Janet Jackson - Country Lyrics

Damita Jo
Isn't that like a country name?
It is isn't it?
The Damita I don't think is country
But it's the Jo that's country
Which just happens to be my father's name
Well my mother is from the south so
Damita Jo

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Janet Jackson Country Comments
  1. remy paraskovia

    I always likes this

  2. Golden Lady

    Cute little interlude

  3. Rebecca Helen

    Damita Jo was also a real singer, kids. I grew up in a house where my dad was country, my mother was all show tunes, and progressive in trying new things. Now, mind you, I was only a baby when she bought the Damita Jo album, but it was a family favorite along with Dee Dee Sharp, Chubby Checker, Sound of Music & My Fair Lady soundtracks, along with Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Al Jolson. Can't get anymore eclectic than that, except of course, when we wee ones grew and started buying Pink Floyd, Beatles, Moody Blues, Cream, Funkadelic/Parliments.


  4. Cluv22

    It is SOOOOOO cute the way she says Booty. I just be smiling. Lol

  5. SGhost

    Haha, this was cute.

  6. Bri Tyler

    damita is more sassy and then jo is more country so it would be like country sass and the end all i can say is yeehaa

  7. girlscott411

    This is cute