Jane's Addiction - Ain't No Right (Live) Lyrics

I am skin and bones, I am pointy nose;
But it motherfuckin' makes me try.
Makes me try, and that ain't no wrong.
I'll tell you why...
There ain't no right!
Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right.
Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right.
Only pleasure and pain.
Motherfuckin' bad wind came, blew down my home.
Now the green grass grows.
Bad wind came, blew down my home.
Goddamn goodness knows!
Where green grass grows there can't be wrong.
And goodness knows, there ain't no right!
Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right.
Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right.
Only pleasure and pain.

Bumped my head, I'm a battering ram.
Goddamn took the pain.
Cut myself, said 'So what?'
Motherfuckin' took the pain.
Said 'So what?'
I can't be wrong.
I thought so but there ain't no right!
Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right.
Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right.
Only pleasure and pain.

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Jane's Addiction Ain't No Right (Live) Comments
  1. Crazy Kong

    I was at that show. Guy who had the Birkenstocks, made his way down the line asking for drugs,. He got to Riki Rachtman and he shut him down. In a very public way. Primus was awesome. Jane's too.

  2. the Dawn y` & i Sea

    aeni` marcianou. 13, year old. 1972, 19th oct. (-ant.).

  3. TheOceanSize

    Love you Perry!

  4. Petra Columbia

    "I thought it would never come to this.
    But the guy threw a birkenstock,
    I mean this guys a real moron!
    He doesn't even understand fashion."
    -Perry Farrell 1990, Janes Addiction

  5. Johnny Depp Vengence

    13 age aeni` Marcianou. 14 age Eric Avery. 15 Dave Navarro 16 Stephen Perkins. 1986 or 1985. November. at isla de Phillippe. Quezon City.

  6. Susan Knies

    Classic Girl 💋💖

  7. Not One

    Goddamn what a great rendition of this great song!

  8. Bobby Mulligan

    These guys would be called “try hards” nowadays. Kids don’t have true passion anymore. It’s not cool to care.

    Liucija Saltonaite

    Hm, yeah, it's really interesting how nowadays youth craves to look apathetic to everything :`D

  9. matt lewis

    the most underrated band of all Time

  10. BRANN I

    reminds me of a guns n roses track...........but i think guns track came out after janes addiction.

  11. waterdamnaged

    There's that same asshole again ...

  12. David Burnham

    Dave Navarro is a killer guitar player.

  13. nobody special

    I was at this show!!

    Melissa Lamb

    nobody special me too! You can see my roommate in this video!!!

  14. yoyoBrando

    I was high on XTC when I saw Jane's Addiction for the first time in Denver. Long story short, it was Halloween night. 90's. I was wearing fishnets with no skivvies, snd I made -out with a girl who I'd had a crush on in the middle of a friendly mosh pit. I just, literally, bumped into her. It seemed like everyone was rolling. I was tripping on love that night.

    One of the top ten moments in my life.

  15. julian cermele

    that drum ♥

  16. Kristi Woods

    God, how I love Perry Farrell!

  17. BrandtArt66

    Shot at the Hollywood Palladium WAY back in the day. This was the era of the band when shit was being thrown at Perry, for some odd reason, constantly. Well, he was going off on the mic with rambling tangents where he seemed to dislike the audience and and you'd just go "Fuck. Not again," and have to wait until he finished. This particular night at the Palladium I remember he just kept getting pelted with shoes and I always loved that they made this video from a show I attended. Good times in the H-Wood.

    Wrenchless Wench

    I miss those days!

    Brian Truitt

    I'm lucky enough to say that I was there that night. I remember the Birkenstock incident. Primus & The Pixies opened the show. I lost my shoe in the pit... almost got trampled trying to get it back. What a great night!

    nobody special

    BrandtArt66 dude when he got hit it was at Akron university... I seen it...

    Patrick Kyle

    No Shit! I was there that night when he got hit in the face with the shoe. Damn.

  18. Johnny Staccato

    Grandissima Band!!!!!

  19. brandon242

    Navarro never ceases to amaze me even though I cant stand the RHCP.

  20. Wickedvoid96

    Thank god its not vevo its janes addiction!

  21. Henry Hines

    Grease Box by TAD is another really good reason to learn to play bass

    Dustin Smith

    Yes yes it is

  22. mmmfff

    This isn't vevo...

  23. Derek Stein

    i quit that fucker...no benefits

  24. John Schilling

    hahahah awesome... got any openings?

  25. Derek Stein

    I remember...cuz it's my JOB to remember! I also give added value...like ketchup! lol

  26. John Schilling

    saw em last night.. performed well... perry is 55.. this is classic rock, give it a break....when you go to work frying a combo plate of fries and jalapeno poppers.. do you occassionally forget to put the ranch on the plate with it??? of course you don't.

  27. matt180497

    officially why im learning to play bass

  28. russell welch

    perry always kills it.25 years later

  29. Robyn Margaret McComb

    Love that bass

  30. Derek Stein

    Now THIS is how I remember this band! Not the old farts trying these lame reunions - Farrell forgetting lyrics, Avery barely feelin it...ahhh I miss the 90's :(