James Taylor - Enough To Be On Your Way Lyrics

So the sun shines on his funeral just the same as on a birth,
the way it shines on everything that happens here on Earth.
It rolls across the western sky and back into the sea
and spends the day's last rays upon this fucked-up family, so long old pal.

The last time I saw Alice, she was leaving Santa Fe
with a bunch of round-eyed Buddhists in a killer Chevrolet.
Said they turned her out of Texas, yeah, she burned them down back home,
now she's wild with expectation on the edge of the unknown.

Singing oh, it's enough to be on your way,
it's enough just to cover ground, it's enough to be moving on.
Home, build it behind your eyes, carry it in your heart, safe among your own.

They brought her back on a Friday night, same day I was born.
We sent her up the smokestack, yes, and back into the storm.
She blew up over the San Juan Mountains, she spent herself at last.
The threat of heavy weather, that was what she knew best.

Oh, it's enough to be on your way,
it's enough to cover ground, it's enough to be moving on.
Home, build it behind your eyes, carry it in your heart, safe among your own.

It woke me up on a Sunday, an hour before the sun.
It had me watching the headlights out on highway 591.
Till I stepped into my trousers, till I pulled my big boots on,
I walked out on the Mesa and I stumbled on this song

Oh, it's enough to be on your way,
it's enough just to cover ground, it's enough to be moving on.
Home, build it behind your eyes, carry it in your heart, safe among your own.
So long, old gal.

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James Taylor Enough To Be On Your Way Comments
  1. Adi Shekhar

    when its cold, baby i'll keep you warm...

  2. sergio falcone


  3. uneedtherapy42

    the fact that this album came out very far into his career is pure devastation. Hourglass is a total freaking masterpiece. Perhaps the best he ever did.

  4. Holladay Cummings

    Love is real and is beyond comparison. I love you so much mom and hope we will gather our thoughts and perhaps, begin living and guiding those we love so much. You are those most amazing human being I've known, so smart and forgiving. You are missed beyond belief, there is no one like you. I love you so much always & forever. The best thing I can do is find some way to reach out to others on your behalf to show how amazing you ARE to us.

  5. Math Person

    James T: A national treasure....I'm here above ground in part to hear him as long as I can.......

  6. TheDustbinStudio

    Thank you for the music James. The world wouldn't be the same without it. Your music influenced my life so much, I learned to play guitar by listening to it...Here's me playing You Can Close Your Eyes :-) https://youtu.be/Y2_Yv-YN2bM

  7. MIster RMJdesigns

    just let JT play and sing remove all the other FLUFF!

    MIster RMJdesigns

    it would be more personal!

  8. lsunav

    Did James make this video just to have an excuse to kiss Barbara Hersey? I approve!!!

  9. the links lizard

    The brothers had themselves sum fun with that white bitch in the back of that car.

  10. landyachtfan79

    One of the only songs I can think of (the '76 live version of Steamroller on the first Greatest Hits album is the other) where JT drops the F-bomb (at 1:14)!!!!

  11. Teresa Plew

    Wow I can understand the pain and all but a truly great song writer which james is , doesn't have to put cuss words in his song to get the point across. Disappointed.

    Renee Snyderman

    Nothing explains it better than the f word.

  12. Jim Shelledy

    Thank you Mr Taylor

  13. Dennis Lee

    Years ago I discovered this video. That one was posted eight or ten years ago but it's no longer listed on youtube. This is not the same posting I watched dozens of times and commented on but it's the same video so I'll just say that this thinly disguised song about the loss of a brother (or a fictional woman) is still so freaking painful to watch.   They could have done a better job in constructing the video. The blue/green screen technique is too obvious and the audio quality could be better.
    Taylor is an extraordinary soul that has an entire life lived and expressed thru his craft of music and his exploration of what it means to be human. The choice of Barbara Hershey was a good one in my opinion, and it is completely understandable that making this song specific to his brother would have been too painful to perform so Alex becomes Alice and Florida/North Carolina becomes Santa Fe.  
    His brother Alex(ander) along with his brother Livingston was a singer songwriter/musician and was someone who couldn't quit being an alcoholic. I know that story. As Taylor implies metaphorically, it is so damn hard to get yourself back home so find it while you are on your way. What I found is that having a place called home is absolutely essential to one's wellbeing, It's lonely out there in the world as he relates and as he also implies, his family was pretty fucked up. Alex was buried in Florida I believe. The storm he sings about was a hurricane that hit the North Carolina coast right after they buried Alex. Again.. the moment that Hershey stares up into James' eyes is so compelling it just breaks your heart to see that sadness.

  14. David Holman

    Brought tears to my eyes. Very moving.

  15. William Nelson

    What a powerful song and video. I just found out two of my old girlfriends had died in the past month at only 60. I was a bit shaken, but when I watched this video I wept. What James is saying is that wen cannot avoid death so maybe we should just be happy with the life we get. Moving on. JT is such a wonderful songwriter and his songs move me to tears 35 years later. His music is really immortal, one of the greats. Fine man for good causes too. Oh and Yo Yo Ma, no wonder. JT has worked with some of the finest, a collaborator and loner at the same time, a singular man. He does a few covers but doesn't remind us of anyone else. He is a truly original artist. But yo JT, do another Motown cover. g

  16. Kris Smith

    James, Barbara Hershey, another brilliant song by JT

  17. luapluapluap1000

    song for Alex (not Alice)
    he must have been a great guy

  18. Ed Green

    Gets me everytime. One of the best

  19. Kansaspeach

    That's beyond Beautiful! Some goodbyes are never really that! It's a so long with a long pause because you wish there was more. You cherish the good and keep moving❤❤❤❤

  20. Steven Baker

    mud sliding straight to...............................

  21. Steven Baker

    It was a u

  22. Steven Baker

    I love man

  23. John Stephens

    Each of us views the light in a different way.
    All are unique, like snowflakes, grains of sand, stars in the sky.
    lovely song James.

  24. William Nelson

    shot in Utah looks like/

  25. William Nelson

    Maybe even a MAGUS

  26. William Nelson

    James Taylor is a mentor of life and heart

  27. Jessie K hammack

    Hearing James Taylor say the f word feels very unnatural lol

  28. dr. rae christopher


  29. Leftatalbuquerque

    Barbara Hershey.

  30. stargazer7426

    Great song James. You captured the sadness of losing someone and the happiness of having know someone during their life time.

  31. Alcyone

    James Taylor- one of the greatest song writers and performers ever! Timeless.

  32. Abdullah Abd Rahman

    This song can't help but make me cry - miss the loved ones I've lost.
    But grateful - for the time we had together.

  33. Theo Wren

    this is easily one of the most beautiful and heartwrenching songs ever written. 💔

  34. Calihiker

    Just discovered this song by James taylor👍🏽

  35. J. B.

    Barbara Hershey. Sigh.

  36. Jonathan Bogle

    here because of b o n e s 4:00

    Sega Genesis

    lol!!!! what a sample

  37. Conny Bartels

    For all the people looking for a better life.

  38. Tom Pritchett

    I love Alex Taylors’ music. This tribute to him by brother James is beautiful work.

  39. sergio falcone

    Masterpiece... Thank you, James.

  40. jjj

    did he cuss at 1:13 ?

    Peanut butter Squad

    I know right?


    Yup, he cussed

  41. jo Net

    Love You 😘

  42. Art Girl

    Love It....every tune is so meaningful !! Classic James Taylor

  43. Martin Sage

    Damn James...Love the Song...BUT considering the personal importance of the piece and the production budget I am really disappointed with the video. Frankly, it reminds me of a 3d place winner at Art School. ( I got a 2nd + my roommate got 1st at the Annual Art Center Pasadena film competition). Lucky you getting to lock lips with Barbara. I would have shot the Video Free just to jam with J.T. for an hour.😃

  44. Davis Cabbage

    Man shout out to Smitty the B.G. for sending me here this is just beautiful.


    true. sesh

  45. Dan Saber

    Boy build it behind your eyes

  46. garry spellman

    Same to the piano man here, RIP Don Grolnik. The keys were your eyes.

  47. PocoPortillo

    His words carry us through hard times. But his music will turn you right around and make your life even better. Life is way to short not to
    understand how long you can make it last.

  48. Grace Barzyz

    Dealing with grief is the hardest part of life. The missing of a dear loved one can leave us bewildered. We must carry their love in our hearts to help us carry on. Thank goodness for songs that help us cope with real life. Its hard to watch but relating and understanding can let us know someone out there understands. 🌹 Thank you James Taylor for another heartfelt song. ❤

    Bob Connor

    Grace Barzyz you’re so right! I find myself turning to music like this in times of grief and sadness! It definitely helps. Thanks to artists such as James Taylor.

  49. Seit 1978

    Great melodic, nice voice 👍🏻

  50. mariajocho MJAsensio

    It always makes me cry when listening to you this song.

  51. Daniel Avaksis

    Not D but his wife Lisa///My Sweet Baby James. Forever in my heart and musical soul!

  52. Chuck Kruger

    An amazing piece of song writing.

  53. Roberto Rosendo Molina Castillo

    Giant for the all times. Eternal music in our hearts.

  54. Jacqueline Ganem

    I love you James Taylor 💋♥️⭐👍 lindooooo

  55. Robert Combs

    a song that he wrote for his brother who passed away. he changed the name to alice but it is a very personal song to JT as you can imagine. great cello by YoYo Ma.

    mariajocho MJAsensio

    So sorry! Didn't know about this sad true story. R.I.P.

    Mary Rigali

    Robert Combs didn’t his brother die of an overdose? So sad 😢

    Matthew Poon


  56. Orlando Escoe

    The sweetest voice in history!!!


    Michael Franks?

    janeen christensen

    without a doubt

  57. NotMarkKnopfler

    Rest now Valerie. Your suffering is over.

  58. Vespasian, Wayne, Schickedanze

    Love you James. Shit happens.

  59. Jeyne Moraes

    Todas suas músicas me trazem paz!

  60. Cindy DeVitis

    Ray charles

  61. Manuela Netzbandt

    I Love you!

  62. Angels shoes

    I have kinda that Chevy 88 grey... in Az white mtns. Navajo apache grounds.... dang it should be on my bucket to embrace James Taylor in real time before I move on.. loved you going on 50 years now

  63. Stampeded Buffalo

    Too presumptuous.

    Raven Littlewing

    your must be looking in a mirror..

  64. Jarod Jones

    Bones- storm damage

    Artsy Rizzo

    Same Bones brought me here

    MaTt_DoGG_ 11

    Same (ПоследствияУрагана)

    AYD3N T

    Jarod Jones same

    Zay Xen

    This is why bones is best rapper

  65. Douglas Vinicio Sandí Quirós

    James Taylor, your the best...

  66. Peter Musson

    beautiful song

  67. Barney Miller

    I think I worked on this video. (As an editor). Man I love James Taylor. Not a bad song. Not a great video. (No offense whoever directed it. Maybe it was my fault. Apologies.)

    larry brown

    We each have our own opinions, of course. I liked the video in it's simplicity with the focus on Taylor singing without a lot of gimmicks.

    Dan Saber

    0:54 I enjoy the photography here. It looks so surreal like it's blue screen but I'm sure he's really standing on location

    dumb boyiam

    James Taylor got kicked and screamed into making music videos in the 80s and 90s, as some other artists from the 70s did when they probably weren't fond of having to do so. Elton has said he didn't like doing videos. James' first videos in 1985 for Everyday and Only One were him and his band doing that song, ditto Dan Fogelberg's Language of Love in 1984.

  68. tacfoley

    That Barbara Hershey is something else, ain't she just?

    Teresa Todd

    I couldn't think who it was...thank u! 😊

    robert hagan

    She's broken my heart all right