James, Trinidad - Di$respectful Lyrics

Issues happen just like every day
Bitches want a bigger pay
Never been a tricking type of nigga so baby girl you gone have to wait
Baby girl you going to have to wait
Baby girl you going to have to wait
Wait to get your hair did
Wait to get you them titties done
Buy the bitch a brand new car
Grateful bitch want another one
I, not the nigga bitch watch how you talk to me
I'm not the nigga
If we not fucking or texting please do not bother me
My hair to long to go for that
My dick to good to go for that
They made me ask a bitch to ask a bitch who the fuck you barking at (Woof!)
All my bitches forking at
Pussy Snatcher biting back
She is known to get you for your cash
Then she get you for your cash
Trinidad a wicked man
Wikipedia next to dad
In the dictionary next to PIMP!
Encyclopedia by God!
Get that nigga out your momma crib
Go in stiffing your momma's ribs
Giving Giving her the Boom Boom right in front of all your momma kids
She give Back to me Boom Boom Boomshakalaka on a nigga dick
Rollie screaming out how you doing
Pinky ring screaming Hallelujah
Yeezy cost a couple thousand couldn't fit em but a nigga just had to do it
Who the fuck you think I am
Who the fuck you think I am
A scary nigga, scary nigga
Where the fuck you think I'm from
T&T to ATL
I got the key to give em hell
Its the deacon church ring the bells
Bring my Lucci wish me well
Hope you make it, hope you fail
Hope you need em, Hope you beg
Hope you never go Wayyy up! on a nigga
Hope a nigga get Sprayyed up or they get em
Cause all these niggas snitching mane
And all the bitches too
And all these lame niggas cool now
Cause the tax scam came through
And all these bitches popping now
Cause they ass shots got em cute
I ain't sucking with none of you niggas
I ain't dealing with none of you bitches
Stop expecting shit, respect my shit
Disrespect my shit, I split your shit
Go to jail pay the bail
Get back out a realer nigga
And an OG tricked with Louis Gloves
Dabbing at your hoe
On my move in the living room, baby daddy at the door
Bust a nut out the back door he ain't even know it
Your baby momma is a porn star nigga we ain't even show it
(Dad! Dad!)
Your baby momma is a porn star nigga we ain't even show it
(Damn! Dad!)

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James, Trinidad Di$respectful Comments
  1. Pulleedough

    Yooooo this shit hard af.

  2. Brian Yerby

    2 chainz come from the same planet as him

  3. Amazing Amy

    And you want me to care lol wait on it

  4. Jesus Omega

    Got your kids calling us pops 😉😘 dont worry we’ll treat your wife the way she deserves and your kids will be in great hands they’ll have someone to look up to rather than down at.

  5. Jesus Omega

    Got your kids calling us pops 😉😘 dont worry we’ll treat your wife the way she deserves and your kids will be in great hands they’ll have someone to look up to rather than down at.

  6. T.K Jenkins

    Djay mane!!!

  7. vin judah

    Lol he came down them steps like willie D

  8. Ember Reign.


  9. Darryl Graham

    Lmbooo nice like that ending

  10. dısh гespecт

    why this my first time seeing this. .

  11. Daniel Morrow

    Fake gold is always easy to spot.

  12. Toya

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  13. Taushaun Danley

    Trinidad james...yoooo why u wearing heels..lol come on man. Wat the hell men fashion went to

  14. Rob G

    I'm just seeing this !! Gas !!

  15. jay Beasley

    Talent doesn’t always get recognized. James one of those niggas 🔥 🔥

  16. Miguel Elias

    I'm tired of being so late in these Trinidad joints

  17. That Kidd!

    Sounds like sauce walka


    Dont make me ask a bitch to ask a bitch was dope

  19. N3 Nahmic2

    Trinidad fell then 2 years later he went hard only loyal fans cared no one else cared

  20. Otis Redo

    Where can I find this instrumental??

  21. Jahha H

    Trinidad playing Dolemite would be classic... lol 👏🏿😁

  22. Jahha H

    Trinidad James heyla cool...
    Pimp walking down them steps is super funny


    Dude really got his own swag!!!

  24. The Offender

    This is garbage!
    You ain’t t bustin shit!
    Glorified pimpin, y’all’s people out in the street crying about equality!!!😞

  25. TyQuan Brown

    Do people actually like his music ?


    Why i never heard this song this shit slap video too cold

  27. Keelan McDougal

    Honestly been listening to him since I was young young I support this man fully he’s a true artist fuck everyone who blacklisted him. I was born in New York and I live in Arkansas but I agree Atlanta took over 🤷🏽‍♂️ oh well how you gonna hate someone for keeping it real

  28. Antony Drossos

    Yo, this guy's totally Red Pill! I did NOT expect to see this kind of thing in any of today's rap artists.

  29. Wheatley Courts


  30. Rowland Nkweyagae

    Easy. Could have joined migos

  31. Abomadable

    Ok... Der he go.... I was waitin.

  32. Michelle Sheree Biddle-Sandoval

    #chalaka lmao. silly. #yaaaahhhh

  33. #audiobeast

    James took Superfly to another level here lol...#pimpgame9000

  34. avastar the magical one

    somebody give this king a Oscar this is culture and talent😂😂😂😂

  35. Notyourmomma _26

    Look like a cross between jack sparrow and 2 chainz

  36. Tref

    Ouuuu im late for the gang bang😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Aaron Lipsey

    Bruh he different asf always have been I stg he bought alot of drip to the game

  38. Armando Cast

    The fame got to his head no he a pimp

  39. Bobby Dent

    Im Trinidad James bitch
    *In Rick James voice

  40. Ant Bango757


  41. Johnny Williams

    2019 is so disrespectful

  42. Mister Witty

    MY DAD😢

  43. Vote Andrew Yang 2020

    Man he definitely should of been in some movies, watching this in 2019 and still Loving this song


    You is so disrespectful


    Exit this shit happens everyday

  46. choa woa

    butt he can rap waka sauce n him must be fam lol

  47. Delvante` Herring

    that Willie Dynamite move I the beginning tho…. thank me later.. https://youtu.be/xekcLEaedCA

  48. Robert Gumble

    Sounds like he beefing hard with a chick n wrote this n shot a video. Damn smh

  49. erik sikk

    That all black and gold rings is shitting✌

  50. Nino Romello

    First time hearing and seeing this ... Shit RITE!!.. SALUTE!

  51. Kevo Five. 7

    This shit go hard I don’t care what nobody say

  52. Amen Nkosi

    FCK evny and Charlemagne the panda face..... T-d-j is aCEO now💪💪💪boss move . now that's how you start from the bottom

  53. Hollis Caison

    Yo DAD snapped on this one lmao

  54. Wheatley Courts

    G O A T ✨✨✨😤😤💦☔🏁

  55. Jbyrd Texas

    dad Trinidad

  56. Elsa Gregoria Malpartida Rubín


  57. A1 Rapid Movers

    Where you think the migos hot the style from

  58. ya bitch tossed my salad and you kiss her

    He need black youngsta

  59. FACE

    he be clean got real style

  60. Steven Marty

    When did Katt William's grow 2ft

  61. Stephanie Jackson

    I heard okay in the background

  62. Ray Okay

    If yall know who Velveteen Dream is then you already know what im thinking of

  63. Soulnauticdj

    I love real shit!! Let the real say amen. Bless Trini James.

  64. Soulnauticdj

    This guy bout to blow hey!!! Can't believe this shit.

  65. Quentin Baggett


  66. Lovely Rich

    I love me some Trinidad with his gold dripping ass!

  67. Machete Head

    Trinidad looks like big gipp

  68. Brian Murray

    Georgia first

  69. Z B

    3:45 😂😂✌✌

  70. LethaLMagiik

    3:33 that’s mad disrespectful 😂😂

  71. Ghost Bey

    And when your wrong 😂👁 but for now own silence😂🤔🤪🤣😂

  72. Ghost Bey

    Only when I’m right

  73. Double R

    Lmao why am I just now seeing this video 🔥

  74. Chris William

    You got it wrong Elton Helped tha blind but he took directions from Christ // CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM HARRISON

  75. Kevin Clegg

    Honestly though


    Hes given katt williams a run for his money

  77. Sacha


  78. LFM King Pjay

    This niggga an inspiration, I'm from Jamaica doing this rap shit . 💯🔥

  79. 10blockg0on


  80. celine mahabir

    There are not doing anything Trinidad and Tobago

  81. Deandre Evans


  82. Brandon Spencer

    So the lady give him the wallet with the man address an he went over an fuck his wife for what he did

  83. Jackson McFarland

    Trinidad James is a cool ass dude

  84. Buay Deng

    Trinidad "don't make me ask a bitch to ask a bitch" LOL 1:28

  85. Jonathan Hardy

    Maybe Im the only one but I was trying to see who the wife was....

  86. titan Shawn


  87. kihlos

    Dude came down the stairs like nacho libre after he got his new boots.

  88. Carlos Gaitan

    Yea you gotta wait cuz he's broke 😂😂💀💀

  89. Stephen Causey

    He look like a Jamie fox character 😄

  90. Jesus

    I just talked shit to my narcissistic mom and this popped up on top of the feed

  91. Danon Walker

    I’m late for the gang bang

  92. Dish soap

    Yeah this tucker HAS to be gay...

  93. Elhae Carter

    PIMP of The Year🔥🔥🔥💯

  94. 10,000 subscribers without a video

    Sad that he fell off

  95. DIY Music & Videos

    Trinidad is so underrated. He deserves much more credit, way ahead of his time. BTW Great video!

  96. tavy wavy