Jamie Foxx - Hollywood Lyrics

After all the love and passion girl, I gave it to you, babe
After all the pain I've endured girl, while I was with you, babe
Since that we're over babe, I could see your halo slipping babe
And it's all my fault, you were in it for my lifestyle, no more denying now

She said said she wanna be alone, so I left her in Hollywood
She wanna be amongst the stars, so I left her in Hollywood
I left my heart in Hollywood

Paparazzi flashing, you blinded by the lights, hey baby
Our love was empty, there's nowhere inside, should I search and find it girl?
I can see our chapter ending babe, I can see your halo slipping babe
And it's all my fault, you were in it for my lifestyle, no more denying now

She said said she wanna be alone, so I left her in Hollywood
She wanna be amongst the stars, so I left her in Hollywood
I left my heart in Hollywood

I can't believe that it's all over, oh
You left my heart so hurt babe, nothing for me to save
But goodbye, goodbye to a lie babe, no
Oh, goodbye to a lie girl

She said said she wanna be alone, so I left her in Hollywood
She wanna be amongst the stars, so I left her in Hollywood
I left my heart in Hollywood

Said she want to be alone, so I left her in Hollywood, oh
She wanna be amongst the stars, so I left her in Hollywood, oh
I left that ass in Hollywood

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Jamie Foxx Hollywood Comments

    Leo you think 🤔 he get it

  2. Kissmayoo Mohamed

    Jamie Foxx is the only Black Actor is not Diversity Table

  3. Ze Nuno


  4. mausborn15

    Love Jamie!

  5. Juan

    The best storyteller in Hollywood 😂

  6. chris Ez

    I love how he tells a story and acts out everyone else in the story shit is so descriptive I forgot what I was wtChing 😂

  7. S. H.

    At the 01:16 mark he legit changed in an instant, Adam Sandler’s face was like “oh shit”.

  8. PJ Hatch

    guys. level match your audio to your transitions. you're pros.

  9. SoMo Moo

    Love Jamie Foxx man. More likes!

  10. Danial Tabumi

    Jamie Foxx 😎

  11. MagicSkeleton

    Premium raconteur.

  12. Korvus

    Lebron should've told Jamie which doctor saved his hairline. That thing looks crisp !!!!

  13. afro symphony

    "just keep watching some shits going down" loooool

  14. afro symphony

    Bruh i want my movies to have the voice of jamie foxx if that makes sense. He is one of the greatest story tellers i've ever seen, i've heard him tell jokes he had said in 10 other interviews but each time it sounded so fresh nd still funny. he is insanely inteeresting.

  15. GAN0R0

    dude is funny, good storyteller

  16. Diego Cardenas

    Caught myself turning up the volume when they speak and turning it back down during that loud ass in between music

  17. sonali perera

    I love this!! Omg I would just love to be in this room and be around all of these great actors and just hear them talk!! Lol!! I am so excited to watch the full thing!! I love so many of these actors!


    i wish have some beers with Jamie Foxx this guy has the best story ever

  19. mexia23

    Jamie tells the best stories 😂😂

  20. Sandy Lee

    Jamie Foxx is a very good looking man.

  21. adam vafelmann


  22. Jay Brown

    So much money at this table

  23. Jabril

    Jamie is a great selfless human being. He never puts all the attention on himself but rather he talks about everyone else. Give this man his flowers while there’s still blood flowing through his veins. Too often we wait until an artist dies to show them the love they deserve.

    Pillow Jones

    Legend Well said..

  24. ModelMaterial09

    Mr. Tom Hanks is such a cutie patootie.

  25. John James

    Where's the full episode?

  26. 166mreli

    Boy can the motherfucka tell a good story!

  27. Embry Quintana

    Jamie is a bigger maron than Jimmy

    Pillow Jones

    Embry Quintana What?

  28. N.W.A.


  29. vmwindustries

    Shia you fucking loser! I love your work! Your a normal guy trying to deal with a fucked up situation. I.e. fame! Try not to stress too much, and always remember, fuck the world, stick your dick in the sirt and fuck the planet all at once. Cheers from a world traveler highly educated and ex con in Canada. My father died when I was young. Grew up on the streets, than built a construction company with 25 employees, than died 3 time during to exhaustion. Ended in a wheelchair, fought out of it, now have a super model of a wife and a bunch of beautiful children. Life goes up and down, but you got this. Link me, we will have a beer, just stay away from my wife!
    Last sentence was joking. Cheers from the great white North.

  30. Stephen Anthony Bailey

    Don’t sleep on Jamie’s storytelling skills man. Don’t forget Def Jam! Don’t forget Ali and Ray and Collateral. He’s the shit

  31. DjMc 0

    4:01 Tom hanks laugh is priceless

  32. Vivek Dombe

    That 4:02 tom hanks laugh.....

  33. Turbo Lazer

    how Jamie is 51 years of age?

  34. Vaibhav Malik

    5:08 - 5:15 epic 😂

  35. Shamon Jackson

    I love Jamie!

  36. JayJoy of Shrooms

    I’d really like to see Just Mercy. I’m looking forward to it. I know I will be bawling my eyes out, but I don’t mind.

  37. lime light

    shot out to the 'artist' who reconstructed jamie's hairline. he looks good for 51.

  38. Peggy Gibbons

    Jamie, I love everything about you and everything you DO!!

  39. PiCheZvara

    It's a superficial thing, but I like how Jamie Foxx is the only one wearing a t-shirt among guys all "dressed up for the occasion" and nobody watching the video even notices and nobody in the room cares. When he talks, they still listen and he steals the show, because how you dress can only take you so far.

    In the end, if you're bringing something worthwhile to the table, no one cares how you're dressed. People put too much stock in appearances too often. I like when someone just doesn't give a fuck about it and still steals the show.

  40. Andy Poquette

    this is absolutely fascinating to watch. I want to see the entire roundtable!

  41. Actuallyilyts

    Where's Joaquin Phoenix?

  42. .m.

    lol "calm yourselfs... whabauhhhh.. i'd lke to thank the academy"

  43. sij 80

    Pure charisma. Watch him work that room.

  44. Nikita Lavrenov

    Can't complain about the actors at this roundtable, but I was hoping to see Leo and Brad among them this year.

  45. Aarian Dove

    i just wanna see the whole ep

  46. Tk Hannibal

    Shia Lebeouf is about to be the next Robert Downey Jnr. Pickn himself up get a big franchise role, sneeze In a cameo and get a huge checks


    All Shia cares about is his craft and the art of acting/making a movies. That's pretty much the driving force behind his comeback. The last thing he wants is to be a part of something like Transformers again. Not that big mainstream franchises can't be quality, but that's just usually not the case and is not something he cares about. I feel like Joker is a movie that is an exception of being massively popular yet not watered down to be a mainstream hit. But Joker also had the hype of being a Batman film to help it get so big.


    no way, he's above that. no disrespect to robert downey, but that's not what shia is about, or he would've played nice all those years ago, when they had him set up to be their golden boy.

  47. Mansour TheGreat Mbye

    Jamie is such a good story teller, always entertaining.

  48. Vanessa Rojo

    I would loove to see a comedy movie with Jamie and Shia!!

  49. Mighty Mouse

    Foxx- Genius

  50. Mighty Mouse

    Ummm, driver?

  51. nu range

    Jamie is the greatest comedian turned actor ever.....

  52. Sypher D.

    Jamie and Shia need to do a movie together right now

    Blue Sera Films

    No, Shia doesn't like black people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz_TJWHMGLE

  53. Mister XVS

    If anyone noticed at 1:25 when Jaime was quoting MBJ, he's actually doing an impression of his voice, you can hear it subtly if you know what Michael sounds like...

    I'm actually starting to think Jaime Foxx may be one of the best impressionists to ever live.

  54. Phoenix Clouden

    This has to be the most legendary table I've seen so far.

  55. blakrumba

    Oh my god. This story was incredible to read in Bryan's book. I literally started crying when I read it for the first time.

  56. MazBringsby

    So I guess the Mike Tyson biopic isn't happening anytime soon.


    Or Spawn

  57. dimples p

    Jaime is such a rare talent musician, actor & comedian! I cannot wait to see what he does with the Mike Tyson biopic

  58. Action Scott

    Jamie Foxx is one of the best humans around ♥️

  59. Michael Chiem

    the cut from intimate conversation to blaring transition noises is annoying

    quiet man

    i was literally just about to comment that... upload the full version so we dont have to hear that annoying damn music every 40 seconds

  60. Missy Stevens

    Yo his impressions are hilarious

  61. OmniChrist

    jamie is there just as token black

    Tramaineas Stalls

    OmniChrist nope. He’s there because he gave a phenomenal performance in his latest project and has had a lot of great performances.


    It’s called talent. Something they ALL have

  62. Mark Mc Mullan

    When will the whole thing be up it looks like maybe the best on yet .Cant wait .

  63. T Movies

    Sort of funny seeing Adam Sandler and Jamie Foxx on the same table.

    Cause fun fact: Adam Sandler was once going to play Jamie Foxx's role in Collateral, while Russell Crowe was going to be the Tom Cruise role.

  64. Rami One

    He brings up a good point about how subjective "good" acting is. Like we only see what the director/editor allows us to see. It could have been a horrible scene and took 30 takes to complete but when we watch the movie it appears as if it was just one smooth perfect scene.


    Rami One good point ! most people just fail their way to success... we just see the finished product

  65. hiccup22

    5:06 Find a roundtable that looks at you the way this roundtable looks at Jaime

  66. Karl Lunsford

    Story telling aspect he has which he gets from doing his standup so long is amazing

  67. Wanda Thomas

    I Love Jamie Foxx!!!!! He should write a few books telling his stories, he couldn't get them all in one book.


    Jamie Foxx name dropping some hot ones, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino.
    Bye the way, Jamie is way older than Shia hahahhahaa

  69. silentone503

    Is there a complete version of this? I love it.

  70. dylan jones

    Does anybody know how to find the artist of the music in the intro/title sequence of these videos? Or know of similar songs / artists / genres I could search? Thanks!

  71. Ze Nuno

    I can hear Jamie tell a story for a whole day.

  72. Jese Ramirez

    Jamie fox is the best story teller ever fr

  73. Javier Pizarro


  74. Anthem Cry

    Can all of these guys be in a movie together?

  75. Rostchild Victor

    Cant wait to watch the whole thing

  76. WeFewGoodMen

    I still thinks he got screwed back in 2008 for his performance in “the soloist”. He was phenomenal and wasn’t even nominated.

    Komemba Lohese


    Wanda Thomas

    I Agree!!


    Absolutely agree, he almost went full R.. Jokes Lol

    quiet man

    @paradroidx lmao that might be why he wasn't nominated. u never go full r...

    Rostchild Victor

    Most definitely got screwed

  77. Natalie

    I think what Jamie was trying to say was that the editors should get all of the awards.

  78. CJN

    So Jamies head tattoo was fake...?

    R Kelly Innocent

    Lol from the baby driver ?


    best one so far

  80. krisj827

    You know you're funny when Tom Hanks hits the table from laughing.

    Ivan Salgado

    Lol yup

    Nellie K. Adaba

    Yes 😆

  81. Dearka Elsman


  82. Fargonauts

    rip ears during those music transitions

  83. D. Foxx

    Jamie is just such an amazing storyteller. Truly gifted.

  84. Susana Vivares

    We have to see more of Jamie! He is a treasure

  85. Mares Darski

    C'mon Hollywood, drop that roundtable in whole already! Damn!

  86. Sunny choudhary

    Plz Upload the whole interview and also of female roundtable. 🙏

  87. Toisan Craigg

    The other men were mesmerized by what Jamie was saying. He's such a good storyteller.

    Nellie K. Adaba


    Pillow Jones

    The best..

  88. Marisol Garcia

    Jamie always such a great light of fun

  89. JoVita Goldsby

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  90. Margaret

    OMG Adam is soo beautiful

  91. obi was here

    Jamie’s the best storyteller

  92. gladys cabezas

    I would love to have half of Jamie Foxx skills to get into a GREAT conversation like this one. He is so engaging, makes it look easy :) Great actor in this Roundtable. Waiting for the full episode.

  93. Man Child

    I'd like to thank the academy 👏👏 Jamie's an awesome story teller

  94. CaptainAmerica

    Jaimie Foxx always has the best energy man! I love listening to him.

  95. WhateverItTakesMotivation

    Can't WAIT to watch this full round table! So many Deep and hilarious moments just in this clip right here. Love Jamie. Love how multi-talented he is.

  96. Warnerchild

    Not heard of jamie’s film - so i was confused about his inclusion to this great table

    Latisha Bellamy

    Warnerchild well his great as well as he is a Oscar winning actor along with 2 other legendary Oscar winners at that “great” table. The movie is just mercy go check out the trailer !