Jamie Scott - Love Song To Remember Lyrics

Come with me baby
I'll sing you a song to remember
Walk with me darling
We'll carry our fortunes forever

I hope in time you'll see
And play this song for me
And this love is forever

Happy to see you
I'm praying this love is closer
So happy to see you baby
I swear I'll feel this way forever

Or I just told his tale for all to see
One can only dream that so will she

Come with me baby
I swear I will love you forever
Talk to me baby
I'll sing you a love song you'll remember

A lovers' song I pray
A foolish melody
This is a lovers' song to remember

My heart is weak with confusion
My mind is under illusion
I'm seeing things that I can't see
I'm hearing you if I believe
I don't know how to love you baby

This is a lover's song to remember
I'm a foolish man, made clever
A timid soul made stronger

This is a love song to remember

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