James Taylor - Caroline I See You Lyrics

Caroline, I see you standing on the stairway, waiting for your bear there.
Handy on the landing, penny in my pocket, high enough to hold you.

When I come back home to you tomorrow,
you may well be angry, I'll for sure be hungry.
Meet me in the middle, make it melt like chocolate, be my little baby.

I take you down by the water some December morning.
Take you from your family, leave them with their longing.
Take you by your hand, somewhere on the sand.

Caroline, I love you, though I'm late to say so, hesitate to tell you.
What will be your answer some December morning?
Standing on the stairway, Caroline, I see you.

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James Taylor Caroline I See You Comments
  1. Caroline Isom

    I see you too James Taylor lololol

  2. Timo Standing Buffalo Cano

    I can play all these songs...but i should not...maybe i should just be quiet....

  3. George Hitt

    Listen a few times and hear the notes fix themselves as you rehear and learn the language. The gift.

  4. brian norrie

    lyrics from the heart , beautiful

  5. Timothy Wade

    I have long loved the heart and music of this man. It feels much like home for my heart !

  6. Kansaspeach

    This could easily be Instrumental! So Beautiful!!❤

  7. brian norrie

    wonderful tune and lyrics

  8. Patrizia Lo Coco

    Questa canzone mi fa' sognare ad occhi aperti... J'adore!

  9. Martin Sage

    Nice Job JT. Got some New Chords from your standard ones. I really liked the Rap style song I heard your son Ben has on YT. Everyone has to find their groove. I liked your "It's enough to be on your way" song.

    Martin Sage

    Aaba be q

  10. Tio Clotildo

    hipnotic sleep.

  11. Carol Stone


  12. takimashuda

    9.1k views - I’ll never understand. Those chords do something to me.

    brian norrie

    and to me haunting sound

    James King

    Me too, it’s a sweet feeling of love and longing for the Highest.....

    James King

    So true.....compare The Angel Falls from City of Angels.....

    James King

    An Angel Falls...... https://youtu.be/ByOZWuC3vFE

  13. Cerberus

    This wistful one will hold your mind for awhile.

  14. michael taylor

    great song james!

    DMT CM9035

    michael taylor gorgeous