Jamie McDell - The Black Arrow (The Hobbit Song) Lyrics

The dark grows on the river
Our friends stay on the brighter side
The true friends can only shiver
In times so cold the match can't light

And flames won't catch me now,
I'm half way down
I'm already falling!
And there's just one way out
Here and now the black arrow's calling!

My eyes, they hold the only weakness
I watch and wait for signs to go
My breath grows heavier, I'm sleepless
I know the path my fathers chose

And flames won't catch me now,
I'm half way down
I'm already falling!
And there's just one way out
Here and now the black arrow's calling!

My hands stay strong
I brave the distance
I know I only have one chance

And flames won't catch me now,
I'm half way down
I'm already falling!
And there's just one way out
Here and now the black arrow's calling!

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Jamie McDell The Black Arrow (The Hobbit Song) Comments
  1. Jonn Christie

    so mysterious and beautiful i would love to chat to you when you have some time this is magic!

  2. Fiona

    i tryed to pass your YouTube to my friends in Tweeter and snapchat. i do some pub for you 😘

  3. Suzy Robinson


  4. NYC Jess

    i love the hobbit<33

  5. Sven F

    cute young singers.
    the pigtails are sooo cool!

  6. Russell Knipe

    Something special happens when siblings sing together. Because the voices are so closely matched, harmonies are glorious.
     Jamie, I may be 64 years old, but I know something good when I hear it. I have "Angel" on my Ipod. I have to admit that when I first heard it, I thought it was a big US star, like Christina Aguilera. Mate, you made a great job of that.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. abayer1000

    what are you singing in a home made play tent?

  8. Michelle B.

    Omg... it's so perfect. You're so amazing at writing songs! (and singing them =P). My big wish is to be as good as you one day (probably impossible), I am only a beginner at writing songs now... and yeah you're just amazing <3

  9. Maeduli Lehmann


  10. Patriciya sinkevic

    This song is really good, it should be in the movie!!! Xxxx

  11. Megan Toki

    This is amazing love u

  12. Josie Gonzalez

    Love It! You Two Are Amazing ((:

  13. Freya Tewnion

    Loving this song, it's so epic! Love you!

  14. Kaitlyn Virtue

    WOW!!! This song suits the movie perfectly. Great job singing it girls:)

  15. KJ W

    This is amazing! You and your sister are really good at singing!

  16. Cris Ollé Prieto

    AWESOMEE Jamie congrats! :)

  17. leone rinslet

    Please do a cover for a song by eclipses for eyes

  18. micahjayne163

    does your sister have a youtube channel??? 

  19. Nalani Sandusky

    What are the chords to this song? My best friend and I want to sing this for the talent show!

  20. Josie Beard

    This is freaking perfection!

  21. Blair Macdonald

    being the 1000's like :) good feels

  22. EmmaisBEAST

    I wish I could like this more than once. You're so talented and amazing at what you do. This should be featured on the soundtrack.

  23. Nuva

    lol Smaug dislikes 'The Black Arrow' XD

  24. Belinda L

    wow this song was so good it gave me shivers! :D AMAZING

  25. Josh Ransley

    accidentally changed my itunes into the new Zealand one trying to buy your song aha

  26. Isaiah Kaiawe

    This should be a real song.........

  27. Nicole Fox

    You should be on The Voice because you would win!!

  28. Nicole Fox

    I love it!!!!😊💕

  29. beth nicholson

    Just an idea but you do a taylor swift cover? i think it sound amazing :) x

  30. Selemba

    Holy shit. Unbelievable! Time to spend hours and hours listening to all your songs :-)

  31. Verena Schellander

    Your voices fit perfectly to each other ! love it

  32. Keely Herringe

    This is amazing!

  33. Paul Kim

    Came here from Ben Brown and you are freaking awesome!

  34. Tori Severance

    Please do a cover of Let It Go from Frozen please! <3

  35. besiktas spirit

    What a voice #benbrownsentme

  36. Yan

    Ben Brown sent me!

  37. Jack


  38. Morgan Ridley-Smith

    I don't usually comment on videos - don't know why - but I really love this song and I had to say something!!! It should totally be in the last Hobbit movie. Just as good as I See Fire! Seriously! I'm listening to this over and over!

  39. Molol Games

    Did your dad teach you to play the guitar

  40. Nalani Sandusky

    I really wish I was as talented as you! You really inspire me, especially with this song!
    P.s. I love you and you're sister together! So beautiful!

  41. Gina Choi Millar

    Jamie, can you pleaaase post the chords and lyrics to this, this is such an amazing song and I wouldn't be surprised if this is in the next movie!


    yes please!!

  42. Benjamin Seiffer

    Beautiful...just beautiful. Love it!

  43. KZ San Juan

    love your voice!!!

  44. Calkempx

    I love you jamie, you follow me on twitter and i havent been happier, you're so pretty!

  45. Rike ♥

    This song is AMAZING! it would be awesome if you could tell me which chords I need to play on the guitar for this song, i cant really see it in this vid. Best wishes from germany ♥

  46. fixdeluxe1

    Great music, I love the original and real sound you make!

  47. Leann Brown

    Awesome!!!! Go northland girls!!!! ☺️

  48. Polly Garrett

    gave me shivers! :) incredible song.

  49. Tamás Kozsup

    I know that it's sucks for a 33 years old guy, but this song made me cry... I really love you and your voice Jamie and your sister has a great voice as well! Keep it up! Well done! 

  50. Sabreen Islam

    i love the hobbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe. i think this should definetily be in the hobbit there and back again!!!!

  51. Tay

    Oh and please don't give up you are amazing, and your pretty! : D

  52. Tay

    Oh my gosh best singers ever! Favourite out of every artist! <3

  53. 日暮嘉保留アリーサ

    Beautiful! This is a perfect song for the Hobbit! Please try out for it! Love your voice!

  54. Jessica Bland

    Tessa needs to bring an album out too! She's amazing! I love this song, your voices blend really well together! :-)

  55. lasersailor80850

    hey jamie, please do a full song cover of ed sheeran pleaseeee:*

  56. Meeri Kaunisto

    U are absolutely amazing! Where can i find more ur music?:)

  57. Karoline Torset

    Could you maybe write a song about staying strong?
    There's so many people out there with low self-esteem, that struggles with depression on a daily basis, that's being bullied. 

  58. Rhianna Thwaite

    This is amazing , your voices go so well together :), love you Jamie! <3

  59. The Horse Dream

    Oh my gosh!!! I'm dying waiting for the last Hobbit and this... JUST PURELY. Amazing! They def should put this in the hobbit! It had it written all over this song! Perfection! :)

  60. Kat Arrowsmith

    Your sister should post videos too

  61. Jessy

    This Song is so unbeleiveable! You have to publish it on your Album! I Love it <3 WOW! *_*

  62. TheWhisperrKid

    Love it!

  63. Dannie Spokes

    omg leave your hair alone !

  64. brandan moore

    FECKKKK this is amazing!!

  65. ConaxHGG

    Both beautiful, both with great voice and personality. What lucky parents you have!

  66. Jamie-Anne Hart

    This. Is. Perfect.

  67. Tone Lundefaret

    Too much talent x_x

  68. Sarah Albers

    You never seize to amaze me! Good job girls!

  69. katemareesasounds

    Absolutely amazing, like the dark and natural sound of the song, good filnmusic :)

  70. Florence Eve

    Peter Jackson needs to see this!! Like wow soooo good :o

  71. Jade O

    Please tell is they have prospected you to actually put your song in the film
    Because this gave me chills all over my body.
    I just imagined a huge battle scene behind this
    Ps your sister needs to do more duos your voices together are Angelic!

  72. Jemma Kate

    I now know where all the worlds talentless peoples talent has gone, into these two amazing girls!!!!!!!

  73. Lucia Xu

    Such a beautiful song
    *clap clap clap clap *

  74. Alexa Manuel

    you both are incredible! I really liked this song xo

  75. Daniel Wiener

    It is so amazing to hear you singing :) you are blessed that you live in such a great country where you can get so much Inspiration out of the sea for example. I love every Song you did :) and i think the good voice is in your family, because your Sister is a great singer asweel :) Stay you, be true, live your dreams ♡

    Greetings from germany :)

  76. Elisabethcx

    Loved this!

  77. johannes zong

    Ich wünsche dir und deine Schwester alles Gute und Gottes Segen.

  78. CuteForOnlyMe

    Great song!

  79. laurenbackup

    Love it!

  80. tessa002804

    ahhh my name is tessa too :) btw amazing voices!

  81. Kerstin Wu

    Love you so much Jamie! So upset, can't buy your album in Germany :(

    Beate Mkw

    Yea :( so Bad :/

  82. Claire Stanfield

    Please do a cover of Breaking Benjamin - The Dairy of Jane

  83. Claire Stanfield

    I just melt for your accent ;-; isn't anything on my British one 

  84. sumsauts seasonflowers

    I want to meet u

  85. sumsauts seasonflowers

    Jamie u rock! U r my idol and u r the person who made my bigest inspiration for music. Love it!😊

  86. Johno Bourgeais

    Wow i freaking love this song! Well done! Would love to hear this recorded in a studio

  87. Krissy S

    You guys are amazing! Why am i not hearing you on the radio omg

  88. allex sentina


  89. Christopher Dean Kopp

    I can hear this song playing in the credits of the next movie :)

  90. vikay

    i love this song!! 

  91. Michael Duthie

    Hey Jamie, just wondering what sort of camera/mic setup you use? I've been thinking about getting into some of this youtube stuff but not sure if I need a separate mic or not. Whatever you use sounds great - might possibly just be because your good at what you do haha.

  92. Cj Stoffberg

    your voices are perfect together!

  93. Sarah Taylor

    This is incredibly beautiful :)

  94. Isabel Coyle

    Omg this is so good! They should actually use it in the movie! If they don't, I'll cry xx

  95. wikitoriamurphy

    Jamie, this really is amazing. I love this and you are a cery talented composer! Xx

  96. Katy Smith

    Omg!! This is so amazing!! You need to put in on an album! You need to sing it on the hobbit album! Love you!!

  97. Tularni Belle Murphy

    Who is older out of you two? And also this should definetely be in the next hobbit movie! I love you!!

    Jamie McDell

    I'm older :) aww thanks heaps Tularni I really appreciate that!


    I definitely agree that this should be part of the next Hobbit soundtrack. The tone this song's producing, already summons (for me anyway) the characters' journey -their story, i guess you could say - and a song such as that is definitely worthy of being part of the next film.

  98. Robert Law

    Solid effort! 

  99. Mehr Rafiei

    You're so talented in making music .. Keep up the good work :)

  100. Céline D Imperio

    I love this song ! You're so talented !