Jane's Addiction - Jane Says (Live) Lyrics

Jane says
I'm done with sergio
He treats me like a ragdoll
She hides
The television
Says 'i don't owe him nothing,
But if he comes back again
Tell him to wait right here for me or,
Try again tomorrow'

'I'm gonna kick tomorrow...'
'I'm gonna kick tomorrow...'

Jane says
'Have you seen my wig around?
I feel naked without it'
She knows
They all want her to go
But that's ok man
She don't like them anyway
Jane says
'I'm going away to spain when i get my money saved
I'm gonna start tomorrow'

'I'm gonna kick tomorrow...'
'I'm gonna kick tomorrow...'

She gets mad
And she starts to cry
Takes a swing but she can't hit!
She don't mean no harm
She just don't know...
What else to do about it

Jane goes
To the store at eight
She walks up on st. andrews
She waits
And gets her dinner there
She pulls her dinner
From her pocket

Jane says
'I've never been in love - no'
She don't know what it is
She only knows if someone wants her

'I only want 'em if they want me,...'
'I only know they want me...'

Jane says...
Jane says...

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Jane's Addiction Jane Says (Live) Comments
  1. BadNews Kelly Leak

    12/17/19 4:15 am

  2. mrhoffame

    That is dam perfection!

  3. Joe Corbo

    just tears rolling

  4. Uzi Trøy

    if ur reading this, and ur going through struggles just know u have my support and times get tough but just continue to keep going and kicking ass everyday, praying for u all, thank u jane’s addiction for this music ❤️

  5. Elizabeth McMillan

    Will never get tired of this jam

  6. David Belovd


  7. Dave Gee

    Perry is batshit crazy, I love him

  8. rOY mOnster

    Nice skirt Dave 😍

  9. Chicken Nugget

    Born as a black man in 1724 this song really relates to my gaming addition

  10. Fuzy Wuzy Ferret Nuzy

    Back again

  11. Pere Serra

    ...la juanita diu...

  12. sdean4816

    Six million plus views and I guess I account for a million or so...If you like this search the video of them doing this at the guitar center. It’s sweet also !

  13. BadNews Kelly Leak

    12/6/19 2:52 am

  14. David Sutton

    Artistic message to humanity bravo rock on

  15. Able Dias

    Let it go

  16. Θεοδωρος Λ.

    Damn this is totally elevated compared to studio .Aaaarrrrŕrrghh.

  17. Θεοδωρος Λ.

    Pure raving rock

  18. Θεοδωρος Λ.

    Aaahhhh never saw them live and i do regret it very seriously.

  19. E Dub

    Trump should do his hair like Perry, it would make more sense

  20. E Dub

    one of the best songs of all time

  21. Gene Clark

    Almost 2020 now, this is the music of my youth. Ty for posting.

  22. Joshua Ballew

    Starts at 4:20. Figures (;

  23. homeytube1

    Jane says, "I'm done with Sergio"
    He treats me like a ragdoll"
    She hides the television
    Says, "I don't owe him nothing, but if he comes back again
    Tell him to wait right here for me or,
    Try again tomorrow I'm gonna kick tomorrow
    I'm gonna kick tomorrow"
    Jane says "have you seen my wig around"
    "I feel naked without it"
    She knows they all want her to go
    That's okay man she don't like them anyway
    Jane says, "I'm going away to Spain
    When I get my money saved
    I'm gonna start tomorrow
    I'm gonna kick tomorrow
    I'm gonna kick tomorrow"
    She gets mad and she starts to cry
    Takes a swing but she can't hit!
    She don't mean to harm
    She just don't know what else to do about it
    Jane goes to the store at eight
    She walks up on St. Andrews
    She waits and gets her dinner there
    She pulls her dinner from her pocket
    Jane says, "I've never been in love"
    No, she don't know what it is
    She only knows if someone wants her
    "I want 'em if they want me
    I only know they want me"
    Jane says. . .Jane says. . .

  24. Thierry Tremblay


  25. Fuzy Wuzy Ferret Nuzy

    Love it when they all sing SHE CANT HIT


    But I can !

    Paul trull Trull

    Oh but she can

    Paul trull Trull

    This is not Paul this is kama

  26. Fuzy Wuzy Ferret Nuzy


  27. Fuzy Wuzy Ferret Nuzy

    Voodoo Festival New Orleans Also there were Beastie Boys Smashing Pumpkins L7 & more

  28. Fuzy Wuzy Ferret Nuzy

    Starting my morning watching Perry's Hips & Dave rockin that skirt !

  29. Jon Smith

    Fond memories of Lollapalooza 91 in Dallas come to mind.. beautiful..

  30. Fuzy Wuzy Ferret Nuzy

    SOOO sexy

  31. Voidindiga

    Is that Flea on bass?

  32. maddogdaz1

    Fucking nectar to the ears

  33. Animotion Designs

    Where have I been the last 20 years😱😁👍

  34. dieselrotor

    Born in 65, I feel for people now who will never know a real concert where everyone was as one, listening and singing and just enjoying life in real time together before cell phones and social media. You missed out and I'm sorry.

    Chicken Nugget


    Cory S

    Those concerts are still alive today. Might take some finding though.

    darrellw dobson

    Suck it loser. Born in 60 will beat your ass.

  35. Ferret Gal Belinda B

    Watching again 2019

  36. Ferret Gal Belinda B

    What I wouldn't have done to be there

  37. Jason Sullivan

    I'm glad the audio quality is better than the video. How many potatoes had to die to film this?

  38. Kalypso Kent

    You had me at Flea!

  39. Ben Dover

    Perry Farrel isn’t a fucking musician he’s an impresario

  40. Maria Emilia Diluca Haltrich

    born in ´90 and i love this music, alternative & grunge

  41. makeitmondos

    Imagine a world with no social media/cellphones at a concert, just everyone in tune to the same thing simultaneously...

    Ben Dover

    You think that’s something profound? To a nitwit possibly

  42. Tom Campbell

    Really stats about 4:15. You're welcome.

  43. Kimberly Taylor

    Sick, sick, sick! 😬

  44. Jonathan Ian

    Arguably the worst song that Jane's addiction ever recorded.

  45. BadNews Kelly Leak

    11/21/19 6:06 am

  46. thomas newton

    saw them in 91-92 ? in Honolulu , talked my friend Megan into going, that night, 
    she was thankful as she had not really heard of them,
    I got lucky and for some reason bought their album in 88, I played the hell out of it.
    I was tripped out by the back cover photo on the cassette tape ,as they were in drag. 
    I was a young 18 hetrosexual male. and was very confused by whom they might be, yet loved their music. I thought only to be a 18 heterosexual, which I am. , not homophobic, just young And thinking young people thoughts.
    , Excellent show !
    Perry feral played naked,

  47. BPMoments

    Before smartphones and social media ate your faces

  48. Penelope Cantrell

    I wouldn't mind feeling like they feel right now. Lmao. Fucking great song.

  49. Nick vd Veerdonk

    God this is right

  50. Sponge Bob

    F this version, it sounds like goddamn disco.

  51. frank vizzini

    Everyone has a story to relate or has lived like Jane

  52. MN_Twisted

    Steel drum guy gets a raise....

  53. UnkleCreepy75

    Awesome. Thats it

  54. liljimmysjunk

    great song, but what an asshole. 5 min ito the song. at least he was 1 step above axl.

  55. Heywood JaBlowme

    flea slappin da bass

  56. Dave Severinski

    every fucking time, the song that puts me to peace after a binge. if this video isnt a glimpse of the purest beauty of the human condition...

  57. cjmst3k

    I was in the pit!

  58. Anthony Duckworth

    I think this shit is great

  59. Many

    Was there a guys only concert ? I didn't see one girl !!!

  60. ldoetsch

    I miss these days

  61. G. Millau


  62. Jennifer Herrera

    She gets mad and starts to cry......

  63. Pizza Pizza

    I remember hearing this at Abercrombie and Fitch circa Fall 1995...

  64. Taylor Nervig

    I'm a geezer

  65. CHRIS Flashitall

    Perfect thanks lads!!!:))

  66. Rodney Smart

    Apocalypse Now vibe.

  67. Erica Annis

    Miss these day's so much. Love this song. 😍

  68. Chris

    These comments are superb, bodies on top of each other, the band knows you are there, feeding on the energies. Around the corner is a choke hold on creativity and love. The 2000's are all about nothing but fear, of each other, and the future. The 90's were amazing in the way that we focused on the present, and not worrying about remembering anything, which made so many people and so much of my life during that time, unf******forgettable.

  69. Alessandra Zeka

    i was there.!

  70. valiumboys

    Jane says, I got your DNA, you're gonna feel real poor now.

  71. kenny holdren

    This is some Zion in the matrix shit.

  72. Olorin Mithrandir

    Why's that queer ass fucker wearing a mini skirt?

    Victor Aragon

    He was married to Carmen electra.probably had more pussy then you in one night than you will in the rest of your life.lol,

  73. matthew coombs

    Ha ha, I had forgotten how good this song was. Remember buying "Nothing's Shocking" and playing it to death. Saw the band in 1990 in Nottingham, they were great. Good memories.

  74. ironmonkeyfist74

    To me this will always be the best version of this song!

  75. Chris W Scott

    Because Jane said

  76. Sunshine Daydream

    This song goes out to my brother from another, John John and I miss him so, this show was great and all our amazing times, tours, shows, surfed lots of places, may he rest in peace, this is to him today. We miss you John John, one love shouts out to all VB crew and Da Bridge cats too, of this time 😂. Bless...

  77. Brian Moore

    Loooooove this song

  78. Charisse Linnell Morton

    One of the most unique concerts I have ever seen!

  79. baddnurse5443

    I’m glad I was in my 20 during the 90s

    Paula Houlden

    Me too! It was a great time to transition from teens to adulthood. I was 23 in 1997

    Cody Chitwood

    @Paula Houlden I was in my early twenties

    Cody Chitwood

    Let me go back I was 18

    Bob Walshe

    Same as that, was in Manchester UK for mine.......mental

  80. Charles O

    I was there with several friends of Bill W.

    Robert J. Sullivan

    Also a friend. The real Jane, what happened to her? Did she get sober?

    Charles O

    @Robert J. Sullivan God willing she did brother

  81. dasmegacool

    Long live the 90s

  82. dasmegacool

    ‘99 was the last year for good music.

  83. Gabriel Hill

    Aft coke

  84. 43mackmobile

    22 years and 1 day tomorrow

  85. Christine Parker Civello

    This live on YouTube experience puts me there over and over! I wish I had really been there!!!

  86. scott maroney

    loved it back then? I love it now and forever. this is one of the greatest performances ever.

    scott maroney

    I thank god somebody recorded it

    scott maroney

    6million views tells me I'm probably right

    Rebecca Starr

    @scott maroney 👍💯

  87. Jaret Gandee

    I was 4 days old. Wish I grew up in this time. Drives me nuts sometimes.

  88. J Hawk Smith

    I saw Jane's Addiction at the first Lalapalooza in Virginia. They came on right as the sun was going down. It was one of the most powerful moments of my life, when they took the stage. It was beautiful. I'm glad I grew up ahead of social media and phones.

  89. Rob T

    I’m am so proud to have enjoyed real music as this. Love you Jane’s- lifer

  90. Phyllis Wilson

    Music I live for

  91. Michael Buskey

    This song shows how entertaining just playing music is

  92. Dave Wilber

    A friend was at this show and simply said.....the bad did better drugs than the rest of us. Makes sense.

  93. BadNews Kelly Leak

    10/23/19 5:15 am

  94. MrMle4etwo

    It took me some time to get into this one but, I was inexperienced, I was into the latest trends and overlooked alot of things. Caught myself in a deep state the other night and came across this one. How aging is amazing ~ Jane says 🤘

    Steven Johnston

    Deep state....love it..

  95. Steve Hughes

    Eating what?????

  96. Stan Mann

    Thank you rainy day win 49ers. Like Georgia you didn't cover the spread but moneyline saved me. I need to take the weather more serious. Beautiful game when it rains. "If it's not raining you ain't training."