Jamie Foxx - Baby's In Love Lyrics

Something about that makes me wanna dance
Something about that makes me wanna move
Something about that makes me wanna get down
And get closer to you

Get a little closer to me too
You get a little shy when we start to move
Get a little high when I'm tryna decide if it's London or China too
Forget about the plans that you got later
I kiss you like you can't have too many
The Earth is like round and round we go
When it's gon' stop, you never know
So in the meantime I'm here and I'm gone in love
Because you chose me, I'm walkin' cloud 9 above

Baby's in love
Baby's on top, never gon' stop to get what she wants
Whatever she want, givin' it up, cause baby's in love
Baby don't need anything more than just what I got
Baby's in love

Something about that makes me wanna dance
Something about that makes me wanna move
Something about that makes me wanna get down
And get closer to you [x2]

[Kid Ink:]
It's Kid Ink, uh
So come and walk my way
Roll up, I can spark that flame
There's something about the way you make that face
Girl is you talkin' to me, whoa?
Let's start with the drink, pour up
Get you and your friends toe up
Don't sip slow on the low though
Wait, tell me what you here for
I could read the signal, girl, you bad, sinful
Body just like a centerfold
But you probably got a nigga though
If anybody ask, I don't know him
Couldn't just let you pass me and ignore it
Doin' all that cute shit
Took a couple shots and got shot by Cupid

[Hook x4:]
Baby's in love
Baby's on top, never gon' stop to get what she wants
Whatever she want, givin' it up, cause baby's in love
Baby don't need anything more than just what I got
Baby's in love

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Jamie Foxx Baby's In Love Comments
  1. Vee Bran

    In case anyone missed the 45,697 comments about justin bieber... justin beiber gave this to jamie Foxx.
    I repeat... jb had it first.
    He gave it to jamie Foxx.

    That means jamie fixx got ut from justin bieber.


    Jf... got it from jb.

    I never had a hernia before. *random*

  2. Tammy Lampkins


  3. Lil Kev06

    Jamie Fox version's better than Bieber

  4. 아이도루러브

    겁나 좋다ㅠㅠ

  5. Isabel Gonzales

    Listens to this 2019?🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  6. the diamonds

    Justin why?

  7. fernanda

    justin cantando é muito melhor, porém assim também esta legal

  8. ArmorInPlace

    The beginning Part of the song sounds like..... You've dropped the Bomb on Me..
    From The Gap Band. 😉😊😘

  9. Aminah X

    The people who haven’t heard this song are missing out 😍

  10. Donte Berry

    SU Marching Band brought me !

  11. foxxx pierre

    I love Jamie Foxx so much in my heart I wish meet u

  12. foxxx pierre

    I love Jamie Foxx song baby in love Stuck my Head

  13. lucila

    This was Justin Bieber's song! His old version is better


    This SONG bring LOVE to my HEART!❤️😉🤟🏾

  15. the diamonds

    I think he give it away🤧

  16. James Porter

    No this was the batman underwear guys song, no lie

  17. Rina

    can’t believe this was justin bieber’s song until he decided to give it to jamie foxx. justin’s version was so much better

  18. Louis

    Biebers mix was so much better

  19. Michael Anthony

    fuck beiber

  20. lucy :]

    I prefer Justin biebers version 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  21. kryptonians

    Fun fact: Justin bieber sold this song to Jamie. It's originally Justins. I personally think Justin should've kept it, his voice fits so much better. Especially because he has such a high range/pitch.

  22. Alper Şimşek

    Justin bieber :) :)

  23. Miguelina aka Mikki Otto

    Great Dance Music........

  24. Belieber 4Life

    I wish justin`s version wasn`t deleted i like his version better.

  25. veruka Portela


  26. Simone Reid

    im mad justin gave this to him

  27. sydnie

    justin stays making bops! don't forget he also made the beat for idfwu

  28. Bibeh !!!

    Justin Bieber version is much better.

  29. Diana Alsem

    thx to justin bieber i came here haha i love this song so much but i like the justins one more but i always get happy when i hear this song

  30. glice too meet you

    Justin should've kept this

  31. glice too meet you

    I'll never forgive justin for selling this to Jamie 🙄

  32. bellaaa t

    justin is better

  33. emma may

    Bieber's version was better

  34. austin hollinger

    there was a completely different verse for the second verse on Justin's version.

  35. Roman Reigns

    JF > JB.

    JB is awesome, but Foxx is a legend. Just sayin'.

    Jaxon Oliver

    Roman Reigns I know that JF is a legend, but after hearing Justin version Jf's can't compare. Its fucking insane.

    Roman Reigns

    Jaxon Oliver So, I just listened to Bieber's version. It's amazing! I respect your opinion, butttt... I guess it's a matter of opinion because I liked Jamie's more.

  36. Allison Rojas

    Bitch this was justins song

  37. Cellus2k3 you know me

    anyone else feel like this song is older like a song you parents had on when they just had you? im 13 for age reference like i felt like a girl sang this like mary j blige

  38. All I Heard Is Nothing

    justin brought me here

  39. Daniel Hearn

    this a good song of j.foxx

  40. Puffy b.

    I wish Justin kept this is song 🙃😭

  41. mark erwin guzman

    nice song

  42. mark erwin guzman

    nice songp

  43. mark erwin guzman

    nice song

  44. David Bittywfock

    Música Super Legal_ Adoro Kid Ink & James_ Foltava Só O Chris Browmn☺👀🍃

  45. David Bittywfock


  46. TheRealToaster2

    Haha, the music is so good, and JB didn't have the song released.

  47. Gregory Arbo

    vraiment un pur son

  48. they hate trey

    So nice

  49. al3jandr0 l4g0s

    the amazing spider-man 2 broght me here

  50. _ trouble

    Seungwan brought me heree xOxO

  51. Ggghgh Cggg


  52. isaideureka

    Kyung and Zico's car soundtrack

  53. Bone Crusher

    I like this with Jamie better than with justin

  54. Martin Marty

    ! Nice Goiqg! windy vigorous What's happening, guyu. !

  55. John Bodoy

    kevin hart brought me here

  56. Emuriele Almeida

    I WANT with Justin Bieber's

    JJ MG

    sydnie Where can I find it!???

    JJ MG

    Ananda Boettcher hey! Do you still have the song?

    Ananda Boettcher

    i just uploaded here. download before they take it down https://soundcloud.com/user-92787483/babys-in-love

    JJ MG

    Ananda Boettcher it says it's not available :( could you send it to me please?

    Ananda Boettcher

    they were so quick to delete it ugh. Yes, i can. send me your email

  57. lilGerke

    Justin Bieber sold this song to Jamie

  58. 김정륜

    노래진짜좋다 !

  59. Gustavo Brown


  60. 최준혁

    Oh...fantastic sweet voice!


    Love this

  62. Saile Retsim

    The Southern University "Human Jukebox" brought me here.

    Petty Jay

    mee too!

  63. マシュー ॐ

    I want jb to sing it so bad

  64. マシュー ॐ


  65. Duy Anh Hoàng

    thank you Wannie ^_^

  66. Nicole

    Wendy brought me here ❤

    Wendy Son

    Same here ☺️

    al3jandr0 l4g0s

    the amazing spiderman 2 brought me here


    Same :3

  67. Angie Reina

    wendy traerme hasta aquí! ❤

  68. Flying Kups



    Flying Kups Wait where did Wendy sing that???

  69. lex Med

    really quick I know the guy who wrote this song and it was not Justin beiber hence the name Jacob in the beginning of the song because he Jacob wrote it lol you guys and your stories maybe beiber was going to buy the song from Jacob but Jacob wrote it just thought I'd give the man his props

  70. marliatou Diallo

    Something about that makes me wanna move to keep up with you Jamie Foxx.

  71. Dança Ventre

    Que lindo!! Amei a m´suica que já está na minha play list favorita!

  72. Siat008

    BYG ❤

  73. Orawee Yutan

    รู้จักเพราะยงกุก ชอบบบ

  74. Justin Myers

    Check my videos and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Thanks youtubers

  75. Kay Ce

    Just because of Bang Yongguk 😍😍😍

  76. carliiittah

    Just... Yongguk.. xD

  77. Rose Mary yami yugi

    BYG brought me here

    Kay Ce

    Same with me #ForeverwithBAP


    Me too! lol B.A.P 💚

    Day Moreno

    ahahaha same here xDD Bit I like jamie foxx ❤

  78. Val Mac

    LOVE , LOVE, LOVE 💕💕💕💕.

  79. Unknown XD

    If you like this song then you like Justin Bieber song. Just wrote this song

  80. Unknown XD

    This is Justin Bieber old song from 2 or 3 years ago. But it never was released . 💕

    austin hollinger music

    Kristianek NY CZ I have it.
    There is even a verse that replaces kid inks part

    austin hollinger music

    Sweet Temptatiøn you're the one who said something as a fact when actually it was just your own stupid opinion

    Ananda Boettcher

    he bought this song from justin. its so sad bc it sounded so good with justins voice

    Emonie Zinnermon

    Ananda Boettcher ikr !!! 😂


    Unknown XD the full version is out now. I still prefer Biebers

  81. Daf ne

    Justin Bieber should've keep this song

  82. Eunice Akinleye

    Why does Justin do this to me

  83. Lorena Camila

    Bieber made this song to him!

  84. jwm4ever

    Just heard this on Steve Harvey..Lov It..it's a Jam..should b on the radio..Instead they play Trash on rotation!

  85. Joy Slipper

    Love this great song and funky sound!

  86. Karla Gonzalez

    I hate that Justin Bieber sold this song to Jaime. He should have kept it for himself

    Ananda Boettcher


  87. Carla Souza

    this song was from justin lol

  88. OliviaaIngram

    the fact justin bieber sold this to him < all credit should go to him

  89. Bayasgalan G

    @Bayaraa VB refreshing!

  90. BlackBullHD

    Kid Ink kill it

  91. Kierra Murray

    Love this song💃💃💃💃💃

  92. Daniela Crespo

    You gotta do a video for this one !!!PLEASE

  93. Jordan Samuel


  94. Fred Noiret

    La mélodie est belle,y'a tout,funky