James - So Many Ways Lyrics

There are so many traps been laid
How can you avoid one
Put your foot down in a moonlit glade
Snap, your ankle's broken

I don't know how decisions get made
Which are the turns to take
It doesn't seem to matter what plans are laid
You can't tell when the wave will break

So many ways
There are so many colourful rays
How are you going to choose one
Bright lights look all right from here
But seduction has to be wrong


So many ways
I don't know which path you're taking,
If it's bent or straight
All I know is I've found something that will take me home again
So many ways
If you keep your wits about you,
Search with an open heart
You'll be sure to find your answers, penetrate the scream in the cynics
So many ways
Lost and if you are looking for foot's path
Floating free in space
There are all these lights coming out the dark
Do they lead to the same place

So many ways

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James So Many Ways Comments
  1. Nick Gur

    And a legend was born

  2. soulminer 1970

    They were a great band and this is one of their best.

  3. emma duncan

    amazing song.

  4. Grover Bennington

    one of their best

  5. vilepete

    Tim seems made of rubber, or something! They were so good, gosh!

  6. amaranta arcadia castillo gómez

    Es fantástico que haya tantos caminos :)

  7. Julie Bezer

    Sick by az g

  8. Christopher Long

    Great sound for ever......

  9. Octavio Bobadilla

    This videoclip is so pathetic and ridiculous. The song was good.


    The video is a perfect portrait of James in 1986. And the song is phenomenal.

    hello cats

    Late james misses some of early james charm too political

  10. kareen strathearn

    i am a megga fan in my way,,,,totaly into metal,,,,and the rest ,but no matter what i listen to from James ,, i cant fault it ,,,,even when i really feel shit ,,,,Tim and or he musicians cheer me up big time ,, big thanks to my brother Jamie Strathearn for introducing me to them many moons ago ( 28+ yrs ago)

  11. Nuno Fernandes

    Also love this one.
    Thanks :)

  12. John Peel

    Fantastic song 

  13. Darren N

    Never knew they made a video. To be honest, I prefer the song without the images. The lyrics always meant to much but the video doesn't reflect that at all. Shame really. James could have been so much more and their music would have been that much more relevant. Amazing song though, thanks for sharing

  14. Karina Tekirian

    I haven't seen this before! Many thanks! 5 days ago they played in Buenos Aires and I had the pleasure of being there.

  15. madferit1993

    Wow! Those drums! Amazing!

  16. ildauro

    hey puto porque bloqueas tu video??????

  17. Stephen king

    Morrisey was (probably still is) a big fan you know-

  18. radioscillator

    Thanks for posting this! I have never seen this video before now. Funny...Tim's been dancing like that ever since! :-) Long live James.......

  19. memo Ayala

    JAMES REGRESA A MEXICO(D.F) sera el 16 de octubre 2010
    wow!!! que emocion los vere por segunda vez :'(

  20. ildauro

    cancion seleccionada

  21. ACrackInTheWall2006

    Wow I didn't know James had any videos from Stutter! Love James!

  22. thongrrr

    woow i didn't even knew that this song had a video , and its awesome thanks for uploaded

  23. Newktastic

    thanx so much, you've just made my day! if you've got any more from stutter, please upload them!!

  24. Richard Marshall

    Anymore stuff from the Stutter album?

  25. Eduardo Andonaegui Chavez

    amo esta cancion aparte me encanta el video tiene toda la onda JAMES es un grupaso

  26. Eduardo Andonaegui Chavez

    gracias por subir canciones de james ya aca en mexico casi no pasan sus videos y una ves mas lo repito viva el britpop dios salve a la reina jeje

  27. Mauricio Guerra

    i said that because the other version, that i dowload from james.watyco in real media was a very low quality.
    thanks for your upload.

  28. Chris D

    Ha Technicolor! Kind of Looks like it, but that adds to the greatness of such a simplistic yet awesome video

  29. Mauricio Guerra

    it was in technicolor????
    really a good video

  30. Charlatan_S63

    thank you for uploading this