Janet Jackson - Well Traveled Lyrics

I don't know where this journey will end
Cause the world keeps calling me
At home people embrace me as a friend
And I'm loving all the energy

I've come a long way
Got a long way to go
And I'm so well traveled
The only place in my life that I'll miss
It's on my bucket list
It's a place I don't know

In every race
Every place that I've ever been
There is so much beauty
Down every highway's the by-way to exit again
So much love I never wanna leave

I've come a long way
Got a long way to go
Cause I'm so well traveled
Wherever life takes me I'm willing to go
Whatever it takes from me
I'ma let it all go

I think it's time to go
Cause I'm so well traveled
Never stay too long
Cause I'm so well traveled

Trippin' round the world
Destination unknown
Gotta keep movin'
Until I'm gone
To find the place
I never wanna arrive
Cause if I ever reach there
There's no place left to go

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Janet Jackson Well Traveled Comments
  1. Charles Turner

    This song is like a sequal to runaway

  2. T Martin

    I MUST listen to the song when I travel. It just does something to my heart especially in different countries with many different cultures and races. ❤️

  3. Joseph-Bryan AB

    Great song from one of the greatest albums of recent times

  4. luciano davila

    that "EEH, OH, EEH, OH" makes me feel so nostalgic and sad

  5. Sheila Kissick

    I love Janet, her songs, her personality is so heartfelt, she's Real! ❤❤❤❤❤⚘👍🏼

  6. ray shaw

    Well travel is true great song underated

  7. Leslie Bass

    Beautiful song one of my favorite on the unbreakable album.. Love this album

  8. Rick M

    This was a perfect ending to her concert. My heart felt so heavy and I teared up.

  9. C Charles

    these lyrics speak to my spirit .. thank u janet jackson

  10. C Charles

    What a talent.........

  11. The Tough Group

    Beautiful song from a talented and gorgeous icon. Thank you again, Ms Jackson.

  12. R J


  13. ndndnd

    What is this song actually about?

    Oshea Davidson

    nononononono her career

    Mary Gill

    As with many of her songs, it also has hidden layers and interpretations. The very journey through life and eventual death...

  14. Kenna Flowers

    I love u Da Mita Jo!! 💙💙💙💙💙

  15. MrEightiesvintage

    One of my favorite


    very Janet. era or AFY era loves it. She sounds so beautiful

  17. Louis Thomas

    Janet has out done herself again. She maybe the Dance and RnB Queen, but When Janet does ballets it really show her depth of vocal abilities. She's under estimated as singer. Anytime Anyplace, I get So Lonely, Funny how Time Flys, and on the album, After you Fall, and Well Traveled.

    Lateshia Childs

    Louis Thomas i agree


    I agree completely, man.

  18. JoAndra Van Dowall

    What is the background singers saying? I can't make it out.

    Dave White

    JoAndra Van Dowall They saying Headed Forward.

    JoAndra Van Dowall

    Thanks, Dave.

    C Charles

    wow dave thanku

  19. Patrick Harrison

    The first line always does something to me "I don't know where this journey will end, because the world keeps calling me"

    so powerful

  20. Gerardo Rivera

    i love this song

  21. The Quintessential

    sounds like Janet is embracing her Native American Heritage in this song with the instruments

  22. failolegendkiller

    Great song, great album as always

  23. Jeff NYC

    So intense. I love this song immensely. The bridge, "Trippin' 'round the world," is just hypnotic.

  24. stretchgilbert

    Kinda Reminds Me Of Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"

  25. Wolfgang F. Valasek

    Mind-blowing song

  26. Júlio Trigo

    im fall in love with this greatest song

  27. DPRD JZ

    I'm so amazed that Janet never leave dance, R&B, trip hop, arena rock and electro rock. The lyrics of this song is so amazing. Love you Janet!!!!

  28. Chantal Schaap

    What a beautiful song.... it even makes me cry.... Only Love!!!!

    Lateshia Childs

    Chantal Schaap same here, especially after her concert i cried. Way to end the show

  29. John Smith

    possibly the best song ever !

    Gerardo Rivera

    yes is a wonderful song

  30. Sirano Debergerack

    best song on the album. Masterful. Moving. Showcases her voice perfectly.

  31. samuel arwing

    hermosa hermosa hermosa hermosa

    Gerardo Rivera

    si y al parecer es dedicada a su hermano el rey del pop

  32. LuMaRi LloCa

    powerful. moving. timeless

  33. Latisha Cleveland

    love this beautiful song

  34. tahh vasquez

    fuckin beautiful song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Selrym

    I want this to be played at my funeral :)