAT SOLO ...yepss

  15. VJ C

    she sings through her nose, but I like it.  Good job.

  16. MsMilkytheclown1

    One of my all time favorite songs.  Thank you Jann!

  17. Stage Parades

    You know I had not really noticed that before and it is indeed somewhat strange at best. Pleased you liked this version though.

  18. niighttengale

    this version is nice, that instrumental after the singing is priceless

  19. April Dennis

    Love this song!!! She does it soooo much better!! Wish I could find her song "Weeds" though, can't find it anywhere!!!

  20. Stage Parades

    Pleased you found it.

  21. electrickithara

    Real nice version of this song.

  22. Stage Parades

    Dzięki za poświęcony czas na komentarz, doceniane.

  23. Stage Parades

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. It is indeed a real fine cover version, just hoping it stays available for the duration.

  24. Stage Parades

    That was quick Carl. Last one before the Olympics, like you I loved this film and Jann does a really good cover here, appreciate the stars and thumbs up. Best wishes, Steve :-)