Janet Jackson - Promise Of You Lyrics

Who can tell you
The promise of you
Will you
Live up to
The promise of you

Gotta stop
Say a prayer
I’m in shock
Can’t believe you just said
I’m nothing
Who are you
Judging me
‘Cause I don’t think like you
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh

Who can tell you
The promise of you
The beautiful flower
That just hasn’t bloomed
You’re judging the surface
But what’s growing inside
Just might amaze you

Bring it on
I’m prepared
Say I can’t
But I don’t even care
Doing things
You couldn’t dream
So just watch
While I keep doin’ me
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Say a prayer

Don’t recreate me as a clone
Won’t accept no as I go
Gotta vision all my own
I’ll control
The promise of you

Call me strange
I’m unique
No disrespect
I dance to my own beat
‘Cause I know
It’s up to me
Yeah to be
The promise I vow to keep
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh

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Janet Jackson Promise Of You Comments
  1. Chucky Mambo

    I don’t know how I just found this

    🌺come on tango🌺

  2. I'm Always Right

    Beautiful song

  3. David Boykin

    This song is amazing!! It’s the best song that I have ever heard!! 👍 And also Janet really has a beautiful voice!! 🙌🏾

  4. ST.2019

    Is Janet talking about her ex husband’s ultra orthodox conservative views on women ?

  5. Takyla Robinson

    This song is so beautiful!

  6. lenzino7383

    Jesus!!! I forgot how AMAZING the full version of this song was!!! Chills dude!!! :)

  7. Sherron Atwell

    Such a heartfelt, beautiful way to express her emotions. A priceless piece of art that stands out is what I saw. I love it and I love you, Miss Janet. I promise.

  8. Cristian Adrian

    Amazing song❤️

  9. Joy Swanigan

    I've been looking for this whole song since I saw the lyrics on the internet and they were different than the song I knew.

  10. Pat C.

    One of her best song...since last year .....

  11. Darian Domonick Davis

    I love this song!

  12. Jean Nascimento

    When i get the target version here on Brazil i'll listen to this track all time because the interlude was just a snippet!


    Jean Nascimento same here that's how the u.s. version is too

    Silvano Almeida

    Same with the international version

  13. Elle Mater

    Amazing Janet !

  14. TheJoshua24681011

    Twisted Insane - promise

    Chris Cayford

    That's why I'm here lmao

  15. 'Nal 1fer

    Twisted insane bring me here.Janet's song is nice tho

    Rall Jedd


  16. Sherron Atwell

    I 💘 You

  17. geniusfanfan1

    Amazing Song!! Love U Janet!!!

  18. Tamara Bitter

    wow like this

  19. devika

    Beautiful! ^_^

    Jeremy B. R. James

    My Favorite Thought Thank you! 😉

  20. Lydia Castro

    Wow.. 1st. time hearing the song an I can feel the emotion in it I really love it, thanks.


    THIS SONG IS SO BEAUTIFUL! She has so many styles of music!

  22. I'mjustsaying REAL

    WoW.....Janet you are amazing!

  23. Jay Tse

    WOW...just hearing this song for the first time. Amazing. Can't wait until my Target version arrives :D

    Jeremy B. R. James

    +Jay Tse: Watch this Video too! https://youtu.be/NS63RU_Rg38

  24. Art Piedrabuena

    love this song

  25. Rob Sheehan

    Love this song!

  26. thefunkyone247

    Do you have the other bonus song ? Love U 4 life ?

    Jeremy B. R. James

    Thank U, for the positives Comments, and I hope U enjoy it! Yes, I have the other Bonus - Track Love U 4 Life, Video coming soon! 😉

  27. thefunkyone247

    Great video you've done ✌️🙏👌🌟💚🇬🇧

  28. thefunkyone247

    Awesome!!! I was looking for this‼️ thank you 😘😊🙏👌✌️👍☺️🇬🇧💚‼️😚🌟🤗🎼🎧🎵🎭🎺🎶🌞🙃

  29. Jeremy B. R. James

    Hallo an Alle,
    Hier ein Selbstgestaltetes Video von dem Bonus - Track Promise of You, von Janet Jackson's neues Album Unbreakable!