Jann Arden - Cherry Popsicle Lyrics

I love you more than anything
I loved you more than anyone
You were the peaches in my cream
You were my setting sun

You were my favorite hockey card
You were my smoky little bar
You were my cherry popsicle
You'll never ever know

I was so in love I had lost myself
I was so far gone I could not get out
I had disappeared I had slipped away
I was so in love with you baby

You were my chocolate covered heart
You were my sweetest honey bee
You were my flashlight in the dark
You were my cherry tree

I took you in like oxygen
I let you drive my brand new car
You were like no one I'd ever seen
Oh baby, you became my arms


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Jann Arden Cherry Popsicle Comments

    This video is horrible! Great song that doesn't catch Jann's heart... Sad....

  2. VWestlife

    Please add the tag yt:stretch=16:9 to show this video in its correct widescreen aspect ratio. Thanks!

  3. Doxia Sidus

    great song , video is shit

  4. Booooo101

    Very nice video)))