Jane's Addiction - Stop! (Live) Lyrics

Save the complaints for a party conversation.
The world is loaded, it's lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop...
No one... No one! No way! Gonna stop, now; go!
Farm people, book wavers, soul savers, love preachers!
Lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop.
One come a day, the water will run,
No man will stand for things that he had done...
And the water will run...
One come a day, the water will run,
No man will stand for things that he had done...
And the water will run...
Will Run!
Will Run!
Gimmie that!
Gimmie that -- your automobile, turn off that smokestack and
That goddamn radio - hum... along with me...
Hum along with the t.v. A-a-a-a-m-m-m-m-m-m.
No one's-gonna-stop.

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Jane's Addiction Stop! (Live) Comments
  1. frankie brindis

    Fuc the hatters people grow up

  2. sebastian rodriguez

    A pity he cannot sing well enough. As for the rest of them, they are great and Perkins is even greater. Sometimes a flamboyant looks helps but not in this case.

  3. The Philharmonic Orchestra

    holy face lifts..not very rock n roll....

  4. Christina Villafranco

    First time hearing them and I love it already!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just smile.

    All the teenage girls in the crowd are probably waiting for it to end, only if these girls knew these guys litreally created lollapalooza lol.

  6. Trey Myles

    Say whatever the fuck you wanna say but these guys may be old but never get old!!!!

    Perry can still pull of a show, same for Dave, Stephen and Chris. I know Eric isn't in it anymore but it doesn't mean they suck. Because the backing dancers - including Perry's beautiful wifey - are there doesn't mean the band sucks.

    If you aren't a die-hard Jane's Addiction fan and only listen to crappy pop chart music, then you got attitude problem and sour taste of music mister/mistress!

  7. sebastian rodriguez

    Sometimes it is better to step down from something that does not suit you anymore.

  8. Muse

    I was at the 2nd or 3rd one of this festival in 1994 in Miami. Glad to see it’s still kicking

  9. Umcafetãochamadomaciota

    Give the guy a break, he was like 57 there, his voice was fine for his age, vocal chords are not like guitar chords, when you get older, your voice gets weaker

    Billy Hill

    For sure, just glad the dude is still kicking however, bands like Jane's Addiction, Butt Hole Surfers, Ministry, White Zombie and Prodigy used a lot distortion effects, pitch enhancing and audio processing(very much like auto tune today) in their earlier studio work, which never translated well on stage live. "Stop" really never sounded quite right, even when performed live back in the 80's/90's or today.

    Raydon Ward

    Holy shit this dude does not look 57

  10. Ángel Castellanos Martínez

    Why Perry Farrell doesnt get old? 🤔

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    because he is full of love, like Jesus

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    because hes full of love like jesus

  11. Diego Montoya

    1era ves que veo un live con putass

  12. Ray McGrath

    Dave Nevarro
    There once was a man who made it to the river and he looked both ways... And he realized that he became a philosopher...

  13. Guilherme Albino

    Where's the go pro version of this performance?

    Raphael Michaelangelo

    it's gone, i can't find it anywhere

    Jonathan Daniels


  14. Treff Bennett

    That Dave sure can pluck that electric twanger!

  15. Ethan Loveless

    bruh sounds nothing like the song originally did vocally.

  16. BeastlyBro26

    This singing, please stop... :(

  17. Tenchio

    Jeff Goldblum's addiction

  18. edward szczapow

    fucking perry... could you shut up, finally? boys plays so very nice....

  19. Awesome Jones

    Ok. Who let the slow kid on stage?

  20. Betrayer AUS OFFICIAL

    So many arm chair experts and keyboard warriors having a dig. What have you clowns bought to the music industry? Yep, fuck all. JA are one of the best bands I have seen LIVE and still deserve the respect for what they've done.

    Joel Brousseau

    Betrayer AUS OFFICIAL totally agree a lot of comments ripping on Perry’s vocals when they fall to take into consideration that the album was released 26 years earlier than this performance

  21. Satevo

    That kick drum sounds just awful

  22. Brett R

    Singing is horrid. Botox is great with Perry.

  23. Gustavo Barrera

    Thing is, perrys voice was a product of him forcing the air thru his vocal cords, which made that raspy sound we think of janes addiction, but I guess hes just taking care of his voicebox now.

  24. Aaron Stark

    Perry was never a great singer to begin with, now he's just utterly painful to listen too. He should do himself a favor and retire

  25. Sebasiouxsie Rodriguez

    Steve Perkins is a true giant. One if the best drummers on this Planet.

  26. jojohernandezGames

    perry looks like a botoxed skeleton... bro,its over. been over. chill with your wife,kids,and just settle down, make art. your good at that

  27. Moody Hyadd

    Not Jane's Addiction if Eric Avery ain't in it. Real talk...

  28. Rodrigo Garcia

    Don't do drugs kids or you'll end like Perry's voice

    Mr Sea Turtle

    He had that voice 30 years ago – maybe best falsetto of nineties, yep

    james coburn

    @Mr Sea Turtle I don't think I've heard him use falsetto before

    Jeff Barnes

    Don't get older either, that aging thing can be hazardous to a singers voice

  29. History With Jua Hot History

    I'm jealous of Dave Navarro. I'm not gay at all but it very handsome, especially for his age. As I said, I don't want to fuck him lol, I'm jealous of him.

  30. David muzik

    Great music especially the guitar but the vocals are inferior to the original.

  31. Mike Oxlong

    Wow Perry that whole heroin thing didn't work out so good. That was a fuckin train wreck.

  32. downsyndromearmy55

    who's on bass?

  33. T M29

    The years will ultimately not be kind to any of us. Having said that, based on the videos that I’ve seen over the past couple of years, Perry sounds better than he has in quite some time. Dave Navarro is shredding as good as ever. Given that they were over 30 years in when this performance took place, I would say that Jane’s Addiction is still pretty solid and rocking hard, even after all these years. Thanks for the upload.

  34. jon smith

    what an ugly ghoul perry is

  35. Jason Peter's

    Quite possibly best live band ever.

  36. Lucas Savant

    I dont like this version of Perry...

  37. Uncle Frank

    the years have not been good to perry...

  38. Jim Morrissy

    Perry you tired old bastard. Most folk will remember Janes Addiction as a bunch of guys flogging a dead horse. First saw them in 1991 which was their peak and then when I saw them twice in the early 2000s, it was utter boredom. Now it has become the Perry and Etty show, half baked performing.

  39. John Drake

    This ain't no Motley Crue show ...

  40. John Drake

    The keyboards were unnecessary.

  41. kyle benson

    Perry can't sing for his life, geez.

    Todd Lavigne

    totally agree, I get it ,the band is unique and really good but he cannot sing well at all.
    He's consistantly sharp or flat, all over the place.


    kyle benson he lost it...listen to him in 87-92

    Keith la Feet

    He could before he became clean. Sobriety killed Jane's Addiction.

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    neither can i as i sing along, its cool though, we all love music lol

  42. Federico Germani

    Maravilloso !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. jovanni martinez

    being in the crowd for this was great, everyone got hype

  44. A. Cavalieri

    great band but worst live singin' ever

    Jason Peter's

    and_drew_123 or Rob Zombie

    jon smith

    he has the ability to sing it,but chooses not to because of his arrogance

    Mr Sea Turtle

    [email protected]_drew_123

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    @Jason Peter's rob zombie sucks live and also billy pumpkin

  45. Spencer Clizer

    Dang dave is great

  46. Babegeek9172

    They still kick ass live, Perry F. sounds great still!

  47. Adam Ford

    Good stuff. XXX are the best!

  48. ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn

    those kids dont know shite about Janes

  49. LeperMessiah56

    Can I just say I fucking love Perry's voice

  50. Ender Strange

    I definitely gotta go to Lollapalooza one of these days ^_^

  51. Fabrizio Pedrotti

    Thanks for uploading this. Do you have the rest of the set?