James Taylor - Up From Your Life Lyrics

So much for your moment of prayer, God's not at home there is no there, there.
Lost in the stars, that's what you are, left here on your own.

You can only hope to live on this earth, this here is it, for all it's worth.
Nothing else awaits you, no second birth, no starry crown.

For an unbeliever like you, there's not much they can do that would turn you away.
Though I hate to see you surrender, you need to surrender, we must find you a way to
Look up from your life, up from your life, look on up from your life, look up from your life.

There's a river running under your feet, under this house, under this street.
Straight from the heart, ancient and sweet, on its way back home.
Even in the middle of your sadness, the everyday madness, the ongoing game.
Even when you can't find a reason, still there is a reason, you don't need to name it.
Look on up, look up from your life, look on up from your life, look up from your life.

Oh, even for a minute to find yourself in it, to wait by the stream to drop out of your dream,
Look on up, look up from your life, look on up from your life, look up from your life.
Look up from your life, up from your life, look on up from your life, look up from your life.

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James Taylor Up From Your Life Comments
  1. Jill Salkin

    Hourglass is so special to me. When I recorded my first CD, the engineer asked me what CD I wanted mine to sound like, in terms of production, and this was it. This song is so inspiring; so uplifting. The 3/4 time is so perfect.

  2. Anthony Troiano

    Can listen for hours!

  3. Jacqueline Ganem

    I love you James Taylor 💋

  4. Jim Bartkowiak

    To me, this song represents the journey from not believer to believer. I hear the songwriter go from a godless person to believing in God. It helped me rediscover my, Catholicism- looking up from your life to be believing in a higher power. Thank you, JT. You and Jackson are the best. No wonder you toured together two years ago. That would have been my dream concert.

  5. hankhhh12

    This song goes out to you, mom. Thanks for giving me a great taste in music. Some days, its all i have. May i see you again someday.

  6. Christopher Cruz

    When I was 3 or 4 I went through a phase of loving James
    Taylor.  Gram has a CD with the song Up
    From Your Life.  When I was younger I
    used to sing it as Buddup frog your life.

  7. A.M. Roshan

    Thanks James Taylor for those moments of joy and pleasure your songs have given. May you shower your gifts for many more years to come.

  8. Mallee Blue Media

    Came here to listen to, "The Water is Wide"....... got on with work, got lost in the music, and am still here - just one great song after another" Such good quality music from Baby James. Thanks for uploading.

  9. Barbara Biondi


  10. GIB

    This was the last great James Taylor album. Hate to say that, but Oct Rd. and BTW are just really let downs for me. JT was my first James Taylor album, I got it when I was 18, when it first came out and I bought every one since.

    BaseLine Bobbo

    +gibwise I thought BTW was pretty solid, I prefer BTW over October Rd.


    As I wrote where you posted this same sentiment under another song from this album, I enjoyed October Road and Before This World. To each his or her own, I guess.

  11. GIB

    James describes this as "A spiritual for Agnostics". I thought that was apropos

  12. Ezra Po

    I am a non believer and on the first verse I was like "Yeah someone is speaking my language."  Then he twists it and tells me what's up from his view.... you cant dislike this song though its so pretty and well written I love it.  I guess I "Surrendered"

  13. Tunzee02

    Five years later and still one of my favorites.  I went to a James Taylor concert several months ago and he still sounds the same he did in the the 1970's.  Great voice and a song so few have probably heard.


    He has written so many wonderful songs that most of the people who know him only for hits such as You've Got a Friend or Fire and Rain have never heard. Such a shame that people many people don't dig deeper into his catalogue of music.

  14. Patrick Newman

    This song touched me deeply when I needed to hear it the most. Thanks for posting.

  15. Tony Adams

    Sweet Baby James is all heart.

  16. Matt C

    the best musician of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. David Berwick

    Not much more to say .... TY James!

  18. Joann Famiano

    ins't that the truth!!!!

  19. Joann Famiano

    i've never heard this song before, its so pretty!!

  20. Joann Famiano

    Yes indeed! he's the best!

  21. Tunzee02

    one of my favorites.

  22. engelswisch

    oh what a wonderfull song ive never heard it before,top!!!!