Jamie Scott - Lady West Lyrics

I was waiting for destination to come
I was waiting for you and baby you're the one

Only woman I see beyond the looking glass you know

I've been daydreaming wasting in the sun
Life has just begun ah baby you're the only one

Yeah yeah
Only woman I see beyond the looking glass you know
yeah yeah

Long legs that I've never seen
Remind me of some Gucci queen
She dances so fine
She says to me says to me
How you been
I've been fine
But love you ain't got to cry
'Cause she ain't got nothing on you

We've been married for time
Oh I've seen the sun shine
Come lady pour the wine

Baby you're the only one
Yeah, yeah
Only woman I see beyond the looking glass you know

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Jamie Scott Lady West Comments
  1. Pham Truc

    Forever 27 dresses

  2. hetane

    Who's the trumpet player?

  3. Lauren P

    Aw I totally forgot about this song....I love it. Good to visit it again!

  4. Janie de Medeiros

    Thank you for sharing 'Taatj' & I agree this song ROCKS! I'm going to share it with my goolge+ Friends. It sounds great!

    Janie de Medeiros

    That's exciting when one enjoys a song of a music artist & is influenced to think of "Friends."  Awesome Khatchig & have a joyous afternoon leading into the brand new days coming our way!

  5. aefa40

    Thank you for posting this.  Absolutely adore this song.  :D


    It's great isn't it?  Great piece of real music where you can nicely pick out all the instruments.   Seems like the whole band had fun with this one.   The song grabbed me right away when I first heard it in the movie 27 Dresses.

  6. xsterolinex 0403

    oh my god i´ve had searched for this for hours! thank you so much for uploading!

  7. Carola R

    He's the frontman of Graffiti 6! :D

  8. Virulente

    Anyone has the mp3 for this song ??

  9. JamesonSp

    And you are officially awesome for it.

  10. Andrew Flower

    whoaa.. amazing :P

  11. netflixlover09

    @Alexandraisonfire yep

  12. Alexandraisonfire

    @vitormcz its in 27 Dresses??

  13. vitormcz

    is this song in a movie soundtrack or something?

    Gabriela Ramos

    27 dresses

  14. Catriona Ross

    i love this song <3

  15. Jordan Osborne

    Amazingly good stuff

  16. mass blink

    bo didly beat put to amazing use...

  17. MyChemicalLove

    they playing here in essen (germany) for free^^ maybe i will see them

  18. ajam27

    "You're the only woman I see beyond the looking glass, ya know, yeah, yeah" sweet

  19. Priscilla Barquet

    im looking for "All about a kiss" from Chantal Kreviazuk do u know where i can find it?

  20. Priscilla Barquet

    thank you!!!

  21. Ryan Flynn

    thank you so much for putting this song on here it is a good song I wonder what there sound is labeled under?

  22. Diaval

    Catchy, huh? Amazon has the album BTW.