Jamie Scott - When Will I See Your Face Again Lyrics

Here I am, everyday, since you said, you'd come again
But it's not fair, 'cause you're not here
I wait in vain but nothing has changed
I'm a flower soaking in the rain
If I could wish one thing, I'd hear you call my name

So when will I see your face again
When will you touch my life again
When will I breathe you in again
I think I love you
Will I see your face again

Little things, like the way
She looked at me a certain kind of way
Tell me girl, where are you now
Because I don't know how much longer I can wait
I'm a dreamer waiting for the sun
When you call my name I know my life's begun

Tell me girl
When will I see your face again
When will you touch my life again
When will I breathe you in again
I think i love you
Will I see your face again

You know that all my life I've been waiting
Waiting for someone, someone like you to love me
You can't come by like an angel into my life
And then fly away
Fly away

When will I see your face again
(I've only seen you once my love)
When will you touch my life again
(I want to see you twice my love)
When will I breathe you in again
I think I love you

When will I see your face again my friend
I think I love you

I think I love, love, love you

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Jamie Scott When Will I See Your Face Again Comments
  1. Daniel Raymond Wal Parulian Siahaan

    im still here.
    i wonder what are u doing right now.. .

  2. Fizan Lee

    Still my favorite song in 2019 . Love

  3. Draco Wayne


  4. lovely joy sanchez

    My heart still remember this song💕💕

  5. bujakk tampan

    21 October 2019.. this magical song deserves more view 😢

  6. ArSeNaL IceSy

    my favorite song i

    listen every day from thailand

  7. masilibale stoto

    2007 KFM 94.5, I was still in High School

  8. steamyboy69

    I swear Jamie scott wrote this song for me HhHahaa. 😂. Lol

  9. Jonathan Evaristo

    Back when life make sense than this 2019

  10. Yip Ashlie

    240p but still fall for it....


    First time in 2008

  12. Imy Burcao

    2019 anyone ? :)

  13. Ines Barros

    Simply adore this song...
    And, the way that James sing...really touches me!!
    His voice so sweet and tender is so deep!!❤️💕💕🎤🎶🎶🎶

  14. Meem

    Listen to this song atm ❤️

  15. xtianz paul

    2019 baby I heard it to a cozy acoustic bar and here I am watching the music video its so nostalgic song

  16. Mr. Patrick Jane

    Saudades da minha adolescência.

  17. sandiegan22 Jake

    i first happened to hear this song 11yr ago while i was waiting for the girl that i dated in a shop.....the moment i heard this song i found myself falling into the song not the girl....from 2:33 it touches me the most of my emtions...

  18. Linny Lim

    11 years down the road, and "How I miss you every single day when I see you on those streets, cause I don't know how to love someone else, I don't know how to forget your face".

  19. Budi Yapardy

    October 2018

  20. Mizy Mizearly

    How I wish he still with the band. Jamie Scott and The Town. Still listening to this

  21. Gökalp Yılmaz


  22. Sơn Lê Thế

    This song deserved at least 4 more number 0 in the end of counting views number.

  23. Jz Re

    Adrian K of Quebec it’ll be nice if i saw you again.

  24. Fizan Lee

    when will i see your face again .. miss youu dear ex

  25. Fizan Lee

    high school song . gosh!!

  26. Juana Bernarbé

    Simplemente me encanta!

  27. Sakti Hutagalung

    Wow i can see the videos again

  28. Isabelly Ely

    Lindíssima! ❤

  29. iche synthia

    listened this song for the first time in 2009. until now, it is still my favorite song ever.

  30. Duang Yelland

    I met my husband when this song came out over 11years ago and we are still together! :)

  31. Gökalp Yılmaz

    What a song ! Its magic 👏🏼👏🏼

  32. Cyhun Lee


  33. alfinn stiant

    Here I Am, Everyday
    Since You Said, You'd Come Again
    But It's Not Fair, Cos You're Not Here
    I Wait In Vain, But Nothing Has Chaaanged

    I'm A Flower, Soaking In The Rain
    If I Could Wish One Thing, I'd Hear You Call My Name

    So When Will I See Your Face Again
    When Will You Touch My Life Again (ohh yeah)
    When Will I Breathe You In Again (ha)
    I Think I Love Youuu... Will I See Your Face Again

    (2nd Verse)
    Little Thing, Like The Rain Coming
    She Looked At Me A Certain Kind Of Way
    Tell Me Girl, Where Are You Nowww
    Cause I Don't Know How Much Longer I can Waaait

    I'm A Dreamer, Waiting For The Sun
    When You're Coming In, I know My Life's Begun
    Tell Me Girl...

    When Will I See Your Face Again (ohh yeaaah)
    When Will You Touch My Life Again (ummm um)
    When Will I Breathe You In Again
    I Think I Love Youuu, Will I See Your Face Again
    You Know That All My Life I've Been Waaaiting
    Waiting For Sooome, Someone Like You To Love Me
    You Can't Come By Like An Angel, Into My Life
    And then Fly Awaaaay, Flyyyyyy Away

    Oh Honey, Cos I, Uh Baby, Ba Ba Doo Yeah, Ohh ohhhh
    Sing, I've Only Seen Youuu, Oh, I Said, Uh huh, I Said I Said, Yeah (woo)

    When Will I See Your Face Again (I Wanna See You Once In My Life)
    When Will You Touch My Life Again, (Wanna See You Twice In My Life)
    When Will I Breathe You In Again (ohhh)
    I Think I Love Youuu, Will I See Your Face Again

    I said, see Bap pa da doo ba ba (ohhh)
    Bap Ba Doo Yeah, That's What We Do Yeaahhh (ohh)
    When Will iii See Your Face Again My Friend
    Oh Yeah, I Think You Gotta Let Me Know Yeah
    Ohh Yeahhh...

  34. Wildan Habibi

    so nostalgic... i used to watch this video clilp about 10 years ago on tv...

  35. جوليان أوروزكو

    I love this song

  36. blooduhz

    It sucks to think that he's now working in the studio and help writing songs to that no-talent boyband One Direction, instead becoming a feature artist himself. Jamie Scott deserves more!

    Xiahnee Perry


    Xiahnee Perry

    No talent?! Bish whut?!

  37. Ajay Suryawanshi

    song of SOUL

  38. minolust

    Très belle voix, bon chanteur.

  39. UrbanLegend131

    Dedicated to u Lydia Everett. Always and forever.

  40. Johnny DeCastro

    Sounds so similar to sunday morning

  41. Herbie Barlow

    Great song 😋

  42. Don Cresswell

    Whatever happens to him? I mean where is he now?

  43. Leo Láo Lếu

    close your eyes, don't watch the video and feel the song
    You'll see a little of Adam Levine here

    Ruliff Sean

    lol, i wish so XD


    @***** John Mayer's got a much deeper voice

    pedro soliano

    a little of adam and rod stewart :p

    Noah Young

    No dummy, they are totally different artists. Open your fucking ears.

    Trung Huynh

    who the fuck Adam Levine are ? come on dude I did know this song about more than 10 years on MTV and at that time I don't fucking know Adam Levine ...

  44. ArSeNaL IceSy


  45. Kelsey Cate

    Wow Amazing.

  46. Lucia Nepomuceno

    Simplesmente apaixonante!

  47. Lucia Nepomuceno

    Música apaixonante.

  48. Lucas Fermon

    fantastic song..i love it and love jamie voice...sing more jamie..we need music like that

  49. José O

    No, I like him in Graffiti6 more.

  50. Vanilla rose

    J.B become famous because of the girls sorry but not because of his voice

  51. velimirwarrs

    here beacause the vampire diaries

  52. Jezzel May Togado

    What's the name of the girl on the video?

  53. Hansell Quiroz

    gosh i remember why i fell in love with Jamie Scott in the first place.

  54. debbie Last

    Jamie we need more songs please , xxx

  55. se7enoholique

    He and "Park Bench Theories" always got that place inside me. Graffiti6 is good, but Jamie Scott and the Town is better. Way better.

  56. Honey Elen

    Una gran canción. Amor siempre ha sido y siempre lo será si se puede apreciar. Este sentimiento es hermosa... !

  57. C G

    I'm so glad that so many people appreciate him still.

  58. 回不去的叫年少

    my fav song of Jamie's.
    If he could sing this in front of me,
    I regret nothing!!!!!!

  59. r00mless

    Just saw a girl make me feel like this. Damn i wish to see again

  60. Alia Yasmine


  61. Julie Donatzsky-Hansen

    fuck fuck. so touching

  62. Alessandro Fracassetti


  63. aldrich manansang

    bagus banget

  64. Lee Eric

    Love, it makes people do crazy things. I know a girl which is a mutual friend of my other friend in Facebook. She's quite beautiful until one day i went to play badminton and i met her!! OMG!! She's stunningly gorgeous, slim-athletic, long legs, long hair and a pair of sparkling eyes. Love at 1st sight, everytime when she turns around, i'll quickly turn away. Time has passed, when listening to my MP3, i linger of that moment. Till now, i hoped to see her face again, waiting, for that moment.

  65. nahiad1


  66. se7enoholique

    Always love this man <3

  67. yayahyaable

    awww it's really painful

  68. Alessandro Fracassetti


  69. Kiki Jun

    oh when will i see your face again?

  70. princezeusman


  71. Ronnie Putra Lim

    me and my band sings this song, even thought not many people knows the song in my country.

  72. Seek N Hide

    Here i am, everyday,
    Since you said, you'd come again,
    But it's not fair, cos you're not here,
    I wait in vain, but nothing has chaaanged,

    I'm a flower, soaking in the rain,
    If i could wish one thing, i'd hear you call my name,


    So when will i see your face again,
    When will you touch my life again (ohh yeah),
    When will i breathe you in again (ha),
    I think i love youuu...will i see your face again,

  73. Elos fro

    i think i love u when will i c ur face again <3

  74. MontseEscAM

    What a song!!! Impossible not to cry with it

  75. craz fanabe

    @fingerspitshen yeahhh... actually i think about him everyday for just a view seconds.. its not that i think about him all the time but when i think about him... i feel hurt :( but I'm okay!!

  76. Obvious Bambi

    Nice song.

  77. hysteriastyle

    want to see you twice my love!

  78. creolelady89

    @mimamo1999 heard graffiti6 yet? He's the singer has a pretty well played song out atm. Thats how I found this

  79. craz fanabe

    this song reminds me of my first love. He was italian and I'm dutch and I was there on a holiday.When i had to go home, I cried so much, even in front of my parents which i never do! When we were driving back to holland i listen to this song non-stop and now when i hear this song, i feel really emotional because i know he will always have a place in my heart..I still had contact with him for year but now he has a girlfriend and she is too jealous, so he stopped having contact with me.. I'm hurt!

  80. Okaylawl86

    He is so sexy

  81. barbara zamorano

    Usted no puede venir como un ángel, en mi vida,
    Y luego volar♫

  82. Stefani Amaral

    É linda essa musica...

  83. Toi Sakranag

    its been a long time since i last met her. wer supposed to meet yesterday but then something came up and we just couldnt. im still wishing :)

  84. skyfall_2007

    when will i see my moonz again???

  85. Larasayu Dea

    this song... oh God. i cant stop listen to his voice. replay, replay, replay, and replay.

  86. William Asbury

    this song is fucking sick

  87. Pauline Teo

    I'm in love with this song, this voice, this man... =)

  88. chio martizano

    a very nice song

  89. woe kun

    This world is so unfair for someone as talent as this guy can not be famous as half as JB or BM. His voice n his songs 're simply great!

  90. Laura Rivas

    Heard this in danmark, i love it.

  91. leah taylor

    haven't heard this in forever! love it so much! <3

  92. mellie1411

    this song deserves more view!

  93. MrMetthias

    @Robinqq11 yuck

  94. Michelle Manurung

    what a sexy voices... :-) and sexy face too