James - Summer Song Lyrics

Down the chute and out the door
I know that I've been here before
The blinding lights, the long white coat
Cut the cord before I choke

Oh, please sir, handle me gently
I've got nothing to protect me

This man in a mask stabbed me in the back
No sooner alive than I'm being attacked
If this is the planet earth
Oh please, mom, take me back in your sack

My keepers aren't too bad this time
The man's quiet, the woman's crying
When I arrive, what's hers is mine
I take and take it all the time

Oh please sir, do not tempt me
Those sweet things, they just destroy me

I always want more than I can get
My belly's full, but I'm not done yet
Need something to kill
The word is you mine

It's true, it's true, it's true
You taught us how to be the same as you
If only you really knew
We wouldn't do what you do
It's true

As you poison the earth you poison our lives
This isn't living, but another disguise
Go looking for truth
As all of this is built on lies and lies etc.

Hey, hey, hey now you've found me
Everything's so clear

With your arms around and your song in my heart
There's simply nothing I can fear
Feel he inside burst through my head
Replacing my eyes

Please don't let me hide
Cut through my head
Replacing my eyes

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James Summer Song Comments
  1. David Griffiths

    Definitely my favourite James song ever classic

  2. David Maholchic

    This is just showing off…whew!

  3. jam

    Imagine being in a studio one day, and this happens. It's fucking incredible. I'd love to hear it live now.

  4. ricky wood

    Tim, we all love everthing you have produced, recorded or not I have to spend more than £120 for one man clapping, I paid more for James Live 2008 £180 hard to find albums what do I just hope that the band sees all of us James fans buy anything , please keep the CDs and dvds at a reasonable rate so we can all buy everything you have done, love and roses Ricky, i know Tim will never see this but stutter/Strip-mine for me are easily the best albums

  5. Darren N

    one of my favourite James tunes. Nice one

  6. Steve Corby


    I wish I had seen it live

    David Maholchic

    Beautiful places we go here!

    David Griffiths

    This would be brilliant live pay good money to see it

    Mana twennytwenny

    @David Griffiths I paid 3 quid back in the 80's! Actually...i saw them do this song for free a few times too.

  7. lawsonium

    @barryeaton What's your first?

  8. Steve Corby