Jane's Addiction - Whores (Live) Lyrics

Way down low where the streets are littered
I find my fun with the freaks and the niggers
I don't want much man give me a little
Or I'm gonna take my chances if i get em
I love them whores they never judge you
They cast that pearl and it don't upset 'em
They take their chances if they get 'em
Hear me go off!
Give me some more!
Need a little more!
Goddamn you!
Give me some more!
Give me some more!
You give me breadcrubme uh-ho
I'm tired of living the bosses dream
They'll squeeze you dry man if you let 'em
Better take your-take your -take your chances
If you get 'em
Her me go off!
Give me some more!
Mother fucker!
Need a little more!
Goddamn you!
Give me some more!
Give me some more!

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Jane's Addiction Whores (Live) Comments
  1. Zakary Denton

    Wait! I wanted what was going on in D.C. today?! Oh snap! Yea this is it!

  2. Michael J

    They opened with this tune when I saw them at the Latin Quarter in Detroit, 1990 or 91. Started with "Up the Beach" then segued into this instead of Ocean Size.

  3. Music girl bb

    💋, don’T Stop, 🎸💃👻💋

  4. Les Whittaker

    Who's playing bass?

    Anthony Addario

    Original bass player, Eric Avery

  5. Aris Manolopoulos

    As long as yo paying my habits, i love yo...

  6. Sam Vile

    This song sounds so different in this lower key. like WTF?

  7. Chris Makos


  8. paul

    he needs some work...

  9. paul

    dave don't even care for rhythm. he's just like where's my solo man?

  10. Shaun Nancarrow

    I was at this gig. It was a bloody good gig.

  11. Mark Pollard

    Security guards at gigs are such knobheads.

  12. Terry Hesticles

    Performance is all-over the place, but...I mean...Eric Avery!!

    I saw them on this tour, in Indiana, baby! 🙌

  13. Jace cha sin

    Dave's playing basic scales n making them magical ,their all so much more healthy,excuse my grammar!!!

  14. Beggar Wall

    What a band.

  15. Forasec

    your full concert page is gone.

  16. WildBillHabiki

    HOW do they stay so skinny? man I love Navarro on the guitar

    John Lockwood

    Mr. Blue and they got some of the best raw herion I have ever done

    Shedonista Shamanatrix

    Herrrrr-ON. At least back in the day...

    Michael J

    @AutomobileFunk yes



  17. Vedran Russo

    Good but not Kettle Whistle version good

    Duke Togo

    Nope... First album version is the best.



  18. Johnny Distortion