Janet Jackson - Truly Lyrics

When I'm all alone with you
We do the things that lovers do
Tell me is this not true
When I look into your eyes
I'm convinced that you're mine
Or is this just in my mind

You feel like my everything
When you're near my aura beams
My eyes tell everything
Don't you know the joy you bring

Just to be around you
So crazy about you
Wanna get away with you
La di da di do you
Feel the ocean's breeze
Where will this all lead
Deeper in my arms hopefully

Could you be the one for me
Am I blind and not see
You're truly in love with me
And the things that you do
Always seems to lead to
You're truly in love with me

You treat me just like a queen
So good to me, you make my heart sing
My smile says everything
Love everything about you
Even the air around you

If I gave my all to you
Would you change your attitude
Could your love still be true
Would it always feel brand new
Only this I want from you
If I gave my heart to you

Am I wrong for loving you
Oh the way that I do
Truly in love with you
Could you be the one for me
Am I blind and not see
You're truly in love with me

And the quality time
Makes me feel you're all mine
I'm truly in love with you
And the things that you do
Always seem to be too
You're truly in love with me


So crazy about you
Will it always feel brand new
Want to get away with you
Would you change your attitude
Where would this all lead
If I gave my heart to you
Deeper in my arms, hopefully

Am I wrong for loving you
Oh the way that I do
Truly in love with you
Could you be the one for me
Am I blind and not see
You're truly in love with me
All the quality time
Makes me feel you're all mine
I'm truly in love with you
When I'm all alone with you
We do things that lovers do
I'm truly in love with you
(You're truly in love with me)

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Janet Jackson Truly Comments
  1. Jaibaby

    This is a beautiful song... So subtle but sweet

  2. MimiLovesMJ

    Pure Taurus woman music ❤️😍

  3. Qwean'z Radio

    This sounds like Human Nature



  5. Sherron Atwell

    Dammn Baby! Janet, You Deserve More Than What You Already Have And I'm Dead-Set On Giving It To You. I Love You Babe.

  6. Cas82958

    Such a soothing melody....

  7. niecey87

    Come on y'all guys if u a really true Janet fan support this album....I a be Janet fan I been a Janet fan since I was a baby and I know all her songs and have all her albums let support this album

  8. Kenny Abron

    Like my post if Janet Jackson ever gave you goosebumps

  9. MikeJam Mac

    Still one of my favorites!

  10. Tee m

    She was amazing in vegas omg going to see her again great show of course it’s janet lol lost my voice for three days yelling at her concert 👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊😊😄😄😄

  11. dallasman1972

    I truly.. Like this song...

  12. Angelle Dent

    2019..... and I listen to this entire album like it was just released...... such a beautiful album!!!!

  13. Brittany YoungStrickland

    SummerTime!!!!! Song!!!! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍😍💫💫💫💫💫

  14. Mrs Victor

    Janet the smooth operator 👀👑🔥

  15. Im Me

    Ms Jackson TRULY is a icon💖 this song reminds me of a island...a light breeze and putting your feet in the sand🏖️

  16. Anthony West


  17. Tamara Bitter

    Good song😍👍😊i play this twice😂like the guitar in it

  18. Tamara Bitter

    This song reminds me of im not perfect ,happy days, bad days, when you enjoy being alone , peaceful, im different , no one cares, when you don't understand your self, beautiful sunset, the moon and stars at night out the window , bedtime song, love , im going to be 28 😞 time goes by fast

  19. mikaeel

    Here a little bit of human nature in this song. Good song non the less

  20. EphraimAdamz

    So silky 😍

  21. Qwean'z Radio

    This Sounds Just Like Human Nature


    destinyses child I was lowkey thinking this

  22. Nadia Che

    thought about this song when i first heard rhiannas james joint

  23. marcus Ulrich

    What do people mean when they say a song or alumb is slept on I don't get it

    Edriss Scofield

    It's just their way of saying it was under-appreciated

  24. Nicholas Gracey

    Man 🤔🤔 what one could possibly say to describe this gem... Boy! They're really aren't any words to describe this because it's out of this world with its sweet hypnoticness.

  25. Stephon

    Janet's music is so good. She gets no credit for her amazing mid-tempo's and sensual sexual music. Amazing harmonies as well

    Edriss Scofield

    Too goddamn right you are

  26. KBM 515

    Sounds like human nature in some parts

    Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    Same key- D major

  27. Kai Sumpter

    She reminds me of a little Minnie Ripperton, Chaka and Tina Marie just baaaad. I love every album!

  28. Selena Crowdus

    Beautiful song

  29. MiiMii. C

    2018! ❤

  30. Terika Thomas


  31. Sylvia Miller

    This song so slept on. Janet is so versatile in different genres of music, topics, and with her voice...just phenomenal!❤️💯

    Larry Murray

    I agree.

  32. OctoberLibra1

    People say Janet sings too soft and low, but her beautiful soprano is like music to my ears..so comforting and beautiful...without all the over singing and yelling....her lower register is on point and doing all of her own background vocals makes it even better.

    Edriss Scofield

    You said it perfectly. Soft and low is exactly how I need it, I don't base talent on vocal acrobatics

  33. Aneesah GIlbert

    Love ❤️ this song

  34. Victoria Camacho

    I love this song ! oh and I love Janet Jackson as well too .

  35. DolledUpMsJaz

    They don't make LOVE ❤️ music like this anymore 😔

  36. Luisa C

    I'm honestly in love with this song. absolutely beautiful <3

  37. shauntanikkia rule

    I truly love Janet😍😘💓💖

  38. Keale Cade

    don't know the joy you bring, just to be around you!!

    Her voice is my favorite! I just love how her lyrics on this album convey my feelings exactly! Damita Jo and All for You were the best albums.

  39. Betsy Faust

    Janet Jackson is a balm

  40. P Naab

    That little 'clinging' sound in the background is so Jimmy & Terry. It's the same sound you will hear if you listen to TLC's "I'm Good At Being Bad" on FanMail.

    Azealia Bankrupt

    P Naab Yessssssss !!!!!!!

    Muva Mars

    Most definitely

  41. Ronnisha FlowersC

    I Love this song😍😍😍😍

  42. Keanna Wynn

    omg this song song sound like one of micheal jackson song


    No it doesn’t

  43. Adean Lee

    this music is so real to me... GAWSH!!!! #lit

  44. Kenyetta Melton

    this is so beautiful


    This album is so underrated

    Russ Parker

    SEAN’s COCKTAILS & CONFLICT SHOW not really. It actually did go platinum in 2004.

    Andrew Dinkins

    That because of the whole Superbowl stuff. they try to bring her down.

    MikeJam Mac


  46. Nick Gracey

    Hey guys and gals :) thumbs up if you're listening in 2017 like I am.

  47. Jermaine Hernández

    Other than "ME", Who Else LOVES this song?????

    Nick Gracey

    Jermaine Hernández Me for sure! :) <3

    Nick Gracey

    Lejuan Dean agreed she's a musical genious like MJ.

    sean carson

    Jermaine Hernández me...

    Tee m

    I jus love Janet enough said 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  48. DMAREE Burks

    #SWEET 💋💋

  49. Tiffany Wilson

    I a big fan of Janet jackson

  50. Dee Marley

    I can sit and listen to this everyday just to get a piece of mind!!! I love you Janet!

    Starr Sinches

    Dee Marley me too!

    MikeJam Mac

    As I do now


    ♥ 4 US Since 2007 ♥

  52. Tiffany Wilson

    I am a big fan of Janet Jackson I play this everyday and every night I love you Janet Jackson.Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/1ca5d44f1f9f98a8bbd754546e46e806/raw

  53. Troy Gartney

    yasssssss get it JANET!

  54. Trilmonté

    This is the only song I like from this album.

    Wonderland Queen

    +Raphie009 same


    wow how could u?


    For real? Strictly from a ballad perspective, I Want You is also incredible!

  55. Kwene Key

    Janet kills this song. so beautiful!

    Dee Marley

    It's puts you in the mood for love if you listen to the lyrics!

  56. Tameika Brandon

    I've been a fan of Janet's ever since I can remember, I haven't found a song I haven't loved yet! Keep the hit coming Ms. Jackson!!

  57. ImpressiveInstant92

    Underrated. Lovely little ditty.

  58. nirrad ekimrac

    Thank you for the song... I'm hoping that this is a huge hit for her and hopefully it will bring a change to what's currently being played on radio...... I'm truly loving this song and I can't get enough of it. ... Thanks again

  59. GetPaidWith Kandraya

    Glad you're back Janet!