Jamie O'Neal - Wide Awake Lyrics

My baby loves to hold me in his arms and gently touch my face
As we lie there close together late at night
In our own special place
Its like I'm driftin' off to heaven when he does that thing that only he can do
He moves his lips in little ways that let me know he's in heaven too

He's sorin again and I'm wide awake
Its like a nascar race bein run on his face
And the bed starts to tremble and shake
I try to roll him over I kick him with my feet
Hell I gotta wake him up so I can get sleep
For a moment he's quiet and then
He's snorin' again

In the morning he wakes up so happy
Lookin' all refreshed
While I count the lines and the dark circles
Cause I ain't had no rest
Ohh the day seems to drag along and I cant wait to get myself in bed
But soon that old familiar sound
Comes crashin' in my head

He's snorin' again and I'm wide awake
Its like an old buzz saw tearin' up the walls
And I've had more than I can take
I'm glad to hear he's breathin'
I know he needs his rest but that snortin' and that wheezin
Sure puts me to the test
Gonna make him go sleep in the den
He's snorin' again

He sleeps just like a baby but he sounds just like a tank
He knows that I adore him but when he gets to snorin'
I have to grab his hair and yank

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Jamie O'Neal Wide Awake Comments
  1. Cam The Man

    Is that her daughter Aliyah?

  2. Kathryn Smith

    I busted a gut laughing at this video..... I adore Jamie.... She has an amazing voice, been a fan since There Is No Arizona❤️

  3. Cambbott Anakin Jedi Hawk

    That reminds me of my Mom.

  4. SpinWeezle Media, LLC

    Cute LOL

  5. daveheel

    this is a joke song. :)

  6. Ronald McReynolds

    Funny, well done, true to life.  That is a good song.  Now about one where women talk to much?

  7. borntobewilder9

    Jamie got hosed years ago on contractual agreements.  She is or should be on the top of the country billboard charts.  Shiver was golden. Brave was raw and wonderful! Jamie's voice is as solid as they come!

  8. Bruce Lyn

    Love this video!!

  9. Mike Heal

    I agree with those who say that she is amazing!  I wish country was like this today.

  10. Kerryman

    Jamie O'Neal sings better than 95% of all the so-called singers on the circuit today (and she's better looking than 99%).

  11. FarfeNuegen

    I snore and my wife discovered it right after we were married 7 yrs ago!!!!! THANK GOD FOR CPAP MACHINES!!!!!!! THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO AND Jamie has a great voice TOO!!! Heard it on KRDE from Globe, Az

  12. Mrs Ramsay

    just for my husband!!! ha ha ha ha ,,,great song!

  13. North Country

    Love it... this is so funny....and it's a GREAT tune..



    Can't stop laughing

  15. Steph Prior

    This song is for my ex husband xx

    Christopher Reilly

    what did you do to make him your "Ex"?

    Steph Prior

    He cheated on me with a married women. He cheated on me 6/7 times that I know of in 4 & half years. I found out on the 27th may & I had to walk away

    Steph Prior

    27th may this year***

  16. samantha Rod

    More!!!!! I love you voice please keep them coming! We have missed you Jamie!💜💚❤️💙

  17. Mark Webster

    Great new song. Now let's hope radio's smart enough to play it.

  18. MartinHCollection

    I´m so IN with her :D :D really funny video :D

  19. Cara Foster

    Yay excited for a new song from jamie o'neal