Jamie O'Neal - Trying To Find Atlantis Lyrics

I hear he's out there somewhere
Been looking for him everywhere
From Rosweld to Timbuck too I thought I found him once at a jiffy lube
But it turned into a dead end so I got my oil changed and I tried again
He was a major in archeology
I was digging on him but he wasn't on me
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

It's a mystery like the deep blue sea
You can take it you can leave it but I still believe
So I won't give up and I won't give in
I know I'm gonna find him I just don't know when
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

I met a mystic down in Memphis we stood at the foot of the pyramid
He had me looking east - He had me looking west
Then he showed me a map and said I wish you the best
There was Elvis not the real one
When told me good bye he called me hun
Just another shot in the dark like Eldorado or Noah's ark
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

It's a mystery like the deep blue sea
You can take it you can leave it but I still believe
So I won't give up and I won't give in
I know I'm gonna find him I just don't know when
A girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis

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Jamie O'Neal Trying To Find Atlantis Comments
  1. Michele Pacheco

    I've met Jamie O'Neal and she was so incredibly sweet and warm and genuine seeming. She really inspired me and made me feel loved.

  2. chantelleart1

    I found one, now if I could just find this dress!!!

  3. James Ratnavale

    My favourite part of the song is when she is dancing with fake Elvis..

  4. stopglobalswarming

    Learn to cook! Your dating options will open up.

  5. stopglobalswarming

    The Elvis guy has some rad sunglasses.

  6. Reggie Holder

    too bad most people don't know good music when they hear it

  7. Reggie Holder

    damn,she knew how to look good.

  8. Nikki Renner

    I only know two songs of hers and like them both. I know There is no Arizona and this one. Literally trying to find the perfect person for you is like trying to find Atlantis.

  9. High Heel Knight Reviews

    I just saw the "Aquaman" movie today, and I just happened to hear this song for the first time today. The song will be a great reference for my upcoming movie review!

  10. JayNise Arrington

    Yep yeah

  11. Jaoyte Potter-Urbanek

    A guy trying to find the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis :)

  12. Mr. Chip

    what is this garbage?

  13. Brittnay Schill

    I found my true love :)
    we're almost three years and growing strong <3

  14. Windsong1a

    Great song! But remember Jamie....it's a two way street. Men are looking for the perfect woman. Wait, oh yeah, that's right. NO such thing. NO body's perfect. Unless YOU are perfect... don't expect to find perfect.

  15. Stacy Benn

    John Phonix

  16. Playboy Casanova

    Jamie O'Neal is a fantastic singer. She sing the crap out of Trying To Find Atlantis. Great song.

  17. saur2244

    That so called thing called love is dead and dating is only for gold diggers liars and just a pointless exercise . I still love the song

  18. Patrice Heriveau

    i love country music

  19. S.R.J Dittmann

    My mom found him then he died in a car accident

  20. Stacie Campbell

    I'm glad I found the perfect man. Mine has been a keeper for more than 15 years.

  21. hoscaleconstuction


  22. Jennifer L

    Stevie nicks lookalike. Wayne Goss sent me.

  23. jumpfart666

    Perfect Mayonaise



    Tony Bowyer

    "perfect man is"

    Lala's Simple Life



    cute hahahhaa

  24. Rivadávia Fonseca Neto

    essa música é muito legal

  25. Quinn zell

    I fucking hate this song so much it's so goddamn cheesy and her voice makes me want to kill myself. idk who told this bitch she could sing, but they fucking lied.

  26. Lexey Marie

    I love country music

  27. Zachary Conyers

    While I adore her and love this song, I always felt she looked a little too disheveled in this video. It's almost as if they didn't do makeup and hair touch-ups throughout the days of shooting.

  28. Jay Brantley

    I'm in law enforcement and a former US Army Ranger. You're barking up the wrong tree little man.

  29. Isaac Ortiz

    I hate country music but I love Jamie O'Neal.She's got such a great singing voice.She's better than Leann Rimes,Faith Hill,Gretchen Wilson,Carrie Underwood,Jennifer Nettles.

  30. Andrew Roberts

    god she's fine asf

  31. John Alessandro

    The premise of this song is kind of silly, but accurate as many women unrealistically spend most of their life looking for "mr. perfect". However, Jamie O'neal can flat out sing and she's incredibly easy on the eyes!

  32. David Jacobson

    Quite an enjoyable song/singer.

  33. Jay Brantley

    I'm wearin my boot scoot boogie shoes and I can't dance to this crap!

  34. Jay Brantley

    This song sucks!

    Isaac Ortiz

    No you suck.Fucking loser lol.

  35. Amanda Panda

    true love is dead to me lol but I love this song and her I saw and met her last night at a live Xmas concert

  36. baby girl

    this song is why I never give up on finding my true love

  37. Cassie Bloemendaal

    nice car

  38. Barry Glassner

    Me + Country WTF?
    Awesome song !

    Reggie Holder

    do you have to almost swear?

  39. Angie Joseph

    I love this song 

  40. MartinHCollection

    her hair!

  41. louiedoggz

    i hope she finds herself the perfect mayonaise soon.

    Jenny Smith

    Wow. Now I can't hear anything else.

    Reggie Holder

    that's funny.

    Fledhyris Proudhon

    Damn you lol I can't stop hearing this now!

    Oleysia Ogren

    Lol. Man is sounds like what you said. ◉‿◉

    Oleysia Ogren

    I hate mayonnaise.

  42. Tezca McFakeName

    Was that Big Kenny at around the 1:26 mark or am I just seeing things?

  43. baby girl

    this is my song i couldent said it no better to be honest

    Reggie Holder


  44. Vicky G.

    Atlantis is sleeping on the couch right now,but is about to sink under water any moment soon, if you know what I mean. I'm getting very close to start looking for Atlantis again.

  45. Julie Annabella

    accurate song is accurate.

  46. topherh33

    Show me a perfect woman and ill show you the perfect man.

  47. Tammy Cole

    I found Atlantis but I lost it so what do i do find it again or a new one because merpeople inhabited underwater magicle citys are hard to come by these days

    Raven Alexander

    Mindy McCready

  48. Sabrina Sutherland

    Love this song!!!

  49. chevys10freak2011

    5 people got lost in the bermuda triangle while trying to find atlantis.

  50. Ron Frankl

    Great song, great video.Why can't Nashville make records like this nowadays?

  51. Dorothy Catalano

    anyone hear of jamie today? dig her songs someone said I remind them of her.. ha he was drunk yrs ago at superbowl party 2002 dottieanncata... facbk

  52. Eric Springer

    This song reminds me of something that a gal before Jamie came along would sing.....this reminds me of Suzy Boggus, and I love her music too!

  53. Eric Springer

    Anyone know if Jamie is putting out any new music soon? I love her! She is awesome!

  54. dog2bunny1

    I'm still researching for my Atlantis. I know he's out there somewhere.

  55. Tony W

    Well they found Atlantis and 5 other underwater cities. :D Haven't heard this song in years.. mom used to love this song and for some reason it popped into my head today... The beat in this song is awesome.

  56. Terry Dove

    It's always the surfer....

  57. Bekah Smith

    This song speaks of my love life

  58. CarlyLuvsJustin

    I was just randomly thinking of this song today and I had to listen.. Don't know why but I miss old country music like this :)

  59. Natalee M.

    Thumbs up if you are watching this in 2011 or 2012!!!!!!!!

  60. Adnan Duane Razack

    WOW! She is so sexy!!!

  61. K Moss

    She has a nice shape!

  62. rubi blood

    I found mine now the problem is he need to realize it me lol

  63. flame0731

    Only 100,00 views? Um...I'm pretty sure this song was bigger than that.

  64. Emily

    @lethalsparrow HAHAHAHA!!! i LOVE IT!!

  65. lilpaganfire

    After 8 years of waiting for him, I finally got my Atlantis :-)

  66. Betsy Hodge

    Kinda hard to find Atlantis when you can't afford a boat :P

  67. Megan Francisco

    i thought i found it once....but then scuba suite ran out of air. close call though!

  68. TALAfan11

    I just love how sassy Jamie is!!

  69. bubbles4life26

    I found MY Atlantis. He is the sweetest thing a girl could EVER ask for. I love him so much!

  70. Gregory Mitchell

    Too slow of a deviation from the radio version...

  71. Alysa Waldner

    I found my atlantis! :)

  72. Rauroes

    Perfect song on Valentine's day for us single gals. ;)

  73. Krystle S

    love the song ...but still looking for the man ah lol

  74. AlwaysfightFangirl

    so true!

  75. Marii Taylor

    ive found my atlantis and i didnt have to work very hard :)

  76. Pearl Catz

    @MsJBUG1 hahaha!

  77. The Lady Adrianna

    not saying they can't..just my personal preference is that it washes her out some

  78. Kenneth Lawson

    and trying to find a man girl best believe...love this song!!!

  79. Frank H.

    She ain't Shania, but she;s definately doable in a pinch..(LOL) ;>)

  80. arizonababygirl17

    there;s no law that says a woman with gold hair cant ware cloths of the same collar! In fact, its often done by the most popular celibates today. And, it looks good on her.

  81. The Lady Adrianna

    I love this song...but that dress washes her out..gold hair, gold dress, gold veil, gold boots..tanned skin. Wow. she's so lovely that it's almost a shame you can't really see it in this video

  82. m52spy

    oh this is crap.

  83. Maritza Serratos

    @kvmh824 Lucky!!

  84. Maritza Serratos

    @SuperAmp18 Yes We WILL!!

  85. Madeleine Page


  86. SuperAmp18

    I'll find atlantis, someday!

  87. katelyn courtright

    The trick is not to find the perfect man. It's to find a man that u can love flaws and all. I found one :) thank god i don't have to look anymore :) LOL

  88. John Boulding

    She is HOTTTTTTTT. One of the best singers to hit the country scene in a long time. Too bad they couldnt recognize the complete package.

  89. Zukosgirl251

    So true. Love this song.

  90. Jaimie Cross

    I think Id have better luck finding Atlantis than a perfect man!!

  91. PimpinAV

    @MakCullen You only find atlantis once, you found a dud the first time

  92. PimpinAV

    @Bitchz90 Yeah but somethings weird, plastic surgery or some shit

  93. Gulzar Malji

    there is no such thing as perfect...if we all learned to deal with that we would all be happy

  94. jackie

    I'm a good guy and I'm single:)

  95. Vicky G.

    Hes out there. Somewere. But were?

  96. Amy M. Klein

    This so so my life....Can't any of us find Atlantis.