Jane's Addiction - Just Because Lyrics

If I were you
I'd better watch out
When was the last time
You did anything
Not for me
Or any one else
Just because?
Just because?
You, you really should have known
Yeah you, you really should have known
Just because
Just because

You got the most
But nobody loves you
Nobody has to
Just because
Just because

You, you really should have known
Yeah you, I think you really should have known
Just because
Just because

When we first met
We passed around gifts
That was a long time ago
And yours didn''t fit

Yeah you, you really should have known
Yeah you, oh you really should have known
Just because
Just because
Just because

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Jane's Addiction Just Because Comments
  1. john simpson

    this is the SHIT!

  2. Beata Liszcz

    Energy drink Energy

  3. Beata Liszcz

    LOVED thys.

  4. Beata Liszcz

    sexy band.

  5. Jana Alves

    Amazing 💥💥💥😍

  6. slamtimeson

    his work on cursed male is just gorgeous

  7. slamtimeson

    and i like pete's guitar better...most dont i do

  8. slamtimeson

    idn daves defense that was pete destafano in pornos

  9. slamtimeson

    i saw the moment they got to you guys when matt hyde made everyone leave his hotel room for his hooker, sony got ya lol

  10. slamtimeson

    dave should pose more lol, damn dave, when i met you in the early 90's you would have never agreed to this

  11. slamtimeson

    love this song but this might be the gayest vid ever, and that is why janes is so good, they can pull this off

  12. Michael Service

    This is the most positive uplifting song i have ever heard, from great guys, who have been through alot of shit ( like us all) love it x

  13. Anthony Davies

    Navarro killing it

  14. Duncan Ho

    Still a great song after 30 years 👍

  15. Art Savvy Southpaw

    I will always love and support all that is JanesAddiction....even that face of Perry's that I must say looks like a designer vag, sorry, dude, it does, meh its your choice and I stand by my support of this fucking phenomenal band and force of nature was/is Jane's Addiction

  16. mansilla22

    // Esta canción no me gustaba cuando la transmitian en mtv en el año 2000 hasta hace unos dias que la escuché otra vez despues de 20 años le tomé el gusto y ya me gustó la canción

  17. armando coelho

    Juanas 🙆🏻

  18. John Bradey

    I wonder if Our Lady Peace wants their riffs back. Just.... y'know....

    Black Belt Jones

    What song by them sounds similar?

  19. Cosmo Gamer

    can't think of a more underrated band

  20. MakeYourOwnDamnMusic

    I remember fading out my tape cassette of Ritual De Lo Habitual back in '92.

  21. Monty Pop68

    Always felt sad for Dave considering his Mom was murdered in 1983. It must have been so hard growing up with that...

  22. edu_parisi

    Forza Horizon 2
    Horizon xs

  23. Philip Chant

    Sick song!!!

  24. Ferry Alfanso

    since the song released until now, never boring to listen it. guitar, bass and drum... perfect from start until the end of the song. a trap to don't stop to replay the song

  25. MooseNation80


  26. Rita Kirton

    Love it, Love it, Love it ... still in 2020

  27. Mark Joker

    HD pls !!!!

  28. James Watt

    Those fuckin boots ...lol

  29. Johnny Ortiz

    Had the time of my life seeing this band 30yrs ago. I was with the most beautiful woman (redhead) I just met and what a great time its was. Great band

  30. Enissey

    I think this clip made in 10's doctor 's tardis

  31. Night Wolf

    Still love this song in 2020....there is definitely something wrong with me.....?

  32. Moto G3

    Janes Addiction forever Young😂😂😂I love it.

  33. Brian Gilchrist


  34. Nameless sickness

    First note made me think it was "Welcome to the jungle".🤣

  35. Bkr 1342

    Terrible video for an excellent song

  36. suaranir tavares

    Viva o rock,👏👏👊👊👊

  37. Hamilton Armory

    Huh? Why only six million views? ;D

  38. Karen Henning

    I like that used black man working . I mean I love him. Hunttee

  39. Sheilah Wilfong

    I freaking love this song !! 💗🤗

  40. Rodrigo Avila

    Estamos em 2020.

  41. Wake Lockhart IV

    i remember this video playing on Fuse after school. along with St. Anger-Metallica

    good ol days.

  42. christian felan

    Yep, great songs are still great X amount of years later

  43. Brent Petersen

    If I ever need to run through a wall, I’ll listen to this twice 💪🏻

  44. luis davila

    Just becauseeeeeee! 2020 here

  45. Yesterday's Lemon

    It took me years to find this after watching SWAT

  46. Kalan Genereux

    Anyone thinks that the lead singer kinda looks like Pastor Dave from That 70s show?

  47. Kalan Genereux

    Anyone remember this on horizon XS from forza horizon 2?!

  48. manhavai

    What a great vocals

  49. Sean Lamb

    Love them

  50. James Barrett

    12-24-19. Drunk at work bout to roll out and this is the closer!

  51. Guionoro

    Came here just because of RHCP

  52. Menino_ Azulejo

    Forza Horizon 2

  53. Deek Hardly

    Unknown is creeping..

  54. Greg R

    They are in every way, so fucking Los Angeles.

  55. tim peet

    Penny just dropped, Jane's was our Queen, we had been caught stealing but were was our bohemian rapsody

  56. Keenan Finucan

    Only just discovered this song. Totally fascinating masterpiece, I can't stop listening! Wish there were songs like this on today's radio.

  57. Paolo Antonio Muzzi

    Fist in the face.....Rock on.......Just because

  58. Jim Jacob


  59. Giorgio Fegatini

    it's like they fell in a coma after "Ritual" and then they wake up with this bomb which doesn't even pale if compared with their classics

  60. Jonathan Figueroa

    SWAT !!! December 2019! 😎✌️

  61. Catherine McCurry


  62. Catherine McCurry

    Love these guys!!! They are a prequel of the red hot chili peppers!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😛😛😛😛😛😛😛🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼💨💨💨💨💨💨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  63. Ivan Flores

    S.W.A.T📼📽️🎥 brought me here look up the jam on Shazam sick as jam swear!! like a perfect one to do a work out 🏃🏃🏃🏃 Jane's addiction 👌💯🤘🎵🎶🎵🎼🎼

  64. Fascination Street With Jimmy, Mika & Sarah Pearson

    I'm just gonna leave this comment here so when my son grows up and appreciates brilliant music, he knows his Dad does too 🤘

  65. R K

    Shout out the 1000 people who had to flick light switches in time. Remember the little guys.

  66. Jake Adams

    Why’s this sound like 3 straight days

  67. Michele Maria curci

    We want the new album of Janes Addiction

  68. paul thomas

    Mark and Lard brought me here

  69. bekja black

    La mejor cancion del 2003..

  70. Nojox

    anyone listening 2020?

  71. Ricardo De Leon

    Stephen Perkins is the best drummer in alt rock!!!

    Andy C

    Mike Bordin. I rest my case.

  72. Rodolfo Tonelli

    This song is still rocking hard! *November 2019*

  73. Don O'Riordan

    The jacket, I want the jacket ...

  74. James Campagna

    Who rocking to this in 2025?

  75. Maitri

    I love Oasis.


    As great as the first time I heard it.

  77. MGTOW Slim

    Jane's Addiction was what happens when supreme confidence meets mastery of craft.

  78. Grauzone bay

    the person who stopped the 90th music should be executed or thrown into the White House

  79. Frank Olivas

    all right no commercials, I was you.

  80. John Smith

    Sounds just Iike U2s song

  81. montego24

    I want to be so cool to wear a pink jacket and don’t give a fuck about anything

  82. Harrison Buck

    circular guitar riff is awesome

  83. Neil

    Every time I hear this I think it's U2

  84. Carlos Fernández Rotela

    Todos los que formaron parte de este vídeo hicieron cada uno un trabajo exquisito, tanto la banda como equipos técnicos, y resultó esta maravilla.
    Desde Argentina un abrazo y felicitaciones a todos ellos.

  85. Erek Martocchio

    Hell's yes



  87. k windsock

    never listened to this band till today. Heard Perry's interview on 6 music and thought what a decent guy. Rock 'n' Roll, dude.

    John Dickerdown

    Good shit. They have plenty for the ear.

  88. Child Of God

    I like this

  89. Jose Dabreu

    Año 2003 recuerdo que lo escuchaba por La Mega estación y por 929 tufm

  90. R Bowie

    🗣🔊I love this Song!!!!😎👍

  91. DC dela Cruise

    Dave Navarro belongs to Jane's Addiction, not in RHCP.....

  92. gh0strider2006

    This band is so underrated it's a crime! Dave Navarro is so underrated as a guitarist and the rest of guys enough said!

  93. Marek Pondel

    Still :-)

  94. Marcin Przydatek

    rubbish quality like always on YouTube

  95. chris miller

    play the world homeboy
    play it

  96. chris miller

    Dresden crack

  97. chris miller

    yes baby..i luv his song