Janis Ian - Hymn Lyrics

When we grow old
And love grows cold
And time runs down
Like a river
That calls us home

The eyes grow dim
The light grown thin
And time will
End here forever
Long time gone

Then time and the river
Must stop in their tracks
Or roll on forever
There's no turning back
I've waiting too long
To be left here like this
Long time gone

Then weep no more
The heart is pure
These hands are sure
Like a river
That clings to shore

The love we learn
The love we burn
A love that burns
In the darkness
Will weep no more
Dreams die young

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Janis Ian Hymn Comments
  1. Teresa Herman

    I am so glad that people in Russia love Janis.

  2. Jan de Vries

    Great! Like all her work.