Janet Jackson - Roll Witchu Lyrics

[spoken bridge:]
roll it, stop
roll it, stop
roll it and drop
baby now rock it with me

oh baby, oh baby pop
follow my directions
you will be okay
roll with it roll with it stop
when you do it right
you'll see it on my face

1 let it drop
2 make it hot
3 don't you stop
'till you hit that spot tonight
let's go on let it rock
ready or not
come on baby ride on it
come on lay that vibe on it

can i just roll withchu
out on the floor witchu
oh the sexy way you move
layin' it down
takin' it slow witchu
like when the flow is smooth
keepin' it inside the mood
layin' it down
love everything you do
wanna do it all night witchu
and truly go home with you
layin' it down
can i just roll withchu
out on the floor witchu
oh the sexy way you move
layin' it down

roll baby, roll with it drop
that extra little thing that you do
it drives me crazy
now roll with it, roll baby drop
doing different moves that keep driving me insane
close in 4 let it rock
5 on top
6 don't you stop
'till you hit the spot tonight
let's go and let it rock
ready or not
come on baby, ride on it
come on lay that vibe on it


[spoken bridge]

anytime we're dancin'
ain't no holdin' back
our bodies start to react
just let go and be free (i get the feelin)
when you're dancing close to me (keeping the rhythm)
i feel you all over me
you make me feel so right
when you're holding me tight
roll with it, wanna roll witchu
baby tonight

i wanna roll witchu
dance slow witchu
i wanna roll witchu
get low witchu


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Janet Jackson Roll Witchu Comments
  1. Sherron Atwell

    Roll Wit Me Baby...mmmm....

    Sherron Atwell

    I 💘 U Janet

  2. Sean Washington


  3. Calvin Poole

    I'm really liking this one from Janet. Vocals on point. Sexy vibe. Really should of been released as a single.

  4. Sandy Naylor

    CAN i WANNA ROLL Witchu 📻

  5. Ke'Ante Hill

    20 Y.O. Did not get what it deserved, mainly because of JD’s production as well as little promo. But I loveee this album.

  6. Michael Allen

    Vocals are Amazing!! Such a Rare Treasure 🔥🌟

  7. Bobbyrific V.

    hi 2019

  8. Stephan Rüb

    Very nice song and sexy Lady.

  9. Mr. Champagne

    Play this right in the club

  10. Schantieria Thomas

    Janet unreleased songs always🔥🔥

  11. Michael Bosket

    I'm glad Janet put this song on music platforms recently.

  12. Craig Furlow

    The PERFECT summer jam. Still love it.

  13. Carmela Taylor

    2019 still rolling witchu Dunk😍🥰

  14. Stan Hyman

    It's a beautiful song. Janet is serving up my home town. The dirty A.

  15. Joel Moreno

    Janet will always be my favorite! ♥️

  16. The Question King

    This song is one of her best songs a lot of her best songs are unrelease like you could make another album with her unrelease music cause she has so many.

  17. Spashsity Perfection

    Can I just roll witchu out on the floor witchu oh the sexy way you move laying it down.

  18. MsMekaMonique The Anonymous Cowgirl

    I can Ciara making a song like this

  19. Sherryl Marceau


  20. frostysnow w

    Yessssssss all of you're unreleased song's are good 😃😃😃😃

  21. Makesha Robinson

    My jam #2018 still bumpin

  22. marjohnson94

    Cant believe i never heard this song b4! Its good af!!

  23. Carol Nash

    This is really good Ms. Janet Jackson! Jermaine did a good job here. My body starts to react..yea...love it!!

  24. Davetta Horton


  25. Carl Milton

    though i understand the intention , but please stop saying she is under rated. janet was and is not under rated. never have been . she is one of the top selling , touring , writting , dancing etc. on the planet of entertainment. she has. won every award to earn . in an era when artist hustle ... the grinded hard. she got her just dues and still going strong. i get what u meant though.

    Jerry Jaguar

    I think they mean she is underrated Now becuase of what she was robbed of Superbowl. They legit made it hell for her to chart and be sucessful

  26. MadonnaTheQueenTurtle

    The best song of her

  27. Spashsity Perfection

    So much potential

  28. LiciaNicole Gorae1821

    My girl love Ms. Janet and of course Michael but Janet deserves better credit she so underrated as an artist!! She has her own unique sound it time for her shine!!!The Queen she is Ms. Jackson

  29. Gia Wiggins


  30. Christopher Lewis

    This song is too good to be on a different edition. I love listening to Janet's sweet vocals.

  31. Dawn Grey

    Do it, Sis. Jan!

  32. Patrica Saenz Mendoza Jackson

    I love my baby J.

  33. Roxanne Lee

    Love this song a million times over

  34. RobJohn

    2018!!!! And it still slaysyourlife! Undercover undiscovered gem by the Queen. #janetthegoat #postsotw

  35. Gustavo P

    my ears cum listen to it

  36. Francisco Emiliano Pastrana

    I love diving in your discography and coming out with every diamond I can find

  37. Timothy Mayhue


  38. Luli Mau

    This would be good now!! 2017!

    Jacxon Ryan

    Luli Mau I second that for 2018 too 😊

    Sonja J-Smith

    I third that for 2019!💞

  39. Jermaine Hoffa

    this is the first time that I've heard this jump off. fire&desire.

  40. Mr. Check Yourself

    This song really should of been on the 20 Y0 album

    Candies Williams

    Mr. Check Yourself right

    DeÄan Pridgeon

    It was a bonus track, but definitely should’ve been one of the main tracks, and a single

    Mr. Check Yourself

    Yeah this and Days Go by

  41. navynick navynick


  42. Kevin

    This is a perfect song

  43. Champagne Hec

    JDJ4LIFE 😎

  44. DPRD JZ

    Underrated era. So much hits in 20 YO however she let Jermaine Dupri do the work instead of herself, Jimmy and Terry.

    Kendall Edwards

    Actually majority of this album was produced by Jimmy and Terry. Dupri only produced a few songs.

  45. Shawntel Lilly

    My jam!! #QueenJ 👑👑👑👑

  46. tree boo

    love her

  47. troyster

    this was my jam

  48. sexcilli

    a lot of her best songs are unreleased! this is a really good song.

    gabriel sylvestre

    This was released. It was just on the Japanese edition. You have to order it from Japan in order to get it.

  49. Michael Allen

    sounds like a single off one of her early LPs


    This song is so sexy

  51. Ivana Daniels