Janis Ian - Don't Cry Old Man Lyrics

Winter's cold, summer's hot
Love is old, dreams are not
Times are hard and so am I
Tired heart, too tired to cry

Dreams are all I have to give
When we die our dreams still live
Old man, I'm thirsty still
One day I'll drink my fill

Oh, I've been away too long
I've been away too long
I don't remember how it's done
Can I call on you for help
Do I have to help myself

Are you glad with what you've got
Are you burning, are you hot
When we're old, like as not
We will burn until we rot

Don't weep old man, don't weep don't cry
I knew you when
I was so much colder then
Fathers always build the dreams
Children tear apart the seams

Old man, I'm thirsting still
One day I'll drink my fill
Old man, please don't die
Before our thirst is satisfied

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Janis Ian Don't Cry Old Man Comments
  1. Carolyn Mincer

    Poignant, elegant, timeless...Janis Ian is one of the most talented songwriters I've ever listened to...Had the pure delight of seeing her perform live twice in my life...Would love to see her again....Unforgettable....

  2. markreilly52

    One of her most touchings songs. So beautiful.

  3. comactortony

    sharing this on Fathers day 2015. what a shatteringly powerful song, by an extraordinary lady. What I love about living in Nashville is that Janice Ian & other musical genius' are known to just 'hang out' & jam at clubs all over town

  4. comactortony

    How do we forgive our Fathers?
        Maybe in a dream
        Do we forgive our Fathers for leaving us too often or forever
        when we were little?
        Maybe for scaring us with unexpected rage
        or making us nervous
        because there never seemed to be any rage there at all
        Do we forgive our Fathers for marrying or not marrying our Mothers?
        For Divorcing or not divorcing our Mothers?
        And shall we forgive them for their excesses of warmth or coldness?
        Shall we forgive them for pushing or leaning
        for shutting doors
        for speaking through walls
        or never speaking
        or never being silent?
        Do we forgive our Fathers in our age or in theirs
        or their deaths
        saying it to them or not saying it at all
        & If we forgive our Fathers, what is left?
                                       _Dick Laurie