Jane's Addiction - Three Days (Live) Lyrics

Three days was the morning.
My focus three days old.
My head, it landed to the sounds of cricket bows...
I am proud man anyway...
Covered now by three days...
Three ways was the morning.
Three lovers, in three ways.
We knew when she landed, three days she'd stay.
I am a proud man anyway...
Covered now by three days...
We saw shadows of the morning light
The shadows of the evening sun
Till the shadows and the light were one.
Shadows of the morning light
The shadows of the evening sun
Till the shadows and the light were one...
True hunting is over.
No herds to follow.
Without game, men prey on each other.
The family weakens by the bite we swallow...
True leaders gone, of land and people.
We choose no kin but adopted strangers.
The family weakens by the length we travel...
All of us with wings...
All of us with wings...
All of us with wings!
All of us with wings!
All of us with wings!
All of us with wings!
Erotic Jesus lays with his Marys.
Loves his Marys.
Bits of puzzle, hitting each other.
All now with wings!
'Oh my Marys! Never wonder... Night is shelter for nudity's shiver...'
All now with wings...

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Jane's Addiction Three Days (Live) Comments
  1. Robert Grant

    Dave and Eric are soooo underated. That 3days solo is a game changer!

  2. opacus13

    Best song ever

  3. Jennifer Herrera


  4. Jennifer Herrera

    There great

  5. Jennifer Herrera

    For you Cody Native Pride

  6. Thumbsdown Bandit

    It's at 2:05. You are welcome.

  7. Paulo Frizzo

    Beautiful version... but what's up with the parrot-like sound at @0:34??? lol

    Kenneth Wilburn

    Prolly something with Perry’s delay voice thing

  8. William Kalal

    extremely rare to get a broadcast quality of a band before they get their big break, only other thing to compare is Live at the Ritz

  9. Thomdrum

    God Dam we knew how to rock back then! This upload is epic and much appreciated!

  10. Tom Jensen

    Dave Navaro.......guitar god.

  11. Rick

    it's a fuckin masterpiece period.

  12. Larry Oldaker

    3 daze!!!!!

  13. srvfan42

    Love Stephen's mighty poof hair flowing in the breeze

  14. drewper73

    Can’t believe that I got to see them on this tour in 1990! I was 17! Another one of my favorite bands was the opening act. 24-7 Spyz! Birmingham, AL. There were Christmas lights all over the stage, if I remember correctly.

  15. Son Of Life

    Perry looks like he first picked up a guitar a week prior to the show

  16. dawn pero

    LOve this group <3

  17. Jim stevens

    A long track, but it never drags. It always feels like a 5 minute song

  18. John OBrien

    In my top 10 live performance videos. Just awesome song structure that has a great bridge and slow build up to a tribal crescendo. A drummers wet dream this song is.

  19. Claudio Gonzalez gold

    Fucking amazing!

  20. Chuck Ryan

    One of the most important bands in rock history

  21. Mondo Shredder

    An epic live presentation of one of their best tunes. Seeing those Italians sing along with their full Roman passion just adds to it...

    J M.

    The hell?

  22. humanalien 001


  23. Evan Tapper


  24. libidoswitch

    Stephen. Fucking. Perkins.

  25. libidoswitch

    Still untouchable.

  26. Thomas D. Groesch

    Name one other song, other than maybe Stairway, with a crescendo like this.

  27. Lou Shark

    One of my favorite guitar solos of all time.

  28. Michael Clark


  29. Dapper Dan

    Just a amazing epic song from start to finish. Rhythm changes from rock to tribal to industrial, dynamic with beauty interspersed with rage, a true classic. Stands the test of time..wow!

    J M.

    Pretty annoying description you just made

  30. shane armendinger

    This drummer is a god

  31. KorieG

    All I can say is, "HOLY FUCK!!!!" That was AWESEOME!!!! Later....

  32. Cary Barron

    Miss this band in its pre Lola heyday of 1991 final tour.

  33. Jon W. Leis lj

    So untrue just a great album

  34. Thumbsdown Bandit

    The part you are here to hear starts at 2:05

  35. Anna Gray

    Love this song. Gives me chills everytime I hear it. Just perfection. ❤

  36. David Batchelder

    I have never seen Perry Farrell play the guitar before until this clip. That was pretty cool.

  37. Kraig Palmer

    What a voice

  38. Indignatious

    I love Jane's Addiction. They are simply unbeatable!!!

  39. Rosco P. Coltrane

    Best Jane’s guitarist ever.

  40. vacadepelucia

    grnster, did you have the full concert in HD ? or only 3 songs?

  41. Craig H

    I've seen Jane's three times in the last 8 years and the music sounds as good as ever...BUT, without all the heavy drugs something is just missing. I'm happy they are all living a healthy lifestyle, but I miss the stoned out Perry from the 80s and 90s.

  42. Brett Bond

    What happened to this Janes Addiction?

  43. Marshal Tenner Winter

    I can drum exactly like Stephen Perkins. I just don't feel like it.

  44. R. Simone

    A masterpiece. When this album came out, I was 11. Changed my life.

  45. R. Simone

    We saw shadows of the morning light shadows of the evening sun...

  46. R. Simone

    HOW are these guys NOT in the Rock nRoll Hall of Fame?



    Gary Clark

    Janes too good for the hole of fame,Isaw an interview with Dave Navarro and Steven Perkins .They were shocked that Rush wasn't in the hall, Steven said if Rush isn't in the rrhof Janes doesn't want to be there either .good for them.

  47. Pall Aaarrgghh!

    I have a bootleg VHS tape of this entire show taken from an MTV Italy broadcast. The whole show is phenomenal!

  48. denis martin

    The great JA

  49. J H


  50. Chris Kirshbaum

    I don't think Perry"s guitar is plugged in. lol

  51. OneBagTravel

    Before Perry went all side show glam. What a performance!

  52. Lydia Stancer

    Such delicious memories

  53. Joshua Stephens

    Such an underrated band

    Wardo Melena

    Joshua Stephens not really in the 90s they where very popular but they only had 2 good albums so now they are not very famous

  54. Veer Chasm

    Great performance, I saw them back then and I don’t remember Perry sounding this good live

  55. Bryan Russell

    Just doesn't get any better!

  56. Charlie Borden

    Some of the best stadium playing ever!

  57. scott stewart

    Buen 'anima!

  58. Chris MJ


  59. Kevin Newson

    Sat in my apartment with my cousin and his friend Stephen Perkins as Stephen played us the rough mix of this song. We must have listened to it 3 or 4 times and knew how epic it would be upon it's completion. Stephen told us the overdubs were going to be done later that same week and that he'd let us listen to the song again after the final mix. Unfortunately, the next time I heard the song was when I listened to it on cassette after the album was released. I swear I must have listened to it one hundred times that first weekend alone. The engineers at the recording studio I worked at said I was going to wear out the tape. They were right, I did. This song is still and will always be one of my favorite songs. Jane's Addiction is and will always be one of my favorite bands. And Stephen Perkins is and will always be one of my favorite drummers.


    Favorite drummers? Same here, man. It's not often you get to meet your idols and have them live up to your expectations, but Stephen Perkins? 100%. Great drummer and a quality human being. He's in my top 3 with Keith Moon (who he loves, as well) and Bill Bruford. Great drummer, exciting, expressive and inventive.

    Gonz Wouldgo

    He is a professional musician. He has a craft that through hard work, sheer talent, and through his desire to educate himself on his craft more than any drummer that comes to mind... i respect that a helluva lot

    Kenneth Wilburn

    Kevin Newson did it have different lyrics or anything ? That’s a really cool story my man

    Quincee 33

    Very cool !!!

  60. DrunkenStorm118

    Eric Avery is perhaps the most underrated bassist in the history of alternative rock

    John OBrien

    @Lon Boomer So many different things going on with their sound. Question is how much was intentional and how much was just an example of artistic happenstance...a magic that just kind of appears between the right artists, but is almost impossible to manufacture. There are elements in this song of Santana with the heavy tribal percussion along with an Allman brothers freestyle jam vibe. Simply an awesome song.


    So true. The bass riff in this song is just epic

    Tim R

    Yeeeessss!!! Three days, Stop, Mountain song very pivotal


    Not of alternative rock, all of rock.

    M Dee Rocks

    Definitely one of the coolest looking too :)

  61. Down with the bloody red queen

    Dave and Stephen are fucking beasts on this song

  62. Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    The twists and turns of this song are very sexy. And Eric is the cherry on top. Mm.. Lol

  63. cyclocaster

    Great performance of their best song

  64. donViehos

    Milan, November 1990 this piece is simply timeless

  65. Sparky Jo

    bloody hell...wow

  66. K M

    what a flashback..I feel the same way I did back in the day...

  67. B-Thrash

    OMG I've had Jane since 1990, always cranked this song, played it at an expo both really loud!!!

  68. User Mister

    4:03 ... oh yes :-)

  69. Vigorous Vines Wine Merchants

    Truly an epic

  70. whigsbitch

    Damn, Stephen Perkins is a fucking badass!

  71. POF 415

    3 Days ??!! ...5 minutes is enough. ....Count Chocula. ...on vocals again 😕 😢😣😕


    stick to fishing kook!

  72. 1surfrider4life


  73. E T

    fucking hell! immaculate

  74. E T

    sure those 12 dislike were by accident

  75. David

    lays with his Marys

  76. Von Clohk

    I remember chicks like this (4:04) at Jane's concerts back then. My x-girlfriend would watch them and practically orgasm. And so would I......

  77. teresa sparks

    if you don't believe that this song is a religious experience then you just don;t get it, and if you can't see the energy or move with it, you still don;t get it. better than any grateful dead song.......''

  78. RTC1655

    I wonder how Perry ended up playing a 12 stringer on this song. Those mfers are hard to tune, that's for sure. Eccentric choice.

  79. gaming kid

    Call me crazy but Janes addiction better then Led Zepplin

    Kevin Newson

    gaming kid CRAZY!!! But a goddamn close second for sure! ;-)

  80. ShejtanVrbaski

    What source does this come from and is there a copy (VHS->DVD-R) of the entire show from this particular source somewhere in circulation? This simply looks and sounds incredible!

  81. BubbaZen10

    They may say those were the days ...    and they were right.

  82. BubbaZen10

    We knew when she landed ...

  83. Isidoro VenturaP


  84. oopsadaze


  85. Robb Lungo

    Loser J

  86. Anthony Nolan

    What a masterpiece!!! This is up there with Stairway...Symptom of the Universe....Gimme Shelter. You name it.

  87. 42ADW

    Three Decades. Of Goosebumps.

  88. Dave Furlong


  89. Curtis Whitwam

    Fuuuucckkkkk. So good.

  90. Edgar Arenas

    I remember buying this album my freshman year of college in the summer of 1990 -after my fraternity brother said "Man, you have GOT to listen to this whole album....they'll blow your fucken mind"

  91. guccio gucci

    nie rusz zostaw

  92. Edgar Arenas

    This was performed when the songs still meant something to their lives...a personal scar that hadn't even healed.

    gaucho point

    now it's just part of the set. A stale one at that. This is greatness.

  93. Edgar Arenas

    A haunting masterpiece. It freaks me out to see this song performed fresh off their Ritual de lo habitual" album.

  94. Patrick Mcdonald

    who puts a 10+ minute song on an album back then. I still get chills if I hear this song.

    William Moglia aka Darkside9878

    Patrick Mcdonald oh man I get em big time. Something about those chord progressions and melodies get me every time.

  95. Robby Frick

    one of the greatest rock jams of all time.

  96. Down with the bloody red queen

    Perkins is killing! he is so on point with those drums. Eric is smoking hot

  97. remarcables d

    so it was 1990 and I waited for this chick to come around and we were going to catch the train together to go to Melbourne and watch Janes Addiction. I waited and waited...and waited...I think in the end she took Harry Horse instead. I am still a disappointed I missed these guys. One of the most beautiful songs of all time.

  98. Dee Snell

    Masterpiece !