Janis Ian - Between The Lines Lyrics

There's never much to say between
The moments of our games and repartee
There's never much to read between
The lines of what we need and what we'll take
There's never much to talk about or say aloud
But say it anyway
Of holidays and yesterdays
And broken dreams that somehow slipped away

In books and magazines of how to be
And what to see while you are being
Before and after photographs
Teach how to pass from reaching to believing
We live beyond our means on other peoples' dreams
And that's succeeding
Between the lines of photographs, I've seen the past
It isn't pleasing

So strike another match
We'll have another cup of wine
And dance until the evening's dead
Of too much song and time
There's never much to talk about
Or read between the lines
Of what we dream about when we're apart
And no one's looking on to say "you're mine"

It was a good year then. It was a good year then
We all remember the time you threw the looking glass
And seemed a fool, or very clever
Don't spoil it all. I can't recall
A time when you were stuck without an answer
We'll live a quiet peaceful time between the lines
And go together

And I'm striking up the band
To play our last hurrah
We'll dance until we've killed another evening off
Don't think of anyone but me
I'll have no lovers on the side
Tonight is all we ever dreamed about
For once, let's get it right
We'll go down flying in the end
Throw another bottle in between the lines
We'll go down like a ship of state
Let's be gracious now
Between the lines

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Janis Ian Between The Lines Comments
  1. Cloud Fluff

    this really hits different in my 20s jfc

  2. TheChristianaut

    "There's never much to talk about or read between the lines of what we dream about when we're apart, and no one's looking on to say, 'You're mine.'"

    I was in my teens and I recognized the amazing complexity of that lyric, and it set a new standard for me for "great songwriting." I don't think it has ever been surpassed.

  3. Spiritinhancer

    Now this sounds like the story of my life. boo hoo But I love that no matter what she still has that pissed off energy that keeps her alive inside. But trapped between the lines. I'll dance with you....

  4. neko kuro


  5. Sheena Gopez

    2019!! just now i knew this singer with a lovely voice...

  6. James Dolan

    I love the young searching, lyrical, solo guitar playing Janis Ian. I saw her as an older wo an singing "At Seventeen", and I did not like it. I think it was because I loved the song when I was also seventeen.

  7. piet240

    40 jrs ago I bought her first album. After all this time I still love her voice and music.❤

  8. Agent К_видео

    UBK, thanks for mentioning her in the podcast.

  9. shiny days

    이 앨범을 좋아해요^^

  10. sillyone52062

    In books and magazines, of how to be and what to see while you are being... Brilliant!

  11. randall scott burress

    this now a clever disguise

  12. randall scott burress

    who sold out and watt you take

  13. Thea Najafi

    Between the Lines is an all time favorite song. The Klezmer theme is subtlety underscoring the whole song. Following the last lyric, it is fully in-your-face Klezmer. It is intricate, gradually increasing in tempo and echoes the frantic abandonment of the previous refrain!
    I love Klezmer!

  14. noone nowhere

    Favorite album since 1970 something, liked it so much I bought an album ( yes vinyl ^^ ) for several women friends💫 ❤️💫

  15. Charles Chandler

    No'one's looking on!!!...)O(...

  16. Robert Taylor


  17. cindy chute

    I was in High School my Senior year! As a guy I didn,t have to live in the dark world of loneliness! but I did talk with some of my classmates! I wish I was better to understand them then I love those day (77)year!

  18. Lisa Korb

    have been trying to find her song SUPERWOMAN...any suggestions?

  19. Tammy Sigmon

    Her voice is amazing. I remember playing this album until I wore holes in the grooves. Thanks for uploading and letting re-live my teens.

  20. simbad909

    a master piece of an album... bar none

  21. Roxie Rocker

    A great under-rated talent, both in her lyric and guitar playing.  From "Society's Child" to "At Seventeen", ... simply a great musical artist.  I find her to be really cute, and certainly not a 'ugly duckling'.

    Audrey Waldo

    The sad thing is that she was really quite cute. Just no self confidence,

  22. eastlake93

    How in the world this this artist get passed me? I discovered her on the rebroadcast of the first SNL. Her music is hauntingly enchanting.


    @edwardschlosser1 Thanks I appreciate this information.  Awesome, I love the music from this era, it takes me back to my childhood=no bills : )

    Tammy Sigmon

    +edwardschlosser1 ditto. I'm in my 50s too.

    danny verhamme

    Me too, i am 53, I first heard her when I was 18.. Long ago!

    danny verhamme

    The music brings tears into my eyes.

    Brad P.

    This was the very first album I bought...when I was 17

  23. Marcial Martínez Betanzos

    Me gustan mucho las canciones de Janis Ian, en los años 70 seguia su musica

  24. Baruch Axelrod

    Just beautiful

  25. Yair Halfon

    This is one of my most favourite songs of all time. 
    I know it since I was a kid and even though I didn't understand all the lyrics I still loved it.
    The music and the bit is great and Janis's voice fantastic!

  26. 민지

    i love the mood of this song so much. And her voice is just amazing.

  27. אביבה סגרון

    החזירה אותי בחבטה אדירה לשנות ה80 בהן חייתי בתא עם חברה, שחלק מתפריט חיינו היתה גניס אייאן.

  28. Donna Turnbough

    Simply Beautiful:) I Love This Song!

  29. Jemma Lee

    Some of us are still into the old ways of singing writing and playing...but yes...a dying art.

  30. galileo1007

    Saw Janis in San Francisco about 14 years ago. It was an outdoor concert and she was amazing! Also the great Etta James was there and both blew me away.

    Margot Bronski

    WOW Janis and Etta outdoors in SF- unreal.

  31. joni helmer

    I have loved U since u sang your first song publicly! I LOVE U JANIS IAN.

  32. OdedMusic

    one of 'those' great albums.

  33. Sebastian Brown

    What a Poetess.

  34. chiluver1228

    She is such a talented lady and she wrote such perfect music for a depressed 21 year old.

  35. philanna38

    My hubbie is in love with her!! I just bought him her CD! He's playing it now!

  36. Sophia Wight

    i love this song <3. i want to sing it to my mom.

  37. repdach

    In Memory of Kay...I loved sitting in her living room with the album in hand, reading and memorizing the words and singing my heart out ♥♥I miss you Kay♥♥

  38. Rory Quealey

    I don't listen to this often enough. Wonderful!

  39. wownouser

    Me too :) Love to Janis from Israel

  40. vap57

    Thanks for posting this. What a wonderful and powerful album. One of my faves when I was in High School. Every song has meaning.

  41. stathis varlamos

    Thank you for the upload..there's a beatiful cover of this song by Vicky Leandros in French, "Entre des lignes"

  42. Jim Little

    Thanks for posting! Been listening to her music for over 40 years . . .